Review: Beginner’s Luck (Book #1: Chance of a Lifetime Series) by Kate Clayborn

B. Luck

Kit Averin is anything but a gambler. A scientist with a quiet, steady job at a university, Kit’s focus has always been maintaining the acceptable status quo. A sudden windfall doesn’t change that, with one exception: the fixer-upper she plans to buy, her first and only real home. It’s more than enough to keep her busy, until an unsettlingly handsome, charming, and determined corporate recruiter shows up in her lab—and manages to work his way into her heart . . .

Ben Tucker is surprised to find that the scientist he wants for Beaumont Materials is a young woman—and a beautiful, sharp-witted one at that. Talking her into a big-money position with his firm is harder than he expects, but he’s willing to put in the time, especially when sticking around for the summer gives him a chance to reconnect with his dad. But the longer he stays, the more questions he has about his own future—and who might be in it.

What begins as a chilly rebuff soon heats up into an attraction neither Kit nor Ben can deny—and finding themselves lucky in love might just be priceless . . .

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Source: Netgalley          My Rating: 2½/5 stars

Kit Averin’s life runs on a tight schedule, a routine designed to make her comfortable and feel as if she has the home and family sadly lacking in her childhood. Even with her miraculous lottery win, Kit has no interest breaking out of her comfort zone and living up to her actual potential.

Ben Tucker and his partner see Kit’s potential and want, more than anything to get Kit out of her current job, town, and life. She’s an incredibly intelligent and talented scientist who refuses to leave her university job. Though Kit finds the job satisfying, it doesn’t truly challenge her or push her scientific limits. In fact, Kit is the only one who can’t, or refuses to see how stagnant her job and life has become. When Ben Tucker walks into her lab and pitches her a totally new job, in a new state, with state of the art everything, he expects her to jump at the opportunity. What he gets is a resounding “NO!”

The minute Ben Tucker leaves Kit’s presence he not only knows he screwed up horribly and he must see her again. Kit is Ben and his partner’s way out of a job they have both worked very hard to get out of, but that inexplicably isn’t the reason he wants to see her again. Behind the glasses, shy demeanor, and adamant refusal of his spectacular job offer, Ben sees a beautiful woman with a world of potential he wants to know absolutely everything about.

Getting to know Kit isn’t the easiest thing in the world and Ben’s in with her happens quite by accident. With part of her lottery winnings, Kit bought a ramshackle home that needs a ton of repairs. As fate would have it, Ben’s father owns an architectural salvage yard that has so much of what Kit wants for her home. As the days and weeks go by, Kit and Ben become so much a part of each other’s lives which forces each to confront some hard truths. Ben must admit to himself and his partner his true involvement with Kit and how he no longer cares if she takes the job, and Kit must confront the fact that she is indeed in something of a rut and she doesn’t find a way to deal with her issues, she won’t ever be able to find true happiness.

The Bottom Line: While there were parts of this book I liked, I found the read as a whole to be somewhat flat. Kit is so much of an introvert as to be a nearly non-existent character, and that’s a special kind of talent when you’re the lead female in a story. Ben is somewhat more extroverted and interesting, but only just. In truth, the most significant character in this book is Ben’s dad, who is loud and funny and really makes his presence felt. I genuinely liked the plot of this book but feel it would have been much better served by stronger, more forceful characters. Because of the plot and the plot alone, I stuck with this book to the bitter end but can’t honestly say I’ll be sticking around for the coming books in the series.

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3 Comments on “Review: Beginner’s Luck (Book #1: Chance of a Lifetime Series) by Kate Clayborn

  1. Great review. I have this book and read the first chapter and put it down. I have had the book since summer and still have not picked it back up. lol I guess I should at least try to finish it.

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