Mini Review: Take the Lead (Book #2: Dance With Me Series) by Shelley Shepard Gray


Growing up in foster care, Officer Traci Lucky had a rough start to life, but things are looking up now that she’s found a place in Bridgeport with two sisters she never knew she had. One night while on the job Traci finds Gwen, a pregnant teen caught up in a dangerous world of drugs, and takes her straight to the hospital. There Traci encounters the oh-so-charming Dr. Matt Rossi, who surprises Traci with his compassion–and his movie-star good looks.

A busy ob-gyn with a huge, meddling Italian family, Matt Rossi hasn’t had much time for love in his life. All that changes when he meets the beautiful Officer Lucky. He’s intrigued by her strength and the kind heart she tries to hide beneath her tough exterior.

When Matt confides that he needs to learn to waltz for his brother’s wedding, Traci reveals that her sister happens to be a ballroom dance teacher. Next thing they know, Matt and Traci are juggling busy careers, helping young Gwen with her pregnancy and personal safety, and learning to waltz together. But when Gwen’s escalating problems threaten to put all of them in danger, they wonder if they’ll ever find time for a little romance too.

Source: NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing Rating: 3/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  This series really is a very sweet series with likeable characters you just want good things to happen to.  Int his installment, Officer Traci Lucky has the opportunity to face some of the demons of her own past while helping a young lady she knows has the ability and desire to turn her life around.  With the help of her sisters and the delectable Dr. Matt Rossi, Traci has a real opportunity to not only heal herself, but another person in desperate need of just one person caring for her.  As with the first book, I found Take the Lead to be a rather uplifting and heartwarming story that really hit the spot over the holidays.  I genuinely like this series and hope it will continue to produce good stories revolving around worthy characters.

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