Review: Ten Things My Cat Hates About You by Lottie Lucas

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When Clara’s ginger cat Casper chases yet another romantic prospect out the door she’s ready to give up on love altogether. But then the fussy feline causes two meet cutes in the space of a day and suddenly Clara has two gorgeous men driving her to distraction.  But who is in control of happy ever after? Clara, fate…or the cat who started it all?

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Source: NetGalley and One More Chapter          Rating: 4/5 stars

“In retrospect, putting my fate in the paws of a raging sociopath wasn’t perhaps the wisest move I’ve ever made.”

 Clara’s track record with men isn’t something to write home about.  In fact, each time she thinks she may be getting in deep with a man she quite likes, her furry little terrorist, Casper, steps in and makes his feelings known.  From biting to clawing to a general angry disposition, Casper has yet to like any man who has crossed Clara’s threshold.

With yet another man sent scurrying out the door thanks to the furry mafia boss, Clara is at her whit’s end.  After years of failed romances and in yet another fit of despair, Clara whines to her best friend about Casper and the loss of yet another seemingly perfect man.  Also, at her whit’s end with the repetitiveness of Clara’s whining, Clara’s best friend jokingly suggests Clara start paying more attention to Casper and his attitude as, like small children, animals just know things about humans.  Though the idea seems ludicrous, Clara has tried everything else to make her fairytale dreams come true and they simply have not.

Clara’s first experiment in listening to Casper comes far more quickly and scarily than Clara would have liked.  Following yet another fight, Clara rushes Casper to the vet and though she is told by the surly receptionist there isn’t a doctor on staff who will continue to treat her terrorist, the new guy steps up to the challenge.  As it happens, Casper not only behaves for the new guy but actually seems to like him.  Will wonders never cease??  Determined to heed her cat’s signals, Clara dives headlong into a relationship with the hot vet.  Casper is content, healthy, and even happy when the vet is around which makes Clara exceedingly happy.  Lost in the throes of new love and lust, Clara feels her personal dreams are finally on the road to the longed for HEA. 

Meanwhile, in her professional life, Clara is struggling with her micromanaging boss and a surly yet strikingly handsome professor who spends many days per week in Clara’s museum doing research for a new book.  Though the professor is handsome and clearly brilliant, he is somewhat off-putting and always seems to say precisely the wrong thing to Clara.  What’s more, through no fault of his own, the professor has accidentally met Casper and the meeting went anything but well.  Even if Clara were to like the professor, she’s got the hot vet and she’s listening to her cat when it comes to men these days.  With nothing but sheer determination, Clara decides no matter how handsome and brilliant the professor may be, she’s only going to be his friend as that is all her cat will allow. 

And then it all comes to a colossally humiliating and very public end . . . . . .

The Bottom Line: Ten Things My Cat Hates About You is one of those books I simply adored.  It is utterly ridiculous at every level – Clara bases her love life choices on a terrorist cat! – and I loved every minute of the ridiculous.  Clara is at once intelligent and completely naïve; she wants the fairy tale romance and has spent her life trying to turn every relationship into that fairy tale which has resulted in nothing but heartbreak and frustration.  When the right one finally presents himself, Clara is so wrapped up in her cat-related experiment that refuses to see or acknowledge what’s right in front of her.  Clara is one serious hot mess and I just couldn’t help but like her and root for her.  Though she makes some truly stupid decisions along the way, I still found myself wanting nothing but the best for she and Casper.  I liked the competing romance aspects of this book, the wonderful settings (the town, college, and museum!), and the dialogue that is wildly varied and very much the strength of the book.  Banter and barbs, wit and snark, and truly heartfelt conversations populate this book and keep it moving at a fair pace.  Plus, there’s a terrorist cat!

Coming November 20, 2019: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Paperback

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