Spotlight: Breaking Lucas (Book #2: Trinity Series) by Amanda Kaitlyn


Breaking Lucas (Book #2: Trinity Series) by  Amanda Kaitlyn. Contemporary romance published October 9, 2016
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Kaelyn.  He was my everything.  My every day and my every night.  My every dream and my every hope.  And then he was gone.  Someone once told me that love knows no bounds. It went beyond time, distance or hatred.  Could that possibly be true?  It wasn’t until five years after the day Lucas walked away from our life that I realized how true that was. He came barreling back into my reality and I was powerless to stop the love that still festered inside of my soul for him.  Now that he’s back, I don’t know how I can protect my heart from the wrath he’ll bring.  Even after all we’ve lost can we find the love we once shared, once more?  “I was a f****ng fool, Kaelyn. There isn’t a day that’s gone by I haven’t wished I’d stayed with you.”

Excerpt from Breaking Lucas (Book #2: Trinity Series):

 “I don’t want to run” I whisper, my hands gripping onto his shoulders in need.

Lucas dips his mouth to my forehead and places an open mouthed kiss to my skin.
“Then, Sweetheart let me show you. I will tell you everything. Just let me in”
I’m nodding before he even gets his words out, the wall that had shielded my heart from him cracking and falling away as I mold myself to him and wrap my legs around him so he has no choice but to lift me into his arms.
His arms grip onto me as if I will slip away at any moment, his sure footsteps taking us into my bedroom where he sits at the end of my bed, never letting me go as he does so. His mouth crushes gently onto mine and sparks fly beneath my skin as I taste his wintergreen scent and the rough scent that he emanates. My lips fall open on a deep moan and as he delves his tongue over mine, I whisper his name.
“Fuck, Kaelyn” He growls against our kisses, moving his mouth away in order to sear my with his intense gaze. I blink away my tears and run my hands over his head, a sharp need to remove what covers it making an appearance.
Just then, I hear the giggling of two little girls outside the bedroom and I’m reminded what I had intended to do before Lucas stole my level head and heart just a few minutes ago.
“I have to put the girls to bed. Do you want to come with me?”
A blindingly beautiful smile spreads his features as he nods, his lips rubbing over mine once more.
“I would be honored”
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Amanda Kaitlyn is an author of sexy, romantic suspense. Finding Beautiful is her first work. As a young girl, she loved fairy tales. As she grew up she realized that these stories change. Love isn’t always perfect and the fight of that love is what urges her to write the stories she does. Between the pages of her books you will find real, heartfelt romance, rugged emotion and lots of steam.  Would you like to know more about Amanda and her books?  Find her on her website and don’t forget to sign up for her monthly newsletter to receive news and updates on new releases, sales & events!

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