Review and Excerpt: A Fare to Remember by Opal Carew


A Fare to Remember


Stevie has given up on love and just wants a simple life driving her taxi. But her plans are turned upside down when gorgeous billionaire Reid Jacobs steps into the back of her cab. Commanding and mysterious, he’s a temptation she can’t resist—and soon their torrid one night stand leads to an intoxicating affair.

In Reid’s strong arms, Stevie finds herself falling harder than she ever imagined. But is she ready to trust again? And when his business partner falls for Stevie, will it change everything? One thing is clear: she’s about to take the ride of her life….

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My Rating: 3½/5 stars

Stevie isn’t the easiest woman to understand.  To most people, driving a cab isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but to Stevie, it’s everything she could ever want for her life.  After several disastrous relationships and a lot of manipulation from her wretched parents, Stevie walked away from it all and sees her cab as her own personal freedom. 

Reid is ridiculously wealthy, handsome beyond reason, and quite used to having his way.  The moment he sets foot in Stevie’s cab, Reid sets his sights on her and before either really has time to think about what they’re doing, they’re hooking up in an alley and wondering if there’s a chance of doing so again.  Turns out, there is a chance and both are quite interested in a repeat performance.  In fact, Reid insists that repeat performance happen in his penthouse, and since Stevie is currently homeless (read: disastrous relationship #2) the penthouse sounds liked the perfect place. 

Everything between Reid and Stevie is on fast forward and intense and while Reid is totally OK with the speed and intensity, Stevie is somewhat concerned and not quite ready to dive into forever, particularly when she meets Reid’s best friend, Dylan and her ex (read: disastrous relationship #1) comes back into town looking for a reconciliation.  Needless to say, Stevie has a lot to consider.  For instance, Stevie never got any closure with her ex and has a lot that needs to be said with regards to his bad treatment of her and there’s the issue of wanting Reid’s best friend just as much as she wants Reid.  Yeah, there’s a lot of crazy going on in Stevie’s head and she’s got to get it all straight before she makes the ultimate mistake and loses every man interested in her.

After several weeks of what could only be described as mind-blowing sex, loads of concerns, and lots of free time to consider her options, Stevie finally comes to a decision regarding the men in her life.  But fate is a fickle bitch and just as Stevie is on her way to announce her intentions, tragedy strikes leaving Stevie completely incapacitated.  As the weeks creep by and Stevie begins to heal, she is certain her chance for happiness has passed her by, but help has a way of happening even when one hasn’t asked for it nor expects it.  Help also often comes from the most unexpected of sources. 

The Bottom Line: Opal Carew always delivers for me on a couple of fronts, interesting characters and loads of steamy sex.  As always, the plot is absolutely secondary to the sexcapades and I really don’t care 😊  I don’t ever go into these books looking for high literature, but looking for a dirty little escape that will occupy my time for a couple of hours.  And occupy me, it did, in the best possible way, ‘cause you know I like ‘em somewhat dirty.  While I have no objection to the type of sex that goes down in A Fare to Remember, some readers might.  The synopsis doesn’t indicate otherwise, but this read includes some light BDSM and ménage encounters of all possible varieties.  Stevie is an uninhabited and curious girl, and Reid is more than willing to indulge her curiosity.  For you, dear reader, this means loads of interesting naughty bits broken up by some pesky other bits 😊

Excerpt from A Fare to Remember:

“Have you ever thought of doing something else? My company—”

“Stop right there,” she said, leaning forward, her eyes intense. “I like driving a cab. It’s what I want to do. So don’t judge me or try to help me out of my sad, impoverished life. I’m doing what I love. That’s probably more than you can say.”

He laughed. “Touché. As it turns out, though, I do love what I do. It has become a bit lackluster recently though. I could use something new to liven things up.”

“Is that what this is all about?” she asked, her gaze cautious. “Asking me in for coffee? Talking to me like I’m a date? You want to screw the lady cabbie to add a little excitement to your life?”

“If I was pursuing you, it wouldn’t be so I could screw you.” He leaned in closer. “I would slowly and purposefully seduce you, then take you to heights of ecstasy far surpassing anything you have ever experienced before.”

Rather than looking shocked, her eyebrow quirked up. “That would be more difficult than you think. Hank might have been a jerk, but he was the best lay I’ve ever had.”

He grinned. “I’m sure I could meet the challenge.”

* * *

Stevie couldn’t believe her own words. What the hell was she doing? But this guy, he was so … so … damn, he was so gut-wrenchingly sexy her hormones were boiling over in a wild fit of primal desire.

 She reached for her coffee, purposefully brushing her hand against his. Electrifying desire sparked between them. She picked up her cup, making a decision she knew she would probably regret later, but right now, she didn’t care.

“All right.” Then she stood up and turned toward the door.

He followed her to the cab and got in, then she pulled away from the curb in silence.

She passed his hotel and drove another couple of blocks, then pulled down a side street. It was a quiet, out-of-the-way place she would sometimes use to grab a nap if needed during a long shift. She had friends in the neighborhood that looked out for her. She opened the door and got out of the cab. Her handsome passenger followed.

“Aren’t you going to come up to my hotel room?” he asked.

She walked toward him and rested her hand on his warm chest. A surge of adrenaline rushed through her.

“I think here will do fine.”

“You don’t like a comfortable bed?”

She smiled, loving the fact that she was keeping a man off balance for a change. She stroked up his chest, then along his jaw, the light dusting of whiskers sending tingles through her.

“I don’t need a bed.”

Then she cupped his cheeks and kissed him, feeling every bit in control.

Until his arms came around her and she felt herself crushed against his chest. He pulled off her hat and tossed it onto the roof of the cab. Her long blonde hair fell around her shoulders in waves. He drew back and smiled, running his fingers through the soft strands.

“That’s much better.”

Then she felt herself backed against the wall. He leaned against her, his cobalt-blue gaze locked on hers.

“If this is what you want, then that’s fine with me,” he murmured.

His hands glided up and down her body, sending tingles through her. He hadn’t touched any intimate place on her body yet, other than their joining of lips, but she felt he’d taken ownership of her whole being.

Then his hand glided over her chest and he cupped her breast. The feel of his warm hand surrounding her, even through the layers of clothing, started a blaze within her. She could feel her nipples harden with need.

He kneaded her soft mound while his mouth took ownership of hers again. His tongue pushed between her lips and drove inside.

Oh, God, she was feeling out of her depth. She didn’t know what she’d expected, but him being so comfortable and in control in this dark alley wasn’t it.

His hand found its way under her jacket, then inside her shirt. He cupped her breast, just the lace of her bra a barrier between them now.

“You feel good,” he murmured against her ear. Then he rocked his hips forward and she felt a thick bulge against her stomach.

A shock of awareness rippled through her. It hadn’t really hit home what she was about to do until she felt his erection pushing against her. She was about to have sex—in a dark alleyway—with a total stranger.

She felt his fingers unfastening the button of her jeans. She sucked in a breath and grabbed his hands, then pushed them away.

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