Review: Hop ‘Til You Drop (Book #3: Jules & Bun Mystery Series) by J.M. Griffin


Juliette “Jules” Bridge is devoted to rabbit rescue and rehabilitation on her beloved Fur Bridge Farm in rural New Hampshire, but she also likes to do volunteer work wherever and whenever she can. This spring she’s offered to help hide painted eggs at the Hop ’Til You Drop Easter egg hunt—and of course she’s bringing along her black-and-white rabbit, Bun. In fact, he insists on it. Jules knows, because Bun communicates with her telepathically . . .

But their egg hiding is disrupted by a hare-raising scene: their unpleasant supervisor, Della Meany, lies peacefully on the grass with stems of Lily of the Valley on her chest, surrounded by garishly decorated Easter eggs. Is someone sending a message by staging the corpse? As they begin to examine the crime scene, Jules spots a tall, two-legged rabbit fleeing into the woods. Perhaps late for an important date? If their prime suspect is a person in an Easter Bunny costume, it seems a safe bet the killer is a real basket case. Jules and Bun will need to put their heads together—because the hunt is on . . .

Source: Purchase Rating: 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  The thing I generally love about cozies is the fact that the lead never goes looking for trouble, it just tends to find him/her.  Then, there’s Bun, who actively looks around and tries to sniff out the next mystery or murder for he and Jules to involve themselves in.  With his naturally inquisitive nature and lust for adventure, Bun knows there is always going to be some sort of mischief he can drag Jules into.  In this instance, the dynamic duo stumble upon the body of one of the town’s most hateful residents which leaves them with a laundry list of suspects.  Though Jules is hesitant to get involved, she does see the importance of bringing justice to the victim despite her surly attitude.  As Bun and Jules dig deeper into the woman’s life, they uncover more than a few secrets, stumble upon an even bigger mystery, and risk life and limb to bring all the culprits to justice.  I am such a fan of this series, and it has everything to do with the cast of characters.  I have a hard time resisting a book with a talking animal so, Bun for the win!  I also truly love Molly, Jessica, Jules, and their intrepid sheriff.  The relationships between these characters add such dimension and weight to each read that I truly feel as if I am dropping in on old friends.  I also very much like the diversity of the farm: from the bunnies to the vet clinic to the yarn shop, there is always something interesting to read about and the fact that they all connect to one another makes me an even happier reader.  There’s a great deal of promise in this series and I sincerely hope that promise is met in future installments.

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