Review Policy

Review Guidelines/Policies

As I am a one-woman show, I am currently not accepting any new titles for review though there are a few authors and publishers I will always work with.  You know who you are 🙂 

*Please send your review request to

*I review a wide variety of books and genres including young adult, adult, very adult (aka erotica), middle grade, and new adult

*I do NOT review non-fiction, short stories (and collections of s.s.), or poetry

*I accept print copies and Kindle- or iPad-friendly versions of your book

*Unless a specific date has been arranged and agreed upon, I cannot guarantee a precise date for the posting of my reviews.  Sometimes life just gets in the way of reading  😦

* Acceptance of your book does not guarantee a review will be written and posted.

*In addition to posting my reviews on this blog site I also post my reviews at Amazon, Goodreads, and Library Thing.

*If you meet the above criteria and would like to request a review from RoloPoloBookBlog please include the following in your request: 1) the age group your book falls into; 2) a brief description of your book; 3) the book’s title, cover and publishing details to accompany the review; 3) your social media links also to be used with the review

**Please note: I will NOT under any circumstances accept money for a review**

Thank you for your interest in RoloPoloBookBlog!

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