Review: Still as Death (Book #2: A Lucky Whiskey Mystery Series) by J.A. Kazimer

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When she’s not busy dodging the killer alligators and small-town gossip of Gett, Florida, Charlotte Lucky has her hands full keeping the family distillery up and running and planning her grandfather’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration. Then an arrogant old flame from her Hollywood days comes to town to woo her back with a proposal of marriage, and she rejects his offer with a burst of anger and no regrets—until the celebrity heartthrob is found murdered and she’s fingered as the main suspect.

Certain that the town’s sheriff—a member of the rival Gett clan—would be more than happy to see her hang for the crime, Charlotte gets to work tracking down the real killer. Navigating her way through family secrets and her own simmering romantic feelings for a man who’s as dangerous as he is charming, Charlotte will put her neck on the line to unravel a sinister scheme before her next drink turns out to be her last . .

Source: Purchase Rating: 4/5 stars

Holy Hell!  If Charlotte Lucky could catch even the smallest of breaks, she might be able to get life and her family’s distillery on track.  Of course, that implies that a girl with the last name Lucky actually gets lucky. 

As it turns out, Charlotte is not at all lucky!  Mere weeks after getting her grandfather our of jail and taking down a stone-cold killer, her ex-boyfriend decides to make a surprise appearance in Gett with an offer most girls simply couldn’t refuse.  The slick star is back and looking to make Charlotte his forever girl.  Before Charlotte can even utter a stern “Hell no!” the star is slipping the ring on her finger in front of the whole town.  To make matters worse and with no time to correct the error, a man dies bringing an end to an otherwise lovely evening. 

Charlotte has no intention of marrying her bastard ex and in short order she makes her way to his hotel room to set the record straight.  Unfortunately, Charlotte’s ex has no intention of letting her go and even makes threats suggesting as much.   Seeing a losing battle ahead of her, Charlotte leaves the seedy hotel with every intention of kicking her ex to the curb as soon as possible.  As luck would have it, someone does the deed for Charlotte; as luck would not have it, Charlotte is the prime suspect in the damn case! 

Once again, Charlotte puts on her sleuthing hat and begins the arduous task of solving not one, nut two murders.  Though it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, the two crimes are linked to one another and Charlotte and Brodie (he won’t be left out!) have to figure out how before it’s too late.  The killer(s) have already proven he/she/they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves and are willing to kill again to accomplish their goals.  Charlotte and Brodie are both up to their ears in a mess and if they aren’t careful, they are both going to come out of this mess scathed, scratched, and very banged up and bruised.

The Bottom Line:  Once again, I was easily able to slide into this story/setting with little difficulty.  Charlotte is a spitfire, Brodie is brooding and sexy, both grandparents (Charlotte’s and Brodie’s) are forces to be reckoned with, and the local sheriff is still an idiot child.  As I demand from my books, there is definitely some character development going on and that enhances the story immensely.  Charlotte has still got a huge uphill battle ahead of her where the distillery is concerned, but I’m glad of that.  A lack of personal struggle would keep Charlotte from evolving and stagnate the upcoming books.  I’m looking forward to what comes next, gators and all!

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