Mini-Review: The Saturday Supper Club: An absolutely heartwarming romantic read by Amy Miller

47581046. sy475 Eve’s world was torn apart three years ago when the love of her life Ethan walked out on her. But now she has a new boyfriend in safe and sensible Joe, a cosy new flat, and she’s on the verge of opening her dream café. Things finally seem to be falling into place.  

When Joe begs Eve to take part in a supper club competition for a local newspaper where he’s trying to get a job, she plans an elaborate dinner for her mystery guests who are arriving in just 24 hours.  

But, as she adds the finishing touches to her hastily planned menu, the first of her mystery guests arrives and gives her the shock of her life… On the doorstep stands Ethan – the man with the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, and the man she has spent three years trying to forget.  

As her past life comes crashing into her perfect new one, she’s sent into a spin. How will she get through all three courses with the man who broke her heart sitting across the table? And how does she feel about Ethan three years on?  

As the Saturday Supper Club gets under way, Eve has no idea what to think now Ethan has walked back into her life. Who will win the competition? And who will ultimately win Eve’s heart?

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Source: NetGalley and Bookouture         Rating: 2/5

The Bottom Line: I have to say, when a book is advertised as “An absolutely heartwarming romantic read” I expect something far, far, far different than what I found between the covers of this book.  In truth, I expected to find a book populated by worthy and wonderful characters worthy of rooting for and supporting in their endeavors.  What I found was a cast of characters with no redeeming qualities between the lot of them.  There isn’t a character in this book that is at all likeable or even remotely sympathetic.  In fact, every character in this book, to one degree or another is remarkably selfish, self-centered, and generally wretched.  I even found myself disliking the “victims” in this story.  I stuck with this book from start to finish in the hopes there would be a radical change in character and/or personality, but alas, I was thoroughly disappointed.  From a technical perspective, I can’t make any complaints or comments, but I also can’t rely on the technical bits alone to be a reason to recommend a book.

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