Mini-Review: The McAvoy Sisters Book of Secrets by Molly Fader



What drove their family apart just might bring them back together… It’s been seventeen years since the tragic summer the McAvoy sisters fell apart. Lindy, the wild one, left home, carved out a new life in the city and never looked back. Delia, the sister who stayed, became a mother herself, raising her daughters and running the family shop in their small Pennsylvania hometown on the shores of Lake Erie. But now, with their mother’s ailing health and a rebellious teenager to rein in, Delia has no choice but to welcome Lindy home. As the two sisters try to put their family back in order, they finally have the chance to reclaim what’s been lost over the years: for Delia, professional dreams and a happy marriage, and for Lindy, a sense of home and an old flame–and best of all, each other. But when one turbulent night leads to a shocking revelation, the women must face the past they’ve avoided for a decade. And there’s nothing like an old secret to bring the McAvoy women back together and stronger than ever. With warm affection and wry wit, Molly Fader’s The McAvoy Sisters Book of Secrets is about the ties that bind family and the power of secrets to hold us back or set us free.

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Source: NetGalley and Graydon House         Rating: 3/5 stars

The Bottom Line:  From the moment I stepped into the world of the McAvoy sisters, I felt on edge, as if some huge, world-altering event or long-buried secret was just around the corner.  In many ways, that edginess, that tension heightens the intensity of the read and kept me turning pages.  While this is predominately an in the now read, there are trips to the past which very much inform the present and illuminate the issues that permeate the McAvoy family.  In truth, the problems the McAvoy’s face aren’t just between Delia and Lindy, but among the entire family.  This story isn’t just about two sisters but about a family who has long buried their issues, ignored their hurts and grievances, and refused to acknowledge events from the past that are profoundly impacting their present and future.  There is ugliness and darkness in the McAvoy family and with Lindy’s return to the fold, their mother’s growing health issues, and the rebelliousness of Delia’s oldest child, that ugliness and darkness is threatening to come roaring back into the light. 

I can’t say I really liked this book, but I also can’t say I disliked it either.  While I certainly had a great deal of sympathy for this family, I also often lost patience with the lot of them for ignoring and burying their issues.  So many of the problems faced by the McAvoy’s and the hurt they all clearly experience could have been avoided by dealing with their issues, seeking help, and simply acknowledging the harsh realities of life.  At the end of it all, this isn’t a happy story nor is it in any way uplifting or light.  This is the story of a sad family who only deal with their issues and problems when they are forced to do so, and this kept me from really liking this read.  From a technical perspective, I have no complaints as the author clearly knows her craft and there are no glaring errors in this read.

Pre-order for the July 16, 2019 release: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Paperback | Audible

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