Review and Sweepstakes: Twin Sacrifice by Jennifer Lane


Twin Sacrifice
by Jennifer Lane
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Release Date: February 28, 2018


My twin brother is determined to kill himself, but I won’t let him. 

I just discovered the sacrifice he made for me when we were young.

Now it’s time I return the favor. This time I’ll be the one with the secret.

Psychologist Matthew Durante’s twin brother, Justin, has struggled with mental illness since their parents died in a house fire. After Justin is accused of setting off a bomb that killed an innocent woman, he lands in a maximum-security psychiatric hospital.

In the face of Justin’s unrelenting suicide attempts, Matthew grows frantic to keep him alive. And as the pieces of their past fall into place, Matthew decides bold action is his only choice, no matter the cost.

Set against the backdrop of weapons manufacturing, terrorism, and a dark family secret, Matthew and Justin fight for survival, redemption, and most of all, for each other.





Source: Netgalley          My Rating: 5/5 stars

Justin Durante has survived a hell many, many do not.  But, that survival comes with a great number of caveats including multiple suicide attempts and a current charge of attempted murder.  Because of the suicide attempts, Justin is currently “living” in a psych ward awaiting a professional determination of his mental ability to stand trial for his crime. 

Matthew Durante has spent his life trying desperately to protect his twin brother from the demons that plague him.  As a psychologist, Matthew understands the science behind Justin’s issues, as his twin he feels the same pain and wants nothing more than to heal his brother.  What Matthew doesn’t know is the full story of Justin’s past, the real evil that haunts him and has caused him to attempt suicide so many times.  With every suicide attempt, a bit more of Matthew dies, and he doesn’t know how much more he and his twin can take. 

Justin’s current “living” situation isn’t at all conducive to his mental health and Matthew knows, without doubt, if he doesn’t get Justin out, his next suicide attempt with succeed.  What’s more, thanks to a totally coincidental meeting with a new client, Matthew now knows precisely what hell Justin survived as a kid.  With both his new and old knowledge, Matthew hatches a plan to save his brother that is as crazy as some of the inmates currently living with Justin.  With Justin’s need to care for and protect others, he isn’t at all happy with Matthew’s plan, but Matthew is the more lucid and determined of the two which means the plan is happening!

**This is the part I can’t tell you about or it will spoil the read**

Matthew’s plan, crazy as it is, is a resounding success and as the plot continues to unfold, the past comes crashing into the present, and some very, very bad people get exactly what they deserve!  In the process, Justin, Matthew, and a few others get the closure they so desperately need and deserve.

The Bottom Line: I have read nearly every book written by Jennifer Lane and can say with authority, this is the best book she has written!!  I say this, not to disparage Lane’s previous book (I enjoyed them thoroughly) but to drive home the point of how incredibly good Twin Sacrifice is!  This is next level writing, character development, and plotting from an author who was already quite accomplished at such things.  The depravity Justin survived as a child is horrifying and has defined his entire adult life.  Matthew’s insane plan is defined by his full knowledge of Justin’s past and his need to finally be his brother’s protector.  Ultimately, Twin Sacrifice is a story of love, the love two brothers have for one another and their shared willingness to do absolutely anything to help and/or protect one another.  I devoured this book and sincerely hope we are going to see many, many books of this nature from Jennifer Lane!




Psychologist/author (psycho author) Jennifer Lane invites you to her world of romance, sports, and suspense! By day she’s a therapist, and by night she’s a writer. She can’t decide which is more fun.

Jen’s first psychological thriller launches in 2018: Twin Sacrifice. Psychologist Matthew Durante risks his own life to save his twin brother’s as their foster father tries to take them down.

Jen loves to create sporty heroines and hot heroes in her college sport romances. Volleyball wonder Lucia Ramirez finds her love match in Blocked despite the glaring political spotlight aimed on her family. In Aced, the second book in the Blocked series, it’s her brother Alejandro’s turn to get lucky in love. Spiked (Blocked #3) completes the series and features Lucia’s younger brother Mateo.

A swimmer and volleyball player in college, Jen writes swimming-based romances as well: Streamline, a military mystery, and the free New Adult novella Swim Recruit.

Stories of redemption interest Jen the most, especially the healing power of love. She is also the author of The Conduct Series, a romantic-suspense trilogy that includes With Good BehaviorBad Behavior, and On Best Behavior.

Whether writing or reading, Jen loves stories that make her laugh and cry. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, attending book club, and visiting her sisters in Chicago and Hilton Head.

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One Comment on “Review and Sweepstakes: Twin Sacrifice by Jennifer Lane

  1. Leisha! I read this incredible review this morning but was on the go all day and now I finally get to thank you for the time you spent reading, reviewing, and encouraging! Authors like me are lucky to have your support.

    “Matthew hatches a plan to save his brother that is as crazy as some of the inmates currently living with Justin.”

    Ha ha! 😀

    I’m psyched you think this is my best book. Thanks for being there for all of my books! ❤

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