Review: In Her Closet (Book #1: The Lust Diaries) by Tasha L. Harrison


In Her Closet (Book #1: The Lust Diaries Series) by Tasha L. Harrison. Paperback, 390 pages, published June 14, 2016 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.  ISBN: 1534675175


Entertainment columnist Yves Santiago unapologetically lives her life as carelessly as a man. Her day job keeps her flush in men, with few regrets and even fewer mistakes. By night, she details her exploits on her anonymous sex blog, Lust Diaries. Yves leads a happy, delightfully filthy life. Until she meets nonfiction editor Elijah Weinstein. Moss green eyes, sun-kissed shoulders and a mouth so damn sensual that it should have a NC-17 rating, this perfectly suited and coiffed, Fifth Avenue prince is everything she never wanted yet can’t resist. He methodically lays waste to the walls she’s built around herself, looking to get closer to the real Yves Santiago. With the promise of a fairytale turned real, Yves must dig into the depths of her past. But once she shakes out the skeletons in her closet, will she be ready for all Elijah has to offer?

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 1/5 stars

My Review:

In Her Closet is one of those reads that drew me in with the cover, the title, and the synopsis.  The trifecta, right?  Unfortunately, those three things are the only things the book delivered on for me.

From the moment the book opens to the finals pages – and, yes, I read the whole thing – Yves Santiago is a most unlikable character.  Make no mistake, I have no problem with her being sexually free and ridiculously active, it’s her general attitude and demeanor that never sit well with me.  While she certainly doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for her behavior, she is a consenting adult after all, she doesn’t have to be so cavalier about it either.  Here are the issues for me:

1)   To take control of her life following the end of a tumultuous relationship, Yves began her Lust Diaries blog which catalogues each and every sexual encounter she engages in.  Though a specific number is never mentioned, there are enough encounters to fill a book, literally.  The blog is meant to be anonymous, but it doesn’t take much for people to figure out who she is and Yves has no problem telling her family about her blog.  Really??  Your family??  Because every mother wants to know just how slutty her daughter really is and every brother wants a play-by-play of his sister’s night with his boss. 

2)   Yves seems to have a blatant disregard for her own safety.  In several places, events from Yves’s past and present indicate she has a habit of getting blind drunk and leaving bars with strangers for a one-night stand.  Again, I have no issues with Yves wanting to get laid but the way she goes about her hook ups just aren’t smart and/or safe.  It really is a surprise that one of her random hooks ups doesn’t land her in the hospital or the cemetery. 

3)   With the above having been said, Yves’s behavior apparently has more to do with her unresolved issues than her desire to live a sexually promiscuous lifestyle.  For whatever real reason, and she does give a very, very lame reason to Elijah, Yves never tells her family precisely how bad the aforementioned tumultuous relationship was.  She doesn’t have the strength nor the courage to tell her family or the police what she endured at the hands of her ex.  Furthermore, rather than seeking any sort of help for her issues, Yves just continues to indulge in bad and risky behavior.

4)   Elijah!  Let me be clear, from the moment he makes his first appearance, I like Elijah and hate to see him sucked into Yves’s pathetic world.  Though Elijah is certainly attracted to Yves, he has circumstances in his own life that keep him from jumping into bed with her.  In fact, Elijah is very clear from the beginning, he is not the right man for Yves and pursuing him would be a fruitless endeavor.  To add to her list of awful is Yves’s inability to respect Elijah’s words.  To be fair to both, Elijah is an adult and makes his own decisions and sometimes gives mixed signals, but when it matters, he is clear about his feelings.  Yves refuses to believe she can’t have him and pushes and pushes until Elijah is not just professionally tied to her, but emotionally as well. 

The Bottom Line: I will absolutely admit I was sucked in by the title, cover, and synopsis of this read.  Unfortunately, the inside in no way met the standards set by the outside.  All my issues related to this read revolve around Yves and her piss poor attitude.  Though I certainly don’t, in any way, feel Yves got what she deserved, I do feel her attitude is something of a slap in the face to the courageous women who do something about their exes and issues, who truly do stand up for themselves!  I think the author meant for me to take away something very, very different than I did from this read.  If I was meant to see Yves as a survivor and/or a fighter, that didn’t happen.  What I took from this read is a complete dislike for a woman who lies, manipulates, and does everything necessary to avoid seeking/getting real help for her issues.  In no way, shape, or form can I, in good conscious recommend this read.

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