Spotlight and Sweepstakes: Fame and Fortune (Book #2: Stories from the Sound Series) by TM Smith

I’ve built a life, a home and a business from the ground up with Andrew by my side every step of the way. Fame, fortune and a family was the promise I made him ten years ago; and with hard work and dedication we did it, together. Neither of us even realized something was missing until a skittish young man with a haunted look in his eyes walked into our office.
Victor never doubted who he was, even when he lost everything.
Still a boy when he came to America with his strict, traditionalist Romanian parents, Victor’s Romani upbringing taught him their traditions as well as discipline and perseverance. When he told them he was gay he knew it would be difficult for them to understand, but he didn’t expect them to disown him.
Andrew knew Victor was his soulmate after spending just one night together.
Raised by a single mom, his father disinterested in his role most of the time, Andrew thrived in the chaos. The only thing his dad ever did for Andy that stuck was buy him a camera for his thirteenth birthday. When he went off to college on a scholarship to study photo journalism, he wound up finding so much more than he expected.
Together they created an online businesses that blossomed and grew, the result a family that was as different as they were committed to one another.
Matthew was homeless, jobless and… broken.
At just sixteen he ran away from home after a brutal assault, his parents tossing him aside like garbage. Matthew has done a lot of things over the years living on the street in order to survive. When he finds the flyer for All Cocks, he decides to call and see where it leads. What has he got to lose?
Can three men that did not know they needed each other get past the stigma of society to find a place of happiness, together?
**Trigger warning-Sexual assault**
NOTE: This story was previously published as Fame and Fortune, All Cocks Stories book 2. It has been edited and reworked with a lot of new content added to the story.



A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.
Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!


Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Tempting Devil (Book #2: Sinners and Saints Series) by Veronica Eden

BLAIR: I sold my soul to the devil.  Hard times prove who’s a survivor and who’s not. Me? I’m a survivor.  The plan was perfect: steal one of his cars for a payout to set us up for life. All while getting back at him for tormenting me from the moment I first stepped foot in stuck up Silver Lake High School.  But he caught me red-handed. What’s worse, a jail sentence or becoming the devil’s favorite toy?  My devious monster made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Now I’m selling everything to him. Even my soul.
DEVLIN: The secret to being carefree is love nothing.  The puppets are fooled into believing my game of pretend. But the way she looks at me has always pierced beneath my skin. Like she knows. She’s a gutter rat—how could she possibly understand?  I vowed to break her the first time. When I catch her stealing my car, it’s clear she hasn’t learned her lesson. She won’t escape my wrath again.  Ready to play a game, little thief? The rules are simple: my way is law.

Excerpt from Tempting Devil (Book #2: Sinners and Saints Series):

Devlin doesn’t have a heart. If he ever had one, it died off long ago. In its place sits a rotten, decayed hole.

“What exactly do you mean?”

Sign your soul over to me, or the cops.

How can I pick between my nightmare and the devil that torments me?

What does he expect me to do? It’s an impossible choice. But then again, so is the problem that drove me into this situation in the first place.

This feels like one of his cruel tricks, the same as his soccer buddies baiting me with dollar bills on fishing wire at school. Or last year, when he let me sit at his lunch table alongside Gemma because Lucas wanted her there, but the price was Devlin toying with my lunch tray and dumping it on the floor in front of everyone.

Devlin waves off my question. “I’ll give you what you came here for.”

That gets my attention. I sit up as much as I can on the narrow stool, swallowing.

“I don’t follow.” My forehead wrinkles. “You’re going to let me drive off with your car? Just like that?”

The corner of Devlin’s mouth quirks up and a dimple appears in his cheek.

“Not at all. You’re never to touch my car again.” He points at me to drive that decree home. He studies me with cunning curiosity. “No, what I mean is if you play my game, I’ll forget all about tonight. And if you do that, I’ll give you the money you obviously need.”

My lips part, lured by the temptation for a minute.

Reality catches up with me a second later. I snap my mouth shut as I seek out the part where he laughs in my face. Because what he’s offering? It sounds too fucking good to be true. He’ll just give me money? There’s a catch, I know it.

Devlin? Fine with helping me?

We hate each other.

“This offer expires before you leave here.” Devlin’s grin is smug. “So…ready to play a game, little thief?” He slinks closer, like a beast hunting me down for sport, drowning me in the rich, earthy scent of leather and spice. He wraps a lock of my hair around his finger while the smile dances on his lips, the dimples on display. “I’ll explain further. The rules are simple: my way is law.”

“That’s it?” I purse my lips to the side.

Things with Devlin are never simple. There are always layers, cruel pranks lurking beneath his punch line. I have a hard time believing what he’s offering is as straightforward as he puts it.

“It’s a one time bargain.” Devlin leans in to whisper against my ear—because what’s a ringmaster without the theatrics? “You might say it’s a real steal.”



Veronica Eden is the author of dark new adult romances + reverse harem romances with spitfire heroines and irresistible heroes. She loves exploring complicated feelings, magical worlds, epic adventures, and the bond of characters that embrace us against the world. She has always been drawn to gruff antiheroes, clever villains, and the twisty-turns of morally gray decisions. She believes sometimes the villain should get the girl and is a sucker for a deliciously devilish antihero. Veronica Eden is the pen name of romance author Mara Townsend. When not writing, she can be found soaking up sunshine at the beach, snuggling in a pile with her untamed pack of animals (her husband, dog and cat), and surrounding herself with as many plants as she can get her hands on.



Excerpt and Sweepstakes: A New Paige (Stained Souls MC Series) by Zara Teleg

Would you risk losing the ones you love if it meant finally finding out the truth?
Paige: After being kidnapped and nearly killed by a sadistic drug lord, I discovered a startling secret, and I can’t let it go. I was forced to move to small-town Sugar Maple. Kai, the hot-as-hell biker who rescued me, is now my new landlord and makes me feel safe. No matter how attracted I am to him, I won’t let his womanizing ways distract me. No one, including my friends and family, can stop me from seeking the truth. The rabbit hole seems endless, and the dangers are real. I may not like what I find in Pandora’s box, but I refuse to let anyone control my life again.
Kai: My life in the MC has been one big party, just the way I like it. I have been burned once—never again. Saving Paige woke a part of me I thought was long dead. One look into those violet eyes and I knew I could never let anyone hurt her again. Now the tempting little spitfire is up to something and I am going to find out what before she gets herself into trouble. Being her resident babysitter was not what I had in mind, but the closer we become, the harder the attraction is to ignore. She’s off-limits and all I can think about. The Stained Souls will have my head if I go there, but she may be worth the risk. Will she be my downfall or my salvation?
A New Paige is a stand-alone. It is Book 2 of the Stained Souls MC series and is enhanced by reading Book 1, Consumed by Rage.  A New Paige is not your typical MC romance. It is a slow-burn written for those who want all the brotherhood, love, loyalty, angst, suspense, and sexy alpha males challenged by strong, sassy women that make a story you won’t forget! It is not insta-love or erotica.  A New Paige is for readers 18+ as it contains adult content.

Excerpt from A New Paige (Stained Souls MC Series):



Icy hands grasped my shoulders and ankles as I was lifted onto another surface. Fighting the sedation, I pried my eyes open as much as I could. The images were fuzzy, and voices unfamiliar. My vision was blurred, and I couldn’t focus. My head spun like a Tilt-a-Whirl.

“Sir, was she conscious when you arrived on the scene?”

The ground rumbled beneath me as I was being wheeled.

“She’s been in and out,” a man’s panicked voice replied.

“Sir, you can meet us at the hospital.”

“No, I’m not leaving her.” His voice was stern as his hand grabbed mine.

“How are you related to the patient?”

“Um…she’s family.”

W-who? W-what’s happening?

“Fine, sir, you best come with us, then.”

Doors slammed and sirens blared as we started to move.

Where am I?

My eyelids were pulled up, a bright light was shined in one eye and then the other.

“Are you with us, sweetheart?”

“Paige, her name is Paige.”

A warm hand slid up and down my arm, comforting me, before holding my hand again.

“Are you with us, Paige?” My eyes opened to an EMT leaning over me.

“Yes.” It came out a raspy whisper.

My memory came rushing back.

“Where’s Ana?” Panicked, I tried to push my body up.

“Woah.” A gentle hand pressed me back to the gurney.

“You need to lie back and let us take care of you. We’ll be at the hospital soon.”

An uncomfortable squeezing was increasing against my bicep. The blood pressure monitor tightened as the air was pumped through.

“Ana,” I moaned.

“Your sister is gonna be alright,” warm breath whispered in my ear before giving my hand a small squeeze. His voice was soothing. It calmed the trauma that was running through my mind in waves.

She’s going to be alright.

I tried so hard to keep my eyes open. I needed to see his face. The man who saved me. Emerald eyes bore into mine with worry written across his fading face as the darkness took me back under.

“Paige, stay with me…”

Zara Teleg is an American slow-burn MC romance author who self-publishes under Free Spirit Indie Publishing. Her passion lies in writing tales of brotherhood, love, loyalty, angst, suspense, and sexy alpha males challenged by strong, sassy women. 
Zara is a free spirit, who spends her days alternating between writing, cooking, and tending to her four-legged friends. Her love of animals has influenced her plant-based lifestyle. From the time she could walk, she brought home every stray she came across, wanting to keep them all. Her friends nicknamed her “Snow White” because she is slightly obsessed with feeding every hungry wild animal in her neighborhood.
She can often be found outside, reading or writing a slow-burn romance while blaring her favorite music under fairy lights, surrounded by plants, crystals, and wind chimes. 
Zara lives with her husband of 24 years, their teenage daughter, spoiled pit bulls, and her very ornery cat. She spends weekends laughing on the Chesapeake Bay with her extremely loud Italian family! She dreams of moving to a warm place where she can walk barefoot and paddleboard with her pit bulls all year long.


Excerpt: Ringmaster by Brianna Hale

Cale has the circus in his blood. As ringmaster and owner of Meriful’s Traveling Circus, his world is the arena, the spectacle and the heat of the spotlight. He looks out for his ragtag troupe of performers as if they’re his family, because after tragedy struck, they are.
Ryah’s been battered and bruised by life and is ready to give up. Then Cale finds her, and she runs away to join Meriful’s Traveling Circus and becomes the horseback acrobatics star she’s always dreamed of being.
What ultimately calls to her is Cale’s dangerous knife-throwing act, and the thrill of putting her life in his hands. Soon, she doesn’t want to be just part of his act. Cale’s doing his best to resist the fragile eighteen-year-old. He’s the ringmaster, but lately he’s been wondering…
Who’s running rings around who?

Excerpt from Ringmaster:

I never would have thought that a stretch of land could say, Go away, you’re not wanted here, but I get the message loud and clear.

I click my tongue, and Jareth breaks into a trot.

There’s a cottage up ahead, and over the sound of Jareth’s clopping hooves I hear a deep voice raised in a shout. Then a high-pitched scream. I clench the reins, drawing Jareth back to a walk, and peer through overgrown bushes to a crumbled and untidy house.

A side door flies open, and a girl with a long, straw-colored plait and a blue sundress dashes outside. She’s barefoot, and she races across the muddy yard and disappears into the stable. Barely a second later, a pale gray horse bursts out into the sunshine, the girl astride its back. Her eyes are wild and she’s clinging to the horse’s mane. For a moment I’m certain she’s going to fall off, because the horse wears no bridle or saddle, but as she races out of the front gate she’s more than secure atop the animal’s back. She gallops straight past me and up the road.

A middle-aged man in a stained T-shirt and with a grizzled gray beard stumbles out the front door, holding a shotgun and yelling at the top of his lungs, “Come back here, you lazy bitch!”

The girl and her horse are already a hundred yards up the road and moving fast.

Realizing he’s too late, the man heads for the stables, still clutching the shotgun. When he heaves down a saddle, the gun catches on the railings and it almost topples him.

I clench my knees around Jareth’s middle. “Yah!

My horse transitions from walk into a gallop, and we race along the road toward the girl. She’s a gray and blue speck on the road ahead, but Jareth is a much bigger, more powerful horse, and soon we’re closing on her. We must sound like thunder bearing down on her.

The laneway curves and the girl disappears from view. When we round the bend, I see her standing up on the horse’s back while it canters, and my mouth falls open in surprise. She’s as sure-footed as Elke and Anouk are on their horses under the big top. The girl holds herself steady for a moment, arms spread, and then vaults up to catch the branch of a tree. She scrambles onto it and disappears into the leaves. The gray horse slows, and at the girl’s whistle it trots away from her hiding place and is hidden among the trees.

I walk Jareth just off the road and wait.

A few minutes later, there’s another whistle. Jareth’s ears swivel toward it as my head turns. Back trots the gray horse and the girl slithers onto its back, all bare legs and wisps of blonde hair.

“Miss,” I call quietly.

The girl tenses and turns frightened eyes on me. She spies Jareth and me standing in the shadows, and tenses to flee.

“Your father is saddling up a horse, and he’s carrying a shotgun. Do you have someplace to go?”

The girl stares at us, frozen with indecision. When I don’t move she relaxes slightly, and her eyes travel over me. “You’re from the circus that passed by a few hours ago.”

I look down at myself. My clothes are plain enough. Black shirt, black jeans, dusty black boots, black jacket. Jareth’s saddle and bridle are decorated with the same gold and crimson trim as the wagons. Even without Jareth I find myself drawing stares when I enter towns and villages, as if people can sense there’s something unusual about me. I’m weathered by the elements and my black hair is down to my collar. I haven’t seen a proper bed or the inside of a house in five months. Maybe it shows.

“Yes,” I say.

She looks longingly up the road in the direction the circus has passed.

I swing my leg over the saddle and slide to the ground. “Dismount and walk a little into the woods with me. We should get out of sight of the road.”

The girl bites her lip, unsure whether she can trust this stranger. As I pat Jareth’s neck, he nuzzles my shirt with his velvet lip. Affectionate, but also curious about whether I’m carrying any sugar cubes.

“Your horse likes you,” the girl says.

I stroke Jareth’s nose. “I like him.”

She leaps lightly down from her horse, as if Jareth’s judge of character is good enough for her. We head into the woods, the girl walking easily over the leaf litter and bracken with bare feet, as if she’s done this dozens of times before. She’s petite and slender, barely coming up to my shoulder, but she possesses wiry strength. Her arms in her short sleeves are well defined, and her legs are muscular. I wonder who taught her acrobatics.

I draw Jareth to a stop in a little clearing, and the girl turns to me. She hasn’t led her horse. It’s followed her, as obedient as a dog.

“The circus was in the field on the other side of the village last night,” she tells me, her eyes flickering over my face.

I nod. Tonight, it will be in another village further south, and in a few weeks more it will be a hundred miles away. We’re crisscrossing our way down the country all summer and will turn back as the season changes.

“Can I come with you?” she asks suddenly. Her fingers are threading through the horse’s mane, tight and anxious. “I can look after horses. I’ve grown up with them all my life. I can be useful.”

She doesn’t seem to know she might be good enough on her horse to perform. As well as being strong and athletic, she’s beautiful, with high cheekbones and wide-spaced, sparkling blue eyes. The only mar to her beauty is a nasty swelling beneath her left eye, which is rapidly turning black.

“How old are you?”

She glances furtively at me, and then away again. “Nineteen.”

“How old are you really?”


 “Did he give you that?” I ask, nodding at the angry purple bruise beneath her eye.

The girl tenses. Other people have asked her this, and if she tells the truth, he’ll hit her again. I wonder if that’s why she’s learned to run and hide. I clench Jareth’s leather reins in my fist. “I won’t let him—”

There’s a crashing sound up ahead in the woods, and the gray horse tenses. A furious male voice echoes through the trees. It’s all too much for the horse, and she suddenly rears and bolts.

“Dandelion!” the girl cries in anguish. She puts two fingers in her mouth and whistles, but this time the horse doesn’t obey. Horses sense evil, and Dandelion seems like she wants to put as much distance between herself and this girl’s father as possible.

I can see the man now, mounted on a bay horse and fighting his way through the underbrush to get to us. The girl wraps her arms around her shaking body and starts to cry. She doesn’t even try to run. It’s like she’s got nowhere to run to.

I put my foot into a stirrup and swing up onto Jareth. I reach down my hand for her. “Come on.”

The despair in the girl’s eyes changes to elation. Gasping in relief, she clutches my hand and I pull her up behind me.

The man sees us, and roars and raises his shotgun, but we’re out of range. I watch him for a moment, committing his face to memory. Letting him see me, too, the man who’s taking his daughter.

I want him to see me.

Then I wheel Jareth around. We canter though the woods, my horse finding natural paths through the trees. Friesians were bred to be warhorses, and while they’re big and strong enough to carry a knight in full armor, they’re also swift and sure-footed.

“I thought you were going to leave me behind,” the girl gasps, wrapping her arms around my waist and holding on. We emerge from the trees onto a laneway, and I turn Jareth southwards and urge him into a gallop.

“What’s your name?” I call over the sound of Jareth’s thundering hooves. That clumsy bastard will still be fighting his way through the bracken.


Ryah. What a pretty name. I look down at her small hands encircling my waist.

“What’s your name?” she asks.

“Cale. Cale Hearn of Meriful’s Traveling Circus.” Cale Hearn who’s just snatched a teenage girl right from under her father’s nose. I wonder if this is kidnapping. I wonder if he’ll send the police after me or arrive to take her back himself. He’s welcome to fucking try.

Ryah nestles closer and rests her cheek against my back. “Pleased to meet you, Cale Hearn of Meriful’s Traveling Circus. Thank you for helping me run away.”

I find myself smiling as we thunder down the road. “My pleasure, Ryah.”

There’s nothing Brianna Hale likes more than a large, stern alpha male with a super-protective and caring streak, and when she’s not writing about them she can usually be found with a book, a cocktail, planning her next trip to a beautiful location or attending the theatre. She believes that pink and empowerment aren’t mutually exclusive, and everyday adventures are possible. Brianna lives in London.


Spotlight and Sweepstakes: Never Lost (The Dirty Heroes Collection) by TL Mayhew

Shadows are formed by objects blocking rays of light.  Just not mine.  Its darkness is ever-present, taunting me, tricking me into doing things a man should never do, but I’ve learned to embrace it.  Will she?  Lost in dreams of a life anywhere but here, she’s ignorant to the danger perched just outside the window.  Taking her will be easy.  But can I teach her to fly?


Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Working For It (A Cook Brothers Series) by BJ Harvey

Sometimes a surprise baby can lead to unexpected happy endings.
It started one night in Vegas over a naughty cocktail and dirty banter. Eight months of bedded bliss later, Gilly Nelson says the two words Ezra Baker never saw coming: “I’m pregnant.”
Twice-divorced Ezra has always acted first, thought it through later. Except in Gilly he finds an equal; a strong-willed, independent woman who doesn’t need his money or kind heart to get ahead. She just wants him.
Career-focused Gilly never imagined she’d be thirty-five, single and pregnant. Except when Ezra suggests they date rather than just mate, she finds herself wondering whether the man she’s been looking for has been in her bed all along.
If they can survive raging hormones, house renovations, and the realities of childbirth, surely creating a family will be a walk in the park…right?
Working For It is a full-length house flipping romantic comedy that can be read as a complete standalone and is the fifth and final book in the Cook Brothers series. Working For It is Ezra Baker’s story.

Excerpt from Working For It (A Cook Brothers Series):

The thing about best-laid plans is they can go awry. Case in point: I’m currently stuck—more like wedged—in the bath by my hips, one leg bent in the water, the other ankle hooked on top of the faucet, and try as I might, I cannot prune my overgrown lady garden to save myself.
This isn’t a new problem. I tried to get in to see my lovely Taiwanese aesthetician last week, and she informed me that she was fully booked for the next month. It’s my own fault. I figured I’d get to be the size of a whale—like I am now—and the last thing I’d want was sex because sex was what got me into this situation in the first place. Regardless, I begged and pleaded and made an absolute fool of myself, but she couldn’t fit me in. I could’ve booked somewhere else, but there’s a special relationship between a woman and the person she trusts with hot wax and her vagina.
That doesn’t help me right now though. Horny, frustrated, and wanting to make a good impression when I jump Ezra, I thought I could just give myself a quick tidy-up down below, and all would be well.
Except I couldn’t get the right angle with a mirror in one hand and a razor in the other, and there’s no way I can see around my giant pregnant belly full of my baby whose latest trick is to bounce off my cervix like a trampoline.
But I’m too stubborn and too proud to call out to Ezra to come save me. He poured a beautiful-smelling bath for me, lit the few candles I had scattered around the room, then helped me down into the water and then left me with a kiss on the lips and a spring in his step, no doubt in the knowledge he’s going to get himself some—and soon.
It’s definitely not going to happen now though, because by the time he comes looking for me, I’ll be a wrinkled, pruney mess and my vagina will resemble a soaked hedge attacked by a swordfish.
My eyes sting with tears, but I blink them away. Then they start falling, and I try to swipe them off my cheeks until I can’t keep up. I drop the razor and my dignity, and bury my face in my hands.
The door creaks open, and I know this moment has just gone from bad to worse.
“Are you still aliv—hey, what’s wrong?” Ezra asks, crossing the room. He gently pulls my arms away and tilts my chin up, his worried eyes searching mine. Dropping to his knees beside the bath, he pulls me in for a hug.
“I’m getting you all wet,” I whimper.
“Don’t care about that. I do care that you’re sitting in the bath crying when you’re supposed to be relaxing.”
I tuck my face into his neck, my shoulders shaking with sobs. “I… I… I can’t even shave myself.”
He pulls back and frowns at me. “What? Why do you need to shave your legs?” My beautiful clueless man.
“Not my legs…” I say, my voice cracking as the tears hit again, my frustration and anger rising. “All I wanted was to make it easier for you,” I whine. Ez opens his mouth, but I’m too far gone to stop now. “And my waxing lady couldn’t fit me in, and now I’m going to give birth soon, and Dr. Cameron won’t know if it’s the baby’s head full of hair or my Sasquatch vagina,” I sob. “And then I got stuck!”
“Sweetheart,” he says, all soft and warm, and making me want to slap him in my irrational pregnant rage. “You know I don’t care about—”
My head snaps his way, and my eyes narrow to slits. “Every man cares about whether they can find their woman’s vagina or not, Ezra. You need to know where it is so you can see where to stick your big cmmph.” My words are muffled by Ezra’s hand covering my mouth, his lips twitching yet his eyes gentle—albeit apparently amused by my meltdown.
“I think I can help out if you’ll let me.”
“How?” I snap, my stupid emotions even giving me whiplash.
“Well, first,” he says, shuffling back and standing. He leans over, cups my face, and kisses me long and hard and deep until I forget my own name. Then he slides his hands down my body to my waist and locks his gaze with mine. “Brace your arms on the sides, and push up as I lift.”
“You can’t—” I gasp, and his eyes narrow.
“I can, sweetheart. Now one, two, go,” he says, bending his knees and lifting me with a quiet grunt he no doubt tried to hide.
By the time I’m back on my feet in the now knee-deep water, I’m gripping his biceps so tightly; I’m expecting to see a row of half-moon bruises there tomorrow. I let out a huge sigh of relief and sag against his soaked T-shirt. “Thank you,” I breathe.
He drapes a towel around my back. He steps away and wraps it around my front. “Why didn’t you call me to come help you?”
I avert my eyes, and my cheeks burn. “Because it’s embarrassing.”
He pushes my chin up with his index finger and dips his head. “Do you know that Faith got herself into a pile of trouble trying to paint the cornices in her baby’s nursery a week before giving birth?”
“What?” I ask.
He grins. “Yep. Bry found her on her tiptoes on top of a three-step ladder with paint spread from her nose to her toes. She had to brace herself against the wall with her spare hand because she somehow forgot that her center of gravity had shifted due to her baby belly.”
“Mine was my big ol’ child-bearing hips getting wedged on the sides of the bath when I tried to—”
“Do something you could’ve asked me to do?”
I cover my face with my hands. “I would never subject you to that.”
His lips twitch up into a devilish grin. “I’m quite attached to the place you’re so adorably disparaging.”
I roll my eyes. “You know what I mean.”
“No. What I know is that you’re going to drop that towel and sit down on the bench in the shower.” He closes the distance between us, one hand curving around the back of my neck, the other drifting down to grab my ass. “And then I’m going to shave you how you’d like, and then I’m going to turn you around and show you just what this beautifully curved body of yours does to me.”
My mouth drops open, my breaths quickening as a wave of heat washes over me, and I have to clench my thighs together to stay standing.
“Any objections?” he rasps, leaning in so his lips are moving against mine.
“Nope,” I squeak, earning a grin against my mouth.
“Good,” he says, giving my butt a quick, sharp smack before stepping back. “Now carefully go get ready for me. I have some pubic art to create. I might even shave my name down here, just so everyone knows you’re mine.”
My mouth drops open, and I stare at him, dumbfounded. “You did not just say that?”
He shrugs and shoots me a sexy smirk. “Hey, it’s only me and Dr. Cameron who will see it. Why not have a little fun with it?”
I narrow my eyes and point a finger at him. “You will not do anything fancy down there, mister.”
He quirks a brow. “And how would you know? Besides, isn’t vajazzling the thing to do these days?”


My eyes bug out of my head as I wonder who the hell I’ve procreated with. “Nope. I’ll let you trim the forest but no decorating the tree, okay?”

BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer, and a funny romance thinker upper. An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly and loving every minute of it. She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful tweenagers, is a proud born and bred Kiwi and currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.




Review: The Body from the Past (Book #5: Jazzi Zanders Mystery Series) by Judi Lynn



Jazzi, her cousin Jerod, and her husband Ansel are preparing to renovate a charming house that reminds her of an English manor. Before purchasing it, they had inspected the house for structural issues, but now when they do a more thorough walk-through, they discover a teenage girl’s bedroom that clearly hasn’t been touched in years. Dust covers the pink canopy bed, clothes still hang in the closet, and a hope chest remains full of journals and memorabilia. They’ve stumbled on a shrine to a dead girl.

They learn Jessica was killed in the middle of her high school graduation party. The murderer was never identified, but the brother-in-law of Jazzi’s friend, who went to school with Jessica, was suspected and never lived it down. He implores Jazzi to review the cold case and finally prove him innocent. Now it’s up to the house-flipper to nail a killer who will do anything to close the door on the past . . .

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Source: NetGalley and Lyrical Underground          Rating: 4/5 stars

Jazzi Zanders has promised everyone, including her sweet husband that she will absolutely, positively stop getting involved in solving murders!  With nothing but good intentions, Jazzi, Ansel, and Jerod make their way towards their latest project, a wonderful English cottagesque home they are flipping for resale.  Though the work is going to be intense and difficult, at least this time, Jazzi hasn’t run across a dead body somewhere in the house. 

Unfortunately, Jazzi doesn’t have to literally trip over a dead body to become involved in a case.  When she and Ansel’s good friends call to ask about the new house they’re working on, they also reveal a chilling story that has haunted the small town for years!  Though Ansel doesn’t want Jazzi to become involved, he is also kind and caring and finds it hard to refuse helping their friends. According to their friends, on the night of their graduation party, a young girl, Jessica fell to her death from the second-floor balcony of her own home.  While the town gossips have been vicious in their tongue-wagging, the police have never been able to close the case. 

With the case having been cold for so many years and out of her detective friend’s jurisdiction, Jazzi isn’t sure what she’s going to be able to discover that the police haven’t.  Like Ansel, Jazzi is kind and wants to see her friend’s suffering end.  With the help of the young girl’s diaries, Jazzi is able to piece together the story of a bright, outgoing young girl who was constantly hounded and belittled by her father.  Her brother was seemingly quite protective of her and her mother often tried to defend her daughter, but Jessica’s home life wasn’t great, and she was looking forward to leaving home after graduation. 

Each diary entry gives Jazzi more insight and the name of another person she needs to speak with.  Thankfully, Jessica had a core group of friends loyal to her and willing to do anything to help bring justice to their friend.  Jessica’s friends help Jazzi understand more about Jessica’s life and, most importantly, the night their friend plunged to her death.  As always, not every encounter is pleasant and Jazzi quickly discovers a few truly horrible humans who care nothing for the loss of Jessica or what her loss has done to others.  Marking suspects off the list is proving harder than expected considering the coldness of the case.  That is, until fresh bodies start dropping!

The Bottom Line:  I didn’t quite love this Jazzi book as much as the previous four, BUT I did very much appreciate the novel approach taken in this book.  It isn’t often that Jazzi doesn’t have a fresh body and crime scene to deal with and while I liked the novelty of it this time, I sure hope it doesn’t become a standard part of this series.  With that bit out of the way, I was, once again happy with the other aspects of this book.  Jazzi and Ansel’s circle is widening with every book and it really does enhance to spirit of friendship and community that has been a part of the entire series.  Of course, there is also loads of good food, dialogue, and evolution among all the characters, old and new alike.  I find these books to be solid, well-crafted reads that are populated with people I like to revisit regularly.  For my money, that’s exactly the kind of book I want to continue reading.

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