Review: Forever in Blue Jeans (Riley O’Brien & Co.) by Jenna Sutton

Blue Jeans


THE PERFECT FIT: After a devastating IED attack ended Zeke May’s Army career, he found the perfect civilian job with denim empire Riley O’Brien & Co. Now he needs to find the perfect roommate.  Fresh out of veterinary school, Margo Lange is excited to join one of the best animal clinics in San Francisco. But she can’t afford to live in the city alone. Fortunately, Zeke’s place is the perfect price for her budget.  How long will it take for Zeke and Margo to realize they’re the perfect fit for each other?

KICK IN THE PANTS: Jake Lilliard has always been a gambling man. Now he’s ready to take the biggest risk of all: acting on his feelings for Kyla Andrews. As a trainee in his department at Riley O’Brien & Co., she’s off limits. But the countdown until she moves on to another job has begun…  Kyla doesn’t take risks with her job or her heart, and she doesn’t want to be a cliché – the foolish woman who falls for her sexy boss. Yet, Jake is everything she wants, and it’s impossible to resist him.  Will their gamble pay off or will Jake’s past ruin any hope of a future with Kyla?

WILL NEVER FADE: For Phoebe Werner, the management trainee program at Riley O’Brien & Co. represents a new beginning. She never expects to run into Garrett Gale again. The handsome hotelier is the only man she wants… and a reminder of what she can never have.  Years ago, Garrett enjoyed one memorable night with Phoebe before she disappeared without a word. He tried to forget her, but fate has brought her back into his life and his bed.  With Phoebe’s fears threatening to ruin their chance at happiness, can Garrett convince her that their feelings for each other will never fade?

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Source: Netgalley     My Rating: 4/ 5 stars

Who knew blue jeans could be so sexy?

Across three novellas, the men and women of Riley O’Brien & Co. come together in some endearing, sexy, and thoroughly entertaining reads. 

The book opens with Zeke and Margo, the two most unlikely of roommates and the sweetest of couples.  Margo is new to town and with crushing student loan debt, she’s got to have a roommate if she ever hopes to get ahead and make a dent in the debt.  Though she doesn’t know Zeke, he came as a recommendation from her family and he’s willing to take she and her dog in.  From the moment she meets Zeke, Margo knows he is something special and wants to know him as more than just a roommate.  Life with Margo becomes an instant like for Zeke and for the first time since his separation from the military, he is truly enjoying his life.  Margo is light and kindness and sexy as hell and so very young, comparatively speaking.  Zeke comes with baggage and it’s baggage he doesn’t want to burden Margo with.  What Zeke doesn’t seem to understand is Margo’s level of commitment to him and her determination to have him. 

Round two belongs to Jake and Kyla, a boss and employee romance that’s almost over before it even gets started.  Kyla has worked her butt off to get through the company training program and she isn’t about to let a silly little crush on her delectable boss, Jake.  What’s more, Kyla has spent a great deal of time and effort guarding her heart and given her feelings toward Jake, he has real potential to crush her heart.  Jake has been four kinds of in love with Kyla since the first time he talked to her. With the company rules regarding dating among bosses and employees in mind, Jake has been counting down the days until he can ask Kyla out.  He’s rarely ever failed to achieve his goals and having Kyla for the long-term is a definite goal.  Trouble is, Jake has a secret from his past (and present to be fair!) that may torpedo any chance he has with Kyla and a HEA.

Last up is Phoebe and Garrett, both of whom were introduced in Jake and Kyla’s story.  Phoebe is a cancer survivor, a Riley O’Brien & Co. trainee program member, and the woman who walked out of Garrett’s life with no explanation.  With fears about her future constantly riding her, Phoebe has found it difficult to become too attached to anyone.  When Garrett walks back into her life and makes it clear he wants her back in the forever kind of way, Phoebe has some serious issues to deal with if she wants her very own HEA.  Garrett has made a huge success of his life in every area except romance.  When Phoebe left him, Garrett closed off his heart and focused all his attention on his burgeoning hotel empire.  He’s been phenomenally successful, but always felt something was missing and that something has always been Phoebe.  If Garrett has his way, Phoebe is going to be his for the long haul no matter her prognosis.

The Bottom Line:  Overall, I enjoyed my first steps into the Riley O’Brien & Co. world.  I found the first two novellas to be engaging and entertaining with solid characters and a pace that perfectly fits the novella length read.  Each story was packed full of good dialogue, some steamy naughty bits, and a story that ended wonderfully for all involved.  It wasn’t until I got to the last novella that I encountered a character I really couldn’t get behind or even like.  While I don’t feel good about disliking a cancer survivor, I found Phoebe’s repeated treatment of Garrett to be quite unacceptable.  Other than that particular issue, I found the overall read to be enjoyable and would highly recommend it to lovers of sweet romances and HEAs.

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