Exclusive Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Ruckus (Book #1: SEAL Team Alpha Series) by Zoe Dawson


Cover designer: Robin Ludwig Designs, Inc.

Zoe Dawson is starting a new series: SEAL Team Alpha with four books released this year! That’s four gorgeous, bad ass warriors and their gritty, steamy stories for you all to consume. She will be releasing Ruckus in June, Kid Chaos in July and Cowboy in August. Then, Tank will release in November. And, now for the cover reveal for Ruckus! Yeah, catch your breath and let Zoe know what you think!


For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag a terrorist, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, having to go on the run with her and protect her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body.

Fearless and bold photojournalist, Dana Sorenson never backed down from a fight or a sweet deal of a scoop when she gets a chance to document the most dangerous man on the planet. That’s what she thought until she meets Bowie and big, bad, and tough take on a whole new meaning. Gratitude for saving her ass gets lost in his demanding orders and fighting for her life takes a back seat to falling for this alpha male who’ll risk everything to see her safe.

Excerpt from Ruckus (Book #1: SEAL Team Alpha Series):

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When he came out of the ramshackle shower, she was sitting cross-legged on the bed. It was as if she hadn’t moved since they came into the small room. With nothing but a towel around his waist, hiding his rigid dick, a hard on so aching and painful he needed her, wanted her, the adrenaline in his system riding him hard, he towel dried his hair with a thin, but clean towel, his vision obscured for a moment. With humor in his voice, he said, “That shower isn’t big enough for a mouse.” When he dropped the towel, he saw her face and rushed across the room, “Babe, what is it?

She was crying and through this whole ordeal he hadn’t seen her shed a tear, but now they were tracking down her face, a woman’s most potent and deadly secret weapons. He swallowed hard. He knew how to insert into enemy territory right under the enemy’s nose, blow shit up, and kill a man with his bare hands. But this…this was delicate and he wasn’t a delicate man. He was a hard-ass, but Dana had gotten under his armor, and he couldn’t figure out how to get her out.

When she didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to do. He panicked, wrapped his arms around her and drew her hard against him, rocking her gently. “Tell me how to make it right?”

She pressed her hot face against his damp skin, her tears mingling with the moisture already there. He cupped the back of her head and said, “C’mon babe, I’m flying blind here.”

“I had no idea,” she whispered. “No idea,” she repeated, then gasped on a shuddering sigh.

“About what?” He leaned back so he could see her beautiful face. Framing it, he said gently. “You’re safe with me.”

She shook her head. “Maybe physically…no, maybe not even then. But, I had no idea until just now.”

He stiffened. “What the fuck do you mean? I wouldn’t hurt you. I say I’m going to throttle you, but that’s just mean, SEAL man talk when you get me so mad I want to chew nails.”

“You’re so clueless. I feel safe with you, but it feels dangerous at the same time.”

“Dangerous? Because I’m a SEAL.” He frowned. He was struggling here. He was used to conversing with men who said what the hell they meant, not some riddling woman who was making a freaking crossword puzzle out of a simple conversation.

“Oh, God. Protect me from dense men. I really need to spell it out?”

He tried to be patient, but Ruckus wasn’t patient. Action was really his middle name. “Babe…so help me, spill before I go insane.”

“You’re the kind of guy that runs toward the bullets and not away from them.”

For a minute, he just didn’t get it. What was she talking about? Of course he ran toward conflict. He was a fucking SEAL. It took him a moment to tamp down his confusion. “Ah, do I need to give you my resume? It’s what I do. It’s my job and out there is my office.”

With a slight smile and an intense look, she ran her thumb over his bottom lip and his groin got so much tighter, his body was almost on overload. “But when you have a bad day at the office, you have a really bad day,” she murmured.

He laughed and dragged her against him. “That’s true. But it comes with the territory just as your smart, sassy mouth comes with your territory.”

Her eyes narrowed. Was it crazy to love her like this, giving back just as good as he gave. “Don’t start. I’m trying to have a moment here,” she growled.

“What kind of moment and could you make it fast? You smell and need a shower.”

She rolled her eyes and wiped at her tears. “You are such a gentleman.”

“That’s me…GQ material,” he smirked.

“You cocky jerk. You drive me insane.”

“I could say the same thing about you…um…except you don’t have a cock, but you do have balls.”

She smiled a long-suffering smile, shoved him hard and got off the bed, heading toward the shower. Before she went through the door, she turned to him. “I’m going to say this to you whether you like it or not, and I’m having a momentary lapse in judgment where you’re concerned.”

He reclined, his body surging every moment. He grinned at the way she was taking him in. “Lapse in judgment? Oh, because I’m half naked?”

“Oh, for the love of God,” she ground out, then her face cleared when she realized he was pulling her chain. She shook her head in pure exasperation. “I can’t deny you’re very distracting, but no, Bowie, it doesn’t have to do with your body, but her heart.”

It was his turn to give her a long-suffering smile. For them, this was foreplay. His voice got a little gruffer. “Lay it on me, then, babe.”

Blinking furiously now, he braced himself for more waterworks, but it was her show and he’d go along. God, she shredded him like no bullet, mortar, IED or rocket could ever top. Her voice, soft and serious, she murmured, “You’re brave, Bowie Cooper. I’ve never witnessed raw courage before. Oh, yeah, definitely the silent kind when my mom was dying from cancer, but not straight out, take-no-prisoners, full-metal jacket, freaking pull-out-all-the-stops bravery. I’m blown away, you idiot. I care for you. I care what happens to you.”

“Does that mean I can get some?” he said deadpan. Touchy, feely wasn’t in his vocab. She whipped off her shirt and threw it at him with an exasperated, huffing laugh. “You are such a bastard.”

He caught it, the material still warm from her body. “That’s a yes,” he smirked and slipped off the bed, stalking toward her. “Because, babe, adrenaline gives me a fucking hard on like you wouldn’t believe. Like making love all night kind of erection.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, their combined regard for each other as tangible as the air around them. “You just said the shower isn’t big enough for even a mouse.”

Her touch made his body even more rigid if that was possible. “Did I say that? Fuck, it’s not even big enough for my damn dick.” She threw her head back and laughed and the sound of it only jacked him up even more. Adrenaline and Dana equaled the biggest, baddest, I’ve-got-to-be-inside-her-for-hours erection. Molding his hands over her trim butt, he thrust his hips against hers, the pleasure almost making him savage. The laughter caught in her throat and changed to a soft moan when she felt that bad boy between her legs. “Oh, that’s a definite yes,” he said, his voice low and fierce. “I’m a SEAL, I’ll improvise.”

Thank you for having me Leisha!

About the author and where to find her:

Zoe Dawson

Zoe Dawson lives in North Carolina right on the Mason/Dixon line. She discovered romance in her teens and has been spinning stories in her head ever since. Her heroes are sexy males with a disregard for danger and whether reluctant, gung-ho, or caught up in the action, show their hearts of gold.  Her imagination runs wild with romances from sensual to scorching including romantic comedy, new adult, romantic suspense, small town and urban fantasy. Look below to explore the many avenues to her writing. She believes that it’s all about the happily ever afters and always will be.

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