Review: Tall, Dark & Hungry (Book #4: Argeneau Series) by Lynsay Sands

Tall, Dark, and HungryThe taste of temptation.  Terri had flown from England to help plan her cousin’s wedding, but paying for a New York hotel room was like giving blood! She had an alternative: the new in-laws were offering lodging.  Of course, the Argeneaus were a certifiably odd bunch. There was the sometimes chipper, sometimes brooding Lucern – a “vampire romance” writer. There was the wacky stage actor, Vincent. She couldn’t imagine Broadway casting a more ravenous singing-and-dancing Dracula. And then there was Bastien. Of this unique cast of characters, he seemed the tallest, darkest and hungriest – and his effect on Terri was decidedly delicious. Just looking into his eyes made her want to serve up her innocence on a silver platter. And she had a feeling the love feast was about to begin.

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Source: Purchase (Print and Audible)          My Rating: 3/5 stars

Terri is no stranger to life throwing curve balls.  Once upon a time, Terri was young and in love, but life threw a whole slew of curve balls that left her widowed and alone in England.  With a few good friends and a stable job, Terri has managed to make the most of her life, even feel satisfied with her life, but there is never going to be another great love.  As an unattached woman, Terri has the luxury of packing her bags and heading to New York for a couple of weeks to help her cousin, Kate C. Leever, prepare for her impending wedding.  As it happens, life isn’t done throwing curve balls at Terri!

When Terri arrives in New York, she isn’t greeted by her cousin, but by a tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome man who whisks her away to his New York penthouse.  To be sure, the man explains he is nearly related to Kate and will be sharing his incredibly large home with her, Terri in the weeks preceding the wedding.  Oh, and Kate won’t be there because she’s been called out of town for work and all the last-minute wedding details are now in the hands of Terri and the tall, dark stranger.  So. Many. Curve. Balls.

Bastien Argeneau is the fix it man for his family.  When disaster strikes, call Bastien.  When you need blood, call Bastien.  When you need transportation, call Bastien.  When you need, well, anything, call Bastien!  For centuries, Bastien has gladly accepted his role within the family, been glad to help when and where he can, and never complained or taken much for himself in exchange.  In fact, Bastien has spent centuries doing nothing but working and he has no plans to do anything different once his future in-law’s cousin is settled into the penthouse.  Then, Bastien meets Terri, and suddenly, a few days off doesn’t seem like such a hardship.

Bastien immediately likes Terri and respects her willingness to alter her plans and take on so much responsibility on behalf of her cousin.  Despite all the crazy thrown at her, Terri dives right in with zero complaints and a solid can-do attitude.  As the days move swiftly by, Bastien finds his time with Terri is the easiest, most comfortable he has had in many, many centuries.  She is fun, adventurous, intelligent, funny, and shares so many of Bastien’s own likes and interests.  What’s more, Bastien can’t read her!

The Bottom Line:  I’m not sure Tall, Dark, and Hungry is ever going to be my favorite book in the series, but it is a solid read.  I liked Bastien far, far more than Terri so I think that’s what has me somewhat on the fence with my overall enjoyment of the read.  Of all the people to come into the Argeneau family, Terri is by far the most sedate, the most even-keeled, and that didn’t quite work for me.  With that being said, I certainly didn’t dislike this book, just wanted that little extra punch I’ve grown accustomed to in the first three books.  As the saying goes, onward and upward . . . . . or, in this case, on to book five, A Bite to Remember!

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