Review: Flawed by Rachael Orman


Flawed by Rachael Orman. Kindle Edition, 191 pages, published June 24, 2016.  ASIN: B01G2R6D1O

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Julia is a domme for hire. Paid to spank and dominate men, she loves what she does during the summer months. However, she is also a submissive for her husband.  Garrison is content being married to Julia even though he is a bisexual. That is, until he realizes the man he has the hots for is interested in him. Too bad his job as a detective has him busy dealing with a serial murder case. Good thing, the sexy lawyer is also on the case and it gives him a reason to see him.  Keaton might be a shark in the courtroom, winning almost every single case he tries, but he is submissive in the bedroom. It’s hard to balance his work life with his private life and finding someone that can handle both aspects of his personality.  When they realize they all know each other and there is desire between the three of them, things get hot. But, can three really make a relationship instead of two?  The serial murderer isn’t going to wait for them to figure out their situation. He is on the hunt for dommes and isn’t leaving much behind for the police to use to find him.

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My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

Julia and Garrison have a quite wonderful if unconventional marriage.  Julia earns a living as both a school teacher and a domme.  Clearly, one job knows nothing about the other J  For Garrison’s part, he works as a detective which offers Julia a measure of comfort should she ever have an issue with one of her clients.  Thankfully, Julia is quite good at her job so she rarely has a problem keeping her clients in line. 

While it might seem like a most unusual arrangement, Julia and Garrison have made not just a success of their marriage but one filled with love, tenderness, caring, and some delightfully naughty sexual encounters.  In her professional life, Julia is the dominant partner but in her private life, Garrison takes control.  As if things weren’t spicy enough, from time to time, Julia and Garrison invite a third party into their bed and it’s always a man which appeals to Garrison’s bisexual nature.  Until Keaton, Julia and Garrison have never considered asking a third party to become a more permanent fixture in their lives, but then, no one else has been quite like Keaton.

Keaton is a seriously badass lawyer with a reputation for being a shark in the courtroom.  He often works with Garrison on cases and of late, the two have become quite worried over an unsolved string of murders.  In his private life, Keaton is far less dominant which is precisely how he met Julia.  Though it takes a bit of time – and at least one seriously uncomfortable moment – for everyone to figure out they all know each other and are completely attracted to one another.  While it may seem like Flawed is nothing more than three hot people coming together and having some fantastic sex, recall I mentioned a string of unsolved murders.  What I failed to mention is just how close to home those murders are going to get.

As Garrison and Keaton work diligently toward a break in the case, any break, Julia is working toward thinning out her client list in preparation for the upcoming school year.  Trouble is, Julia’s clients tend to get attached to her and one becomes particularly attached, Julia is in real trouble.  In fact, at just about the same time as Julia is finding out what a terrible situation she is in, Keaton and Garrison are on the way to help her.  The situation goes far beyond serious to life threatening which only serves to strengthen the bond between Julia and her men. 

The Bottom Line: I sort of expected Flawed to be a well-written down and dirty read about three pretty people coming together.  What I got was a well-written down and dirty read that had a dark and twisted side as an added bonus.  The darkness only added to the intensity of the read and the naughty bits, between anyone and everyone were quite fine.  At the end of the day, Orman put together a read that has a little bit of everything.

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About the author and where to find her:

Happily married mother of two darling, trying, beautiful, horribly energetic little girls, an adorable German Shephard pup who makes her get off her butt and at least go for a walk around the block, and a fat, old, lazy chihuahua.  When she isn’t spending all her time writing dirty, sexy, naughty erotic romances, she is narrating audiobooks and helping run a LBGT blog.  Rachael loves to push herself to write new things so her books vary from heterosexual romances to gay/lesbian romances to menage romances… She couldn’t imagine writing outside of the romance genre since that’s what life is all about.. Love, sex, happiness.  She is a full supporter of the LBGT community and equality for all.  Please connect with her as she loves to know that people appreciate the time and energy she puts into each story.

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