Review: Lure of Obsession (Book #1: The Muse Chronicles) by Lisa Kressler


The Lure of Obsession (Book #1: The Muse Chronicles) by Lisa Kressler.  ebook, 266 pages, published August 1, 2016 by Lisa’s Lair.  ISBN13: 9780997627404

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The Prophecy – “Every generation the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse.”

Melanie Jacoby teaches English at Crystal City High School. She’s also the reborn Muse of Tragic Poetry, but she isn’t prepared for the tragedy of finding her roommate dead at the bottom of the stairs.  Nate Malone is the detective assigned to the case, but as the evidence points to an accidental fall, the visions begin. He sees a killer in a gold Kronos mask.  Mel is the next target.  The Order of the Titans are eager to bring about the return of the Golden Age of Man, and they’re prepared to kill the Muses to complete their mission. But Nate’s desire to protect Mel is almost as strong as his hunger for her.  And tragedy isn’t part of his plan.

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My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

Nate Malone is a damn fine detective and is absolutely certain the beautiful woman at the bottom of the stairs died from an accidental fall.  His certainty fades when he meets the woman’s roommate, Melanie Jacoby and has the oddest mental image of a decidedly different kind of death.  Since visions don’t actually count as evidence, Nate decides he’s either going crazy or the vision is real and he’s going to have to find some real evidence and a suspect.

From the beginning, Melanie is involved in the investigation into her friend’s death and the longer she’s near Nate the more she likes him.  Nate is strong, handsome, intelligent, and has a protective streak a mile long.  Melanie is absolutely certain her friend did not fall down the stairs and only Nate (and her circle of sisters) seems to believe in her conviction.  For Nate, believing Melanie isn’t so much the issue as why he believes her.  For the first time in his life, Nate is drawn to a woman in a way that transcends the purely sexual.  Melanie is a little dark, quite sexy, caring, intelligent, and determined to see justice done for her friend.  Together, Nate and Melanie have a shot at finding her friend’s killer but it is going to require a level of trust that neither ever thought they would be comfortable with.

Though it takes time for the two to open up to one another once they do, a lot of pieces begin falling into place.  Melanie reveals she is a part of a very special circle of women, the reborn Muses, the women brought into the world to inspire humanity to greatness.  Nate reveals he has been having visions related to the case and that he feels drawn Melanie, particularly when she is in trouble.  As the two begin to sort through the new revelations, they begin to see connections and threads that help Nate understand what may have happened to Melanie’s friend.  What’s more disconcerting about the threads and connections is the fact that the killer didn’t act alone and isn’t at all done with Melanie and her remaining sisters. 

The Bottom Line: What an unexpected surprise!!  I went into Lure of Obsession assuming I would like the read and came out having completely enjoyed it on every level.  There’s all kinds of goodness to be had in this read including Greek mythology, naughty bits, the element of danger with a killer on the loose, the threat of far larger danger that will most certainly extend into the later additions to the series and, a very sweet personal story between Nate and Melanie.  There’s plenty of action, plenty of down and dirty, and just enough background into the Muses and what could be the greatest threat to their survival to leave the reader wanting more.  Wanting more is exactly what I wanted and shortly before sitting down to write this book review, I pre-ordered book two in the series, Legend of Love.

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