Mini Review: Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress (Book #4: A Salem B&B Mystery) by Traci Wilton


It’s Fourth of July in Salem, Massachusetts—and B&B owner Charlene Morris is about to witness the shot heard ’round the town . . .

Madison Boswell, a beauty recently transplanted from Boston, is starring in the Independence Day play in this New England town full of colonial history—and, of course, witchcraft. Madison may not be a Wiccan, but she does seem to have certain hypnotic powers. And she’s left some angry people in her wake, from a fellow actress beaten out for a role to a jealous betrayed wife. Now, as Charlene films the performance for her housemate, Jack—a handsome ghost who shares the Victorian bed-and-breakfast with her and her Persian cat—the drama queen takes a deadly bullet from what was supposed to be a prop gun.

With a long list of suspects and lots of backstage whispers, it looks like the investigation by Charlene and Detective Sam Holden could set off some fireworks . . .

Source: NetGalley and Kensington Rating: 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  Yet another holiday has come to Salem and Charlene Morris is up to her neck in another mystery.  This time, Charlene’s entire guest list is present when a thoroughly unlikeable actress is killed during a local performance at a 4th of July event.  With the whole town watching it would seem impossible for no one to have seen anything, but that is indeed the case and Charlene has her hands full trying to unravel the mystery.  Perhaps the saddest part of this mystery is the fact no one really seems to mind that the dead girl is gone which means Charlene has a huge suspect list.  With the help of her friends, the local sheriff, her guests, and her ghost, Charlene whittles away at the list until she finally exposes the culprit.  Yet again, there was a lot going on with this book and while I pretty much enjoyed the read, it didn’t fire me up with enthusiasm for the next book.  I think I’ve come to the end of my association with this series; there are simply too many other truly great cozies out there for me to continue on with a series that doesn’t consistently stoke my interest.

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