Review: Rescuing Harmony Ranch by Jennie Marts


After her grandmother calls her asking for help, Jocelyn drops everything and heads back home to Harmony Creek, Colorado. Her grandmother runs a living history museum: a ranch and homestead where volunteers wear clothing from the early 1900s and demonstrate how things were done in the old West, from making soap to shearing sheep. The place is in financial trouble, and it needs the revenue from the annual festival to survive.

There’s just one thing that makes this a little awkward: Mack, who’s divorced, and who’s now the caretaker and blacksmith at the homestead. Jocelyn and Mack have their own shared history, which includes both stolen kisses and teenage rivalry.

Even as the past and present collide, they have to save Harmony Ranch. Matchmaking grannies, a meddling mutt, and a flood of fun festival activities might just be enough to overcome their differences and forge two broken hearts back together.

Source: NetGalley and Hallmark Rating: 3/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  I normally have no trouble blazing through a Hallmark read, but I must admit to a bit of a struggle with this one.  I think my greatest issue with this read is the okay-ness of practically every aspect of this read.  Everyone and everything is okay, but nothing and no one (except the dog!) is either spectacular or meant to stand apart from the vast crowd in this genre.  I liked Jocelyn and Mack well enough, their grannies are both quite delightful, and the setting is certainly beautiful, but I feel like I’ve read this same story many times over and that led me to determine everything is just okay. To be completely fair, there is nothing wrong with okay and I certainly can’t say I disliked this book.  I enjoyed the story well enough but can’t say I would be running for book two if this were the beginning of a series.  In truth, I feel most readers will like this book especially if he/she goes into the read knowing it isn’t going to be anything groundbreaking or mind-blowing, but a decent middle of the road read with a lovely HEA.

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