Review: Whit’s End (Book #6: Willow Springs Ranch Series) by Laura Harner

Whit's End
Title: Whit’s End Series: Book #6: Willow Springs Ranch Author: Laura Harner Format: ebook, 126 pages Published: August 29, 2014 by Smashwords Edition ISBN13: 9781937252885

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When his three-day marriage ends in an annulment, country music sensation Brody Kent finds himself on the run from paparazzi intent on discovering why. Seeking shelter with his old friend at the Willow Springs Ranch might not be his wisest choice, considering the place is crawling with gay cowboys, but he needs someone he can trust and time alone to look for the joy that’s been missing from his music. Although no one should know of his travel plans, before he can make the turn to relative safety, Brody’s run off the road by a rogue reporter determined to get a scoop. A very different cowboy rides to his rescue…and Brody can’t help but wonder, well, a lot of things.  The men at the WSR might work hard and play harder, but as the long-awaited Ranch Quest approaches, ranch hand Whit Truman needs to focus on preparing to host the sick children and not the oh-so-sexy voice from his past due to arrive at any minute. Not that the singer would have any reason to remember his brother’s childhood friend. When a desert storm postpones the event by a week, Whit takes some much-needed time off, only to stumble upon the object of his avoidance in a most surprising place. The walking, talking grown-up version of his teenage crush isn’t anything like the arrogant megastar Brody plays onstage—most of the time. That unexpected vulnerability could prove to be Whit’s undoing, as he vows to do everything in his power to protect Brody…if he doesn’t kill him first.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Brody Kent has spent the bulk of his life living his life in the public eye.  As a country music sensation, Brody’s every move, every word, and every action is chronicled by the press.  For many years, Brody was OK with the constant attention but, of late, the attention hasn’t been good and Brody needs some time to regroup and to do that, he has to escape.  With the help of his old friend, Cass, Brody makes his way toward the Willow Springs Ranch.

Whit has been at the WSR for a lot years and has no intention of ever leaving.  Though he loves the ranch and will continue working there, he wants a place of his own and with Cass’s help, that has become possible.  The cabin is small and it will take a very long time to get the land and his home the way he wants it, but Whit is more than willing to put in the time, effort, and money.  For the time being, his home away from the WSR is just right for one but could accommodate two if the need arose.  Turns out, the weather is just in the mood to have Whit’s home accommodate two. 

The second they get safely out of the weather and into Whit’s tiny cabin, the attraction between Whit and Brody is evident.  Whit has no problem giving into the attraction as long as Brody is willing to go the distance.  Whit has no interest in being another of Brody’s one night stands.  Brody clearly and freely admits to being bisexual in private but if the world were to discover his attraction to men, it would likely ruin his career.  Make no mistake, he wants to give into his attraction to Whit but his life is already such a mess that he just can’t risk any further scandal or controversy.  For the time being, Brody is safe with Whit and once the weather passes, he’ll be able to take up residence at the WSR.

Life at the WSR is crazier than normal with the preparations for Ranch Quest in full swing.  Cass knows he and his men can protect Brody and his whereabouts under normal circumstances but with all the activity, Cass feels it’s best to have Whit remain by Brody’s side.  The attraction between the men continues to grow but there is hesitation on both sides.  For the first time in years, Brody is able to write music again, he isn’t being hounded by the press on a regular basis, and he has found someone he is certain he can he happy with.  If only the world he lives in could accept the truth of Brody and his life. 

Whit has every intention of protecting Brody and as their relationship evolves into something real, he takes his duties all the more seriously.  Unfortunately, getting to an HEA isn’t going to be easy and it is going to require that Whit break Brody’s heart and cause him to question everything and everyone in his life.  If Brody can survive what he perceives to be the ultimate betrayal, he will be able to make his way back to Whit and to a life that is truly a happily ever after for them both.

The Bottom Line: With the major plot line of the series resolved in the previous read, Whit’s End comes back around to telling the story of just two people, Whit and Brody.  Whit has made the occasional appearance in previous installments of the series so it is appropriate that he finally get his own book.  Whit isn’t sad per se but he is looking for his forever and had no idea his forever would be in the form of a man he already has a history with.  There is some fine backstory in this read, some fine story in the present, and by the time you get to the end, a fine future for two incredibly deserving men.  Whit’s End is a an excellent rebound from the disaster that was Park’s Lot and gives me incredible hope for the future of the series.

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