Review: Demolished (Book #1: Blue Bay Crew Series) by Cathryn Fox

DemolishedSummer Wheeler is on the run. Hiding from the men who killed her father, Summer is on her way to her childhood cottage in Blue Bay when she runs into Sean Owens, the forbidden bad boy from her past. After giving him a fake name, she gives in to one steamy night with him, never expecting to see him again.
Sean isn’t sure why Summer is pretending to be someone she’s not, but he’ll play her game if that means he can indulge in one of his oldest fantasies – a night with Summer. He’s shocked to see her when he returns to Blue Bay, and even more surprised when Summer offers him a job renovating her old family cottage. Hot workdays turn into hotter nights, but when Summer’s secret catches up with her, she’ll have to decide if she can trust Sean with her heart—and her life.

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Source: Netgalley and Purchase          My Rating: 4/5 stars

Summer Wheeler had a life she liked in California.  She had a boyfriend, a successful chiropractic business, and a group of friends she’s had for years.  All that was blown to hell the moment she heard her “loving” boyfriend planning her murder.  In a matter of moments Summer’s whole life was turned upside down and she was on the run. 

More than a decade ago, following the death of her beloved mother, Summer and her father left their Blue Bay cottage.  Summer never anticipated having to return to Blue Bay; more importantly, she never anticipated having to come face to face with her long-time crush, Sean Owens.  Trouble is, she can’t tell him anything about her current situation; in fact, Summer isn’t even going to fess up to being Summer.  She’s been away from Blue Bay for so many years, she’s counting on no one, not even her crush, to remember her. 

Like Summer, Sean Owens never intended to return to Blue Bay, but in the wake of his father’s death, it’s time to return home and take over the family business.  He isn’t expecting much beyond years and years of construction work so when he runs into Summer Wheeler, all grown up and luscious, Sean begins to see a brighter (short-term, of course!) future.  Even though its been more than a decade, Sean recognizes Summer instantly and can’t figure out why she’s working so hard to convince him she’s someone else.  Initially, Sean doesn’t really care as long as he can keep having sex with summer, but as the days pass, Sean realizes he genuinely cares for Summer.  Caring means asking questions and Sean is certain Summer is hiding something.  Despite all his questions, he gets very few answers, and as much as that frustrates Sean, he doesn’t want to push too hard and risk losing Summer.  As it happens, Summer’s stubbornness and Sean’s shyness nearly cost Summer her life, and an HEA both more than deserve. 

The Bottom Line:  As far as first in a series books go, Demolished started off pretty badly and ended pretty well.  One of my least favorite things to read in any book is a sex scene in a completely inappropriate place or at a completely inappropriate time.  The first encounter between Summer and Sean may be hot, but it really doesn’t work with the time, the place, or the rest of the read.  Getting beyond that first scene and into Blue Bay significantly improved the read, and became quite the page turner for me.  Sean has a huge and intriguing family all of whom are more than willing to take Summer in and keep her safe.  Summer is quite likeable and as her story unfolds, you just want to see her come clean and take the help Sean is offering her.  Sean is damn fine character and I very much enjoyed seeing the mental gymnastics he has to go through in order to realize he loves Summer.  Aside from the single scene, the naughty bits are delicious, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble the rest of the Owens boys are going to get into.

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