Excerpt: Second Chances by Anna Edwards

At the tender age of thirteen Elena Lopez saw her prima ballerina dreams ruined by injury. Now she passes her love down to the future generation as a dance teacher. A chance meeting at the premier BDSM club in London with the hypnotizing and charming, Ryan North leaves her examining her future. When tragedy strikes and the memories of her youth resurface, she’s left fighting for her life. 
MI5 operative Ryan North is struggling to adjust to the knowledge he was misled to by the one person he thought he could trust. His parents wanted him despite what his grandfather told him. The past few years have all been about revenge, can he find something or someone else, to occupy his time and distract him from his failing career. 
Second chances is a standalone novel from International Bestselling Author, Anna Edwards. It explores the collusion of naivete and lies leading to dramatic conclusion that threatens to blow apart a couple’s fledgling love.

“Fuck!” I exclaim out loud without realizing it. Everyone turns to look at me. Master Stone included. He raises an eyebrow toward us. Ryan gestures with his hand to tell the other Dom to continue.

“I’m guessing you like the thought of whips. Let’s see how you feel after you’ve watched it.” Ryan’s voice is like smooth, velvet chocolate in my ear, and as he pushes his hips into me, I feel the hardness of his groin.

Shit, shit, shit I chant in my head. What am I getting myself into?

I don’t reply to him, because Master Stone lands the first blow of his whip on his sub’s breast. She lets out a cry, and a glowing red line from the tendrils of the leather appears.

My breath quickens when Emily states, “My Master loves this breast.”

“Good Girl.” Master Stone lowers his mouth to the breast he’s just struck and tugs the nipple into his mouth. He sucks on it, pulling it hard before standing back and striking the other one. Emily repeats her phrase. Two more strikes follow to each breast. Tears are pooling in Emily’s eyes, but she’s not using her safeword.

Next, Master Stone delivers two carefully placed strikes to her stomach, and she responds,

“My master loves my stomach. It cradled his child. The product of our love.”

I can’t take my eyes off either of them.

Ryan leans forward and whispers into my ear.

“If you want me to stop, say red.”

I turn around and look at him, blinking briefly in confusion, but the crack of the whip turns me back to the show on stage. Master Stone brings the leather down between Emily’s parted legs. She cries out even louder this time, and I feel wetness between my thighs. I’m getting so aroused watching this.

Ryan lowers his hand from my waist and pushes under the waistband of my skirt.




“Second Chances: a spin off Series that’s just WOW, a book that captivates and draws you into the story. A true emotional tale. There where so many emotions reading this book but the main emotion that flows through this book is love. This is a truly fantastic series that I will be keeping up with to see what comes next. Anna Edwards truly delivered with this story.” – Goodreads reviewer


All I am a British author, from the depths of the rural countryside near London. In a previous life, I was an accountant from the age of twenty-one. I still do that on occasions, but most of my life is now spent intermingling writing while looking after my husband, two children and two cats (probably in the inverse order to the one listed!). When I have some spare time, I can also be found writing poetry, baking cakes (and eating them), or behind a camera snapping like a mad paparazzi.

I’m an avid reader who turned to writing to combat my depression and anxiety. I have a love of travelling and like to bring this to my stories to give them the air of reality.

I like my heroes hot and hunky with a dirty mouth, my heroines demure but with spunk, and my books full of dramatic suspense.


Excerpt and Sweepstakes: Special Delivery by Abby Tyler

She brought him pizza. He delivered a family.
Police Officer Jack Stone hasn’t been able to leave the house in seven days. His wreck of a sister gave birth in prison, and baby Ella has been discharged into his care.
He has no idea what to do with her.
Louisa is ready to move on with her life and arrives at Jack’s house with her very last pizza delivery before she quits. When he opens the door, Ella is crying, his place is a disaster, and Applebottom’s senior police officer is completely lost.
He could solve her problem, and she could solve his.
Too bad they’ve hated each other since high school.
It will take the entire town to end the twenty-year feud between Jack and Louisa and remind them that people do grow up, and in a crisis, you often grow together.


“I haven’t told anybody about her.”

Louisa’s eyes dropped to the baby. “You’re going to have to eventually. You need help.”

Jack could feel the anger rising in him. This is exactly what he didn’t want—everyone showing up, telling him what to do. “It’s just a baby. I can handle her.”

“Looks like you’re really handling it, Jack. I’m going to let Betty know. She’ll get a whole team of ladies in here.”

Jack jumped to his feet. “You will not tell a soul!”

The baby startled, her arms flailing out as though she’d been attacked. Her eyes opened, and her mouth let out a terrible little wail.

“Give Ella to me,” Jack said, his voice practically a growl. “We’re done here.”

“Stop scaring her,” she said. “The last thing this child needs is to have the first conversation she’s heard in a week be two people arguing.”

Jack balled his hands into fists and willed himself to calm down. Louisa always got under his skin. The woman was maddening.

“It’s not like you know a lot about babies,” he said, although he knew it was a low blow to bring up her lack of family. “Now give her to me.”

It worked. Louisa passed the baby back into his arms.

“Jack Stone, you would cut off your own nose to spite your face. You need help, and there’s no way I’m going to keep this a secret.” She pointed a finger at the baby. “For her sake, not yours. You can starve for all I care.”

She didn’t even look back as she opened the door, stepped out, and slammed it behind her. The loud thud set the baby to crying with renewed strength.

“Good riddance,” Jack said to the door.

He lifted Ella to his shoulder. “We didn’t need her anyway.”

In response, Ella spit up all over his last clean shirt.

Abby Tyler loves puppy dogs, pie, and small towns (she grew up in one!) Her Applebottom Matchmaker Society books combine the sweet and wholesome style of romance she loves with the funny, sometimes a-little-too-truthful characters she remembers from growing up in a place where everyone knew everybody’s business.


Review: Archangel’s War (Book #12: Guild Hunter Series) by Nalini Singh



The world is in chaos as the power surge of the Cascade rises to a devastating crescendo. In furiously resisting its attempts to turn Elena into a vessel for Raphael’s power, Elena and her archangel are irrevocably changed. . .far beyond the prophecy of a cursed Ancient. 

At the same time, violent and eerie events around the world threaten to wipe out entire populations. And in the Archangel Lijuan’s former territory, an unnatural fog weaves through the land, leaving only a bone-chilling silence in its wake. Soon it becomes clear that even the archangels are not immune to this deadly evil. This time, even the combined power of the Cadre may not be enough. . . 

This war could end them all.

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Source: Purchase          Rating: 5/5 stars


I always worry about a series the longer it goes on.  Like the archangel’s themselves, there is a chance ennui will set it and the plots and characters will become stale.  Nalini Singh, I apologize to you here and now for ever even considering such blasphemy.  Archangel’s War is not only a wild and highly imaginative ride, it is also quite likely one of the best books in the entire series with no signs of ennui in sight.

From start to finish, Archangel’s War is laced with a high level of tension that keeps you right on the edge of coming out of your skin.  Elena and Raphael are something wholly new, something not even the Ancients have seen, the Cascade is awakening those so old they have largely passed from memory, and Lijuan is on the move and wielding unprecedented power and madness.  With only one goal, to utterly destroy the world, Lijuan makes her way to New York with the complete destruction of Raphael in the forefront of her mind.  As the only one among the Cadre who has shown any ability to hurt Lijuan, Raphael is desperately hoping he can finally bring her to an end.

In other news: In the face of Lijuan’s immense power, the Cascade giveth just as it taketh away.  Cassandra, cryptic as ever is still talking to Elena and Raphael, and three other Ancients are stirring from their sleep.  Though the Cascade is looking for chaos, even the Ancients, once they have fully awoken, understand that their individual power and territory are not an issue as much as the survival of the entire world is an issue.  For what is likely one of only a handful of times in the history of EVER, all of the Archangels, Ancients included come together, set aside their differences, and fight for a world that will be dramatically and categorically changed at the end of the war.  

As if the situation weren’t already bad enough, everyone, and I do mean everyone is dealing with their own individual issues.  Elena and Raphael are new beings with powers they don’t yet understand, the Legion is behaving oddly and more mysteriously than ever before, the Seven are all called home with most being worried over Illium in addition to their military duties, and each archangel has unprepared for difficulties in their own territories and personal lives.  Between the Cascade and Lijuan, all the powers of the world are scattered and distracted and if they can’t reign in their own issues, the world is going to come to a violent and ugly end. 

The Bottom Line:  First and foremost, this really is one of the best books in the Guild Hunter series and I am already looking forward to reading it again.  Second and just as importantly is what this book really represents, a very real future for this vibrant and entertaining series that I wasn’t quite sure would be possible following the great war.  Once again, Nalini Singh puts me squarely in my place and proves why she’s the reigning queen of this genre.  Not only did she produce a stunningly energetic, powerful, and unpredictable read, but she also greatly expanded the universe with new (OK, ancient!) characters who will surely be incredible forces in the coming years of the series. Archangel’s War changes everything and I need it to be September 2020  . . . . NOW!! 

P.S. I was sitting in the hair salon reading when I came across a particularly sad passage.  It took everything I had to keep from ugly crying in the middle of the salon.  Thanks for that, Nalini Singh 😊

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Mini-Review: A Thread of Darkness (Book #2: Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery Series) by Sally Goldenbaum

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As owners of the popular bistro The French Quarter, former New York City restauranteurs Picasso and Laurel St. Pierre are the toast of the town of Crestwood, Kansas. Chef Picasso’s culinary creations delight the women of the quilting club, who have embraced him as a friend. But Laurel’s anti-social behavior confuses Kate Simpson—until she spots Mrs. St. Pierre with another man in what appears to be a lover’s spat.   

Gossip travels fast in a small town like Crestwood, and rumor has it this isn’t Laurel’s first indiscretion. She also filed a police report accusing Picasso of domestic abuse. And when Laurel’s murdered body is found Picasso is the prime suspect. To prove their friend’s innocence, Kate and the Crestwood Quilters must uncover the secrets of Laurel’s past—a patchwork history wrapped up in Kate’s own teenage years . . .

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Source: NetGalley and Lyrical Underground          Rating: 3/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  I had hoped the second book in the Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery series would have ironed out some of the issues I had with book one.  Unfortunately, the ironing out is only marginal and it has left me wondering about my future with the series.  Once again, the cast of characters is extraordinarily large with only a few playing a vital role, the scenes of quilts and quilting (which I greatly enjoy) are few and far between, and the plot is somewhat contrived.  To be fair, the plot is less contrived than in the first book and I enjoyed it more, but it still felt just a bit too forced for my overall liking.  What’s more, I would have thought more of the women in the quilting group would have played a more visible and active role in this book, but alas, Po is still the most prominent and that limits my ability to connect with and like other characters.  At the end of it all, I realized I had to somewhat “force” myself to finish this book and that is never a good thing.  For the time being, I think I am done with this series.

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Mini-Review: A Patchwork of Clues (Book #1: Queen Bees Quilt Shop Mystery Series) by Sally Goldenbaum



On her morning jog, Portia Paltrow comes upon the dead body of antiques store owner and college professor Owen Hill, sprawled across the back doorstep of Selma Parker’s fabric and quilt shop on Elderberry Road. The site of their Saturday morning quilting bee just became a crime scene. Violent crime is rare in the charming village of Crestwood, Kansas, and rumors are soon circulating of a burglary gone wrong. But who would rob a quilt shop? No, Owen Hill has been murdered.  

Selma and her assistant manager Susan are understandably at loose ends over the crime. So while the tightly knit covey of quilters—who range from a new mother to a wise octogenarian—work together on a Crystal Pattern quilt for Selma’s store’s anniversary, they also get busy stitching together a patchwork of clues. But they’d better work fast—before a crafty killer bolts . . .

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Source: Purchase          Rating: 2/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  Cozy mysteries are among my favorite books because they tend to be lighter, quirkier, set in a small town, and full of fun characters who become very real to me by the end of the read.  While some of this holds true for A Patchwork of Clues, not all came through as successfully as I would have liked.  The small-town setting is lovely, and I especially enjoyed the scenes that involved quilts and quilting, but everything else felt a bit too much. For example, the quilting group consists of several women but not all play a huge role in this book so keeping track of all of them (and their partners!) became bothersome.  Because of this, I found it difficult to become attached to or really enjoy the characters.  In addition to the character issue, there is also the issue of the plot.  The plot isn’t hard to follow, but it did feel contrived and overly convoluted; by the time the big bad was revealed, I found I really didn’t care that much anymore.  While all of this sounds largely negative (and it is) I have chalked it up to the normal first in a series issues and have high hopes the second book in the series will have ironed out the issues.

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Spotlight: Chronicles of a Rockin’ Mess by S.E. Rose

Rockstar Lincoln Grant is off-limits. But that hasn’t stopped his assistant, Lark Sutton, from wanting him.
Lark put her own music dreams aside when she took a position working for the scandalous, playboy rockstar. After he finally does the unthinkable, she leaves him to pursue her own music and re-invent herself. Eighteen months later, Lincoln’s band comes knocking at her door, begging her to come back to help them with an out-of-control Lincoln.
At first, Lincoln tries to resist her help, but soon he finds that he’s falling for her. Will Lincoln change Lark’s mind about him or will she leave him and the band once and for all?

S.E. Rose lives in the DMV. And if you know what that means, then you know where she lives. She currently resides with her husband, two children, and always at least two cats and usually other random creatures her children decide they need. While she works at a desk during the day, her evenings and weekends are devoted to writing and editing her romance novels. She loves all things wine, coffee, tea and dark chocolate; that’s right, dark chocolate. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, traveling, going to concerts, and reading.


Mini-Review: Spring House by Mary Ellen Taylor

42381708Pregnant and still grieving the death of her fiancé, historian Megan Buchanan is forging ahead on a dream project: to restore to its original glory the landmark hunting lodge her own great-great-grandfather built on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. With the help of her fiancé’s caring best friend, it’s sure to draw much-needed tourist revenue to Cape Hudson, a town rich in southern history. 

However, it’s Spring House, the caretaker’s cottage on the grounds, that holds the most intriguing history for Megan. In a cache of old letters, she’s drawn into the captivating life of a young woman who embarked on her own dream adventure a century ago. With each one, Megan is swept away into her enthralling world—and all its secrets. But Megan has secrets too. 

Now, as one woman’s past unfolds in each revealing letter, Megan will discover more about herself and about the emotional tides of family that can be weathered with those you love and trust the most.

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Source: NetGalley and Montlake Romance          Rating: 5/5 stars

The Bottom Line: Though it isn’t listed as the second book in a series, Spring House is very much a continuation of the story begun in Winter Cottage.  Megan Buchanan has been contracted to fully and completely restore not only Winter Cottage but the surrounding sites as well; as a historian and an individual with deep family roots in the area, Megan is excited about the project and eager to restore every site to its former glory.  As a means of somewhat avoiding her own very personal and painful issues, Megan throws herself into the Spring House project; in addition to the physical restoration of the site, Megan also digs into the history of the place and people.   As Megan digs into the past, the book alternates between the past and the present and does so in a wonderfully seamless way.  As Megan discovers, the past absolutely informs the present and with every bit of information she uncovers, the more connected she feels to her past, present, future, and the place. 

Though you can absolutely read Spring House as a standalone, I would highly recommend reading it only after completing Winter Cottage.  The history of the families and area are vast, complicated, and shrouded in mystery.  The blending of past and present is excellent, the characters in both eras are compelling, and the plot is wonderfully heartfelt and engaging.  At the root of this book is a sense of family, of belonging, and finding one’s place in the world. Though I want Megan to be successful in her work, I sure hope it takes her a very long time to complete the project as I would gladly welcome more books in this series.

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