Mini-Review: Cartier’s Hope by M.J. Rose



New York, 1910: A city of magnificent skyscrapers and winding subways, where poor immigrants are crammed into tenements while millionaires thrive in Fifth Avenue mansions. Vera Garland is a thirty-two-year-old journalist, fighting alongside hundreds of women for a place in society, only to meet hurdles around every turn. Most female journalists are delegated to the fashion and lifestyle pages but like her hero, Nellie Bly, Vera is a fighter. 

When news of the Hope Diamond—a jewel whose infamous legends and curses have captured the world’s attention—arrives in the city, Vera is fast on its trail. She’s certain the fabulous jewel will help jumpstart her career but she’s determined to seek revenge against her current employer, a magazine owner whose greed and blackmailing schemes led to the death of her beloved father.

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Source: NetGalley and Atria Books          Rating: 2½/5 stars

The Bottom Line: I have read and quite enjoyed M.J. Rose previously but I’m afraid this book didn’t hit the mark for me.  I was certainly interested in the stories, both factual and fictional, surrounding the Hope Diamond, but I rather disliked the story wrapped around the diamond in this particular iteration.  While I realize there is a fair bit of flexibility when dealing in historical fiction, I just couldn’t really wrap my head around the story.  I found much of the story be rather contrived and a stretch, at best, even when taking the historical fiction flexibility into account.  With that being said, I absolutely cannot criticize the author on any of the mechanics of writing and while this book wasn’t for me, it may certainly be for many others.

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