Review: The Perfect Catch: Based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie by Cassidy Carter

Perfect CatchIn the small town of Parker Falls, Jessica Parker spends her time serving pie and coming up with ideas to save the failing diner she inherited from her grandfather. A single mom to eight-year-old Wesley, she has enough to keep her busy well into the future. But when her old high school love, Chase Taynor, unexpectedly pops up, Jess finds herself thinking not of the future but of her past with the handsome professional baseball player.   After a few bad pitches leave his dream career in limbo, Chase slides back home to Parker Falls…although the town may not be as safe as he’d expected. As Jess and Chase reconnect, old feelings return in a major-league way.   With the possibility that Chase could return to the baseball diamond at any time, will their reunion be worth the risk to their hearts? Or will it be déjà vu all over again, with Chase choosing the limelight over the woman he loved before the fame?

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Source: Netgalley          My Rating: 4½/5 stars

Parker Falls is a small town, a community, a place where no matter your circumstances, you can come home to a welcoming group of friends and family.  In the worst way possible, Chase Taynor is learning this lesson.  As a professional baseball player, Chase has spent more than a decade in the limelight, but his last game hung on his talents, he just couldn’t pull it off, and the whole world saw his failure.  With no new contract and no teams knocking on his door, Chase has headed home to lay low and pray for a miracle.

His first day back in town, Chase runs into the girl who got away, Jessica Parker.  Chase’s career and Jessica’s family circumstances separated the two more than a decade ago, and though he has dated other women, none of them were Jessica Parker.  Chase doesn’t intend to be home for long but hanging out with Jessica seems to be the perfect way to pass the time and forget about his troubles for just a little while. 

Jessica Parker and her young son Wesley haven’t had the greatest run over the last couple of years.  Wesley’s dad needed to “get away to find himself” and their family restaurant hasn’t been bringing in business the way it used to.  What’s more, Jessica’s safe-won’t-break-her-heart boyfriend isn’t at all what he started out to be.  While he is still friendly, he doesn’t seem quite as invested in the relationship as he once did. Lately, he’s seemed more interested in growing his insurance business than he is in being with Jessica and Wesley.  When Chase Taynor walks back into her life and restaurant, Jessica isn’t quite sure if he’s part of the not so great run of luck or something entirely different.

Though Jessica is somewhat wary of Chase’s presence, Wesley isn’t at all wary.  In fact, with Chase’s help, Wesley begins to come out of his shell and truly enjoy his extracurricular activities.  In fact, with Chase’s help, Wesley is becoming quite the baseball player!  Jessica loves seeing her young son so happy, and because of his change, she begins to think about some changes in her own life.  Though change often involves risk, Jessica is ready for the challenge, and if she doesn’t do something, she’s going to lose everything.

The Bottom Line:  Y’all I am stupid in love with these based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie books!!  These books are exactly what I love about Hallmark movies, there’s just enough conflict to keep things interesting, there are sweet characters you really want to see succeed, and, of course there’s the guaranteed HEA.  Chase, Jessica, and Wesley are all simply delightful characters and it was wonderful seeing each one receives their own unique and collective second chance.  Second chance romance, coming home stories, yeah, this is the best of all things romance and well worth an afternoon of your life 😊

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