Review: Still Life and Death (Book #3: Shepherd Sisters Mysteries) by Tracy Gardner


Savanna Shepherd, a former art authenticator turned grade school art teacher, is delighted when her Uncle Max and Uncle Freddie move to Carson. Uncle Max takes a job at Libby’s Blooms, where Savanna teaches a still life painting class for adults. But one morning, Uncle Max finds a dead body in the rooftop greenhouse…and even worse, it looks like an inside job.

Savanna and her sisters—Skylar, a lawyer, and Sydney, the owner of a pet shop and grooming salon—dig in to find the real murderer. With their connections to the community and Savanna’s keen eye for details, they uncover longstanding resentments and horticultural clues. Meanwhile, Savanna’s dating local doctor Aidan Gallager, but she worries it’ll cause a scandal, since his daughter is in her class. As Savanna’s investigation leads her into thorny situations, the killer may be arranging another murder: her own.

Source: NetGalley and Hallmark Rating: 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  The Shepherd sisters are back and, once again, they are up to their butts in a mystery.  When the local florist is brutally murdered in her own shop, Sidney, Savanna, and Skyler jump into the investigation with all six of their curious feet.  Libby’s murder is beyond comprehension and of the three Shepherd sisters, Sydney is having the hardest time adjusting to the senseless loss of her friend.  As the sisters delve deeper into the mystery, they discovery a series of threats and accusations, attempted bribes and manipulation, all of which led to the death of a mostly innocent woman. 

I am still very much attached to this series and that has everything to do with the great levels of evolution in the characters.  All three of the Shepherd sisters have major life events in this read and that is all wrapped around the three intrepid women once again bringing closure to a family and their community through their incessant nosiness.  The way the girls go about their sleuthing is with each other’s safety and security in mind.  Their love of one another, their larger family, and their community is one of the reasons I enjoy this series so much.  At this stage, all three sisters have told their respective stories which means this series may be at an end.  If this is the end, I can truthfully say I am satisfied with the ending and wish the Shepherd girls nothing but the very best in their respective future. 

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