Review: Sweet Southern Trouble by Michele Summers

Sweet Southern Trouble


An ambitious Southern belle: Marabelle Fairchild knows she’s a gal who can get things done. Feeling unappreciated at the exclusive private school where she’s a kindergarten aide and varsity tennis coach, Marabelle determines to score with the next big fundraiser. What she doesn’t expect? A smokin’ hot football coach to throw her off her game…

A reclusive NFL bachelor…: NFL coach Nick Frasier is Raleigh’s most eligible bachelor, but he wants to focus on his career…not his playboy status. He doesn’t need a smart-mouthed, pint-sized kindergarten teacher pestering him. So he cuts Marabelle a deal—in exchange for Nick sponsoring a bachelor auction starring him and his gorgeous celebrity pals, Marabelle will pose as his fiancée to ward off unwanted advances.

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Source: Netgalley     My Rating: 5/5 stars

The title of this one really does tell the whole story!! If there is trouble to be found, Marabelle Fairchild is not only going to find it, she’s going to dive into it with her eyes wide open and her mouth, that has no edit button, open and going a mile a minute.

There is very little that goes through Marabelle’s mind that doesn’t come out her mouth and in her latest episode of verbal diarrhea, she’s gotten herself into one hell of a mess. In order to secure her future at the ultra-posh private school she works for, Marabelle has landed herself in the middle of organizing the school’s yearly fundraiser. She’s been tasked with enlisting the help – OK, the hotness – and financial backing of the Carolina Cherokees, the local pro football team. Everyone assumes Marabelle is going to fail and there are some on the committee who are actively working against Marabelle. Turns out, when you have a mind and a mouth that often run free, you make a few enemies.

Nick Frasier is an ex-pro football player turned pro coach and uncle to a rambunctious kindergartner. That rambunctious kindergartner is part of the reason Nick has been called to Marabelle’s classroom and currently being all but accosted by the feistiest woman he has ever met. On top of telling him his nephew is tiny turd, Marabelle has asked him for help with the school fundraiser. Aside from being blindsided by her request, Nick is pretty much blown away by Marabelle and in the beginning, that blown away is not in a good way. Marabelle is like a tiny tornado with no off switch and determination like Nick has never seen. In fact, once Marabelle has an idea, she’s fairly relentless and isn’t long before she’s introduced herself to a group of Nick’s players and begun wooing them to her cause. It sure doesn’t hurt that Marabelle cooks for the boys 😊

What Marabelle doesn’t know about Nick is that he needs her as much as she needs him. Nick has a great deal of pressure on him from the Cherokee’s management to settle down and improve his public persona. The best way to do that is to strike a deal with Marabelle, the one woman he could never, ever actually fall for. If Marabelle agrees to be his fake fiancé, Nick and the boys will help her pull off the best fundraiser the school has ever seen! As you would expect with such an arrangement, all kinds of shenanigans ensue including a raucous meeting of the parents, a vicious tennis tournament, a heinous ex-girlfriend with nefarious plans, and more than a few words left unspoken.

The Bottom Line: I absolutely fell in love with this read. It has everything a romantic comedy should have: a crazy-awesome girl, a hot southern gentleman, a ridiculous fake engagement, meddling yet well-intentioned friends, and some harpies working against the happy couple. This is a funny, hot mess kind of read populated with a cast of crazies that I just devoured. There are certainly some naughty bits in this read, but they are appropriate to the overall sweet nature of this read. In all, Sweet Southern Trouble is a pretty perfect read and I am sincerely hoping Michele Summers will give the rest of the men on the Carolina Cherokees team their own book and their own HEA!

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One Comment on “Review: Sweet Southern Trouble by Michele Summers

  1. Thank you for such a glowing review! I’m so happy you enjoyed this book. And I loved your synopsis…you’ve actually described the best of all! ;-))

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