Cover Reveal: Violet Addiction by Kirsty Dallas

Title: Violet Addiction: Author: Kirsty Dallas

Genre: Contemporary Romance: Published: November 2014

Cover Design: KD Publications

Soul mates don’t always make each other
happy . . .they make each other feel.
I was just a shy teenage girl when Cain
breezed into my world in a flurry
of musical notes and lyrics. 
He made me feel everything
when in reality I was nothing.
Cain loved me at my worst,
his arms held me at my weakest.
I think we were meant to be,
except, I did it all wrong.

Kirsty Dallas is an international bestselling and award winning author from the south east corner of Queensland, Australia. Her comedy romance, Decker’s Wood, was an Amazon, iBooks and Nook bestseller, and was also a Goodreads Top 10 Comedy for 2014. Novels to date also include the highly acclaimed Mercy’s Angels Series which tackles the subject of violence against women, and standalone novels Breeze of Life, Violet Addiction, Stupid Love, the award winning dark romance, When Nothing Is All You’ve Got, and Liberty.

Kirsty Dallas’ stories are renowned for their raw honesty and engaging characters. Plots that delve into the frightening subjects of abuse, rape, drugs and violence are twisted into the pages of her books, bringing heart stopping action and a roller coaster of emotion.

Working with Australian Director and screen writer, Chris Sun, Kirsty worked as script editor on the horror feature film, Boar. Boar was signed to Universal Pictures Australia, and was released in 2018.


Kirsty has three books sets for release in early 2019. Beauty Part 1 & 2 are a dark romance novella duet derived from Anita Gray’s bestselling ‘Blaire’s World’, and Zombie Playlist is a standalone romance set in a zombie ravaged Texas, and explores the possibility that music can get us through anything, even a crumbling society. For further information on her previous and or future work, you can find Kirsty at:



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