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Shunned No More (Book #1: A Lady Forsaken) by Christina McKnight.  Historical Romance, Regency England, original release date May 21, 2014, word Count: 78,000: A Lady Shunned by All…  Lady Viola Oberbrook only wanted to forget the ill-fated early morning duel that took the lives of two young, wealthy, promising men of the ton and sent her fleeing for her father’s country estate. Eight years later, she has her life in order: a fulfilling business, a few trusted friends, and no plans to return to London society. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with her past.

A Lord Betrayed by One… Brock Spencer, Earl of Haversham, only wants vengeance. Recently returned from his military service to the King, his plans include repairing his family estate, finding a bride, and destroying the girl responsible for the untimely death of his twin brothers. What he doesn’t anticipate is falling in love with the only woman who should never be part of his future.

 An Impossible Match, Destined to Be…

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 Forgotten No More (Book #2: A Lady Forsaken) by Christina McKnight.  Historical Romance, Regency England, original release date November 20, 2014, word count: 83,000.   A lady forgotten by all… Ruby St. Augustin must find the truth of her past to determine what her future holds. She only has a short time in London to uncover the identity of her real father and the secrets behind her birth. If anyone learns of her mission, she will disgrace everyone she holds dear. What she doesn’t expect is to draw the attention of a man who doesn’t care about his reputation or her past.

A man mesmerized by one… Harold Jakeston is a man without wealth or title. Resigned to a life he loathes, Harold has the chance at a few weeks of freedom before being trapped in a future he wants no part of. When he’s drawn into the mysterious quest of a woman from his past, he embraces the opportunity to forget the life that awaits him. What he never anticipated is falling in love with a woman who ignites his desire to create a new future for himself and for her.   

A love neither can abandon…

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Scorned Ever More (Book #3: A Lady Forsaken) by Christina McKnight.  Historical Romance, Regency England, original release date June 29, 2015, word count: 85,000 appox.    A man willing to sacrifice all… Andrew Penton, the Marquis of Drake, is a man used to getting all he desires, for nothing in return. But when a mysterious woman catches his eye, he’s helpless to do anything but offer her all he is.

A woman determined to take everything… Lady Lorelei de La Valette, daughter of the French Comte of Epernon, is new to London society and not the lady she appears to be. Her life has been controlled since birth, yet she’ll have to decide if her destiny lies with her country or her heart.

A love lost forever…

**Warning: Not every story of love has a happy ending**

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Christmas Ever More ( Book #4: A Lady Forsaken) by Christina McKnight.  Historical Romance, Regency England, original release date: November, 2015.  A lady seeking forgiveness for her past… Lady Viola Haversham is determined to put her past where it belongs—behind her. To do so, she sets out to host the grandest holiday celebration Foldger’s Hall has ever seen; proving to everyone—including herself—that she has more to offer than the hardship and loss she has brought to her family. A woman forging a new path in life… Mrs. Ruby Jakeston is tired of others taking care of her. She is ready to show everyone that she can look after more than just herself and her new husband; she also wants to set her overprotective friend at ease, and bring her hellion sister to heel. A girl lost and in search of a place to belong… Lady Ellington is on the brink of losing the only home she’s ever known. The last thing she wants is to attend a grand soirée. However, when her older sister demands her presence at a country Christmas party, she is compelled to attend. With only a stablehand as her companion, she arrives at a house teeming with unfamiliar faces—and nowhere to hide. A trio of women holding out hope for three different holiday miracles…  Christmas ever more.

Excerpt from Christmas Ever More (Book #4: A Lady Forsaken):

“Are you trying to occupy my mind, good husband?” Ruby asked, barely able to form words with the cold, unforgiving wall at her back and nothing but burning heat at her front.

“If not your mind, then certainly your body,” he teased as he nipped her neck, trailing kisses from her collarbone, up her neck, and along her jaw. Ruby wanted to beg him to never stop, always keep her body close—and her mind duly occupied. “If I’d only thought this out a bit better, we would not be trapped in this linen closet.”

Ruby moaned as his hands traced up and down her sides, sending shivers of want through her body. “We are not trapped,” she sighed through her pleasure.

“For certain we are.” His voice not much above a whisper, he continued, “It would be highly inappropriate for us to open the door and stumble into the hall in a more than scandalous embrace.”

“Then maybe you should unhand me,” she retorted.

“Not a chance, you vixen.” He slipped the shoulder of her gown down to reveal the mound of her breast. “It was you who lured me to this wanton behavior with your mistletoe above every door—you were begging to be ravished.”

“Kind, sir.” Ruby pulled away slightly. “I am but a proper young lady—your impure thoughts are all your own.”

Harold reached behind him and grasped the doorknob. “Then I shall leave you as I found you, chaste and untouched.”

“You would not dare.” The dim interior covered her longing look. Ruby slipped her hands up his neck and through his soft, brown hair, her body melting into his. She pulled his mouth to hers, the doorknob quickly forgotten.

She kissed him like it was their first time—and possibly the last—putting all her joy, need, lust, and, lastly, her fear into the moment. And he took it all, accepted her every emotion and gave back the unconditional love of a man besotted with his new wife.

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Hidden No More (Book #5: A Lady Forsaken) by Christina McKnight.  Historical Romance, Regency England, original release date: March 23, 2016, word count: 83,000 appox.  A lady concealed from society… Lady Ellington, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy marquis, has spent her entire life hiding from London’s high society—both as a result of her own desires and those forced upon her by her overbearing and abusive father. When the marquis passes away suddenly, Ellie feels as though a weight has been lifted and immediately assumes her role as mistress of Drake House. Though she is constantly looking over her shoulder, wondering when it will all be taken from her. And for good reason—no sooner has she shed her black mourning garb than a missive arrives, announcing an heir to the Marquisate. A person she has never heard of before, but one with enough power to change her fate entirely.

A man uncovering the secrets of his past… Taken in by his nursemaid in infancy and raised as an orphan, Alex has never had the benefits of a name or a bloodline. Yet he’s content to work hard and earn his keep as a stable hand in one of London’s finest homes, proving himself worthy of both his position and his friendship to the beautiful Lady Ellington. When Ellie asks for his help with a delicate matter, he’s happy to oblige, but soon finds himself in the middle of more than he bargained for. His innocent meeting reveals secrets from the past that he never could have imagined, and he discovers that he’s a duke by birth. But even with the possibility of a title and all that goes along with it, Alex is unsure whether he can tear down the walls Ellie has built to protect her heart.

A love neither can hide… While the two have a love that’s undeniable, it may not be enough to bridge the gap and overcome the obstacles standing in their way. And now, with every secret revealed, there’s even more at stake.

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Loved Ever More (A Lady Forsaken, Exclusive Bonus) by Christina McKnight.  Historical Romance, Regency England, word count: 5,000 words, cover artist Sweet n’ Spicy Designs

About the author and where to find her:

christina-photoChristina McKnight is a book lover turned writer. From a young age, her mother encouraged her to tell her own stories. She’s been writing ever since.  Christina enjoys a quiet life in Northern California with her family, her wine, and lots of coffee. Oh, and her books…don’t forget her books! Most days she can be found writing, reading, or traveling the great state of California.

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