mini review: Death on the Green (book #2: The Dublin Driver Mysteries series) by Catie Murphy


Life has been non-stop excitement for American Army veteran Megan Malone ever since she moved to Ireland and became a driver for Dublin’s Leprechaun Limousine Service. She’s solved a murder and adopted two lovable Jack Russell puppies. Currently, she’s driving world-class champion golfer Martin Walsh, and he’s invited her to join him while he plays in a tournament at a prestigious Irish locale. Unfortunately, there’s a surprise waiting for her on the course–a body floating in a water hazard.

Everyone loved golfer Lou MacDonald, yet he clearly teed off someone enough to be murdered. Martin seems to be the only one with a motive. However, he also has an alibi: Megan and hundreds of his fans were watching him play. Now, with a clubhouse at an ancient castle full of secrets and a dashing Irish detective by her side, Megan must hurry to uncover the links to the truth before the real killer takes a swing at someone else . . .

Source: NetGalley and Kensington Rating: 4/5 stars

The Bottom Line: After book one, I wasn’t expecting a great deal out of this read and I am happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  From start to finish, I felt far more invested and interested in this book.  Yet again, Megan finds herself entangled in a messy situation that involves the death of a good and well-liked man, a broken-hearted and very bitter daughter, and strained marriage that is seemingly at its breaking point.  Everything came together in a much better way in this book and I found myself far more engaged with the characters and the plot.  Megan is rather cheekier in this read and liked that aspect of her personality quite a bit.  Her wit, humor, and true compassion for others really shone through in this read and I particularly liked the steel in her spine when she needed to be tough.  In all, a much better showing in this read than in the first and I find I am no longer on the fence, but ready to dive into the next book.

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