Review: Lucy’s Little Village Book Club by Emma Davies

LucyTwenty-four-year-old Lucy needs a fresh start. Forever single and frustrated with her studies she gives up everything to run a little library in the leafy village of Tilley Moreton.

Lucy loves reading almost as much as she loves fixing other people’s problems, so starting a book club seems like the perfect opportunity to do both. As she meets her new members, it’s clear she’s going to have her work cut out for her. Handsome but silent Callum is the biggest puzzle of them all…

But Lucy’s meddling begins to cause more problems than it solves, and no one is more surprised than Lucy when Callum steps in to help. Could there be more to him than people think?

As Callum and Lucy start working together to fix the broken hearts of the library’s most loyal customers, the first sparks of romance begin to fly.

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Source: Netgalley          My Rating: 5/5 stars

You all know how fond I am of character-driven reads and Emma Davies hit it out of the ballpark for me with her Lucy’s Little Village Book Club!  Just so you know, I’m about to rave about the characters in this book.  Hold on to your hats 😊

Lucy: as the local librarian, Lucy is familiar and friendly with each and every one of her patrons, but she has a small group of favorites, members of her book club whom she knows considerably more.  With each weekly meeting, Lucy learns more about the people she now considers her friends and wants nothing more than to help each one. 

Callum: Though young, just 19, Callum is a romantic at heart whose family is most unsupportive and somewhat abusive.  Callum spends his days at the library where he is able to use his considerable computer skills to help other patrons.  The more Lucy asks Callum for his help, the closer the two become, and it isn’t long before Callum has found something of the family he craves in Lucy’s family.

Lia: Since her father left, Lia has been responsible for her ailing mother’s care.  Alzheimer’s is tremendously devastating disease and with each passing day, Lia sees her mother slip a little further away.  Lia’s only real time away from her mother are the weekly book club meetings, where, one bright afternoon she confesses to the group her desire to dance.  As it so often does, Fate (along with Lucy!) decides to intervene and brings Lia both a wonderful and terrible surprise.

Hattie:  Hattie is the new girl in the group and in town.  After an ugly broken engagement and an estrangement with her own mother, Hattie decided it was time for a change for she and her young daughter.  Hattie is bright and creative, but has struggled with her confidence and self-esteem.  After being asked by Lucy to help make Lia’s dream of dancing come true, Hattie begins to come out of her shell and once again find some of her old spark and fire.  Through the process, she even finds a new business venture which will allow she and her daughter to live comfortably in their new home and town.

Oscar:  Oscar is the oldest member of the group and perhaps the one member most in need of the others.  After decades of marriage to his one true love, Oscar has only recently found himself alone and desperately missing his wife.  What’s more, for the entirety of his marriage, Oscar and his wife kept something of a secret from the world, and now, with his wife’s passing, Oscar has decided to bring the secret to light and do something about its original outcome.  Of course, he’s going to need a bit of help and Callum is just the person to do so. 

As the story of each book club member unfolds, there are certainly ups and downs, unexpected events, and moments of pure sadness and joy.  Each book club members learns valuable lessons, but the most important of which is their absolute ability to rely on one another for comfort, support, and friendship. 

The Bottom Line:  This book is pure delight and I had a very hard time putting it down to sleep.  Every character is so real, so full of life, so vibrant, and imminently likeable.  The connections between each character is all ready established at the beginning of the book and simply continue to strengthen and grow as the plot unfolds.  I generally find a character or two in every book who shines above the others, but that didn’t happen here; each and every character is as likeable as the other and I was all but desperate to see how each one’s story ended.  This is absolutely a standalone read, but I found myself hoping at the end, that perhaps, just perhaps, there may be more in store for Lucy’s Little Village Book Club 😊

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