Review, Excerpt, and Sweepstakes: Plow (Book #1: Brighten Sister’s Duet) by Heather Stone

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Title: Plow Series: Book #1: Brighten Sisters Duet Author: Heather Stone Publisher: Wintersgate Press Publication Date: April 26, 2016 ASIN: B01EVQAWU6

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Cold snow.  Empty tank.  HOT sex.  Courtney Brighten knows as the assistant to the governor she should avoid public indecency at all costs. But when your boyfriend is a cheat, emotions are high and you get stuck in a snowstorm all bets are off.  Can Courtney resist the sexual chemistry or will she succumb to her desires and find herself in the unemployment line?

**This is a short, happily ever after steamy novella. It contains insta-love and gets straight to the point.

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My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

Courtney Brighten didn’t think her life could get any worse after walking in on her boyfriend boinking two different women and then she got stuck in a snowstorm and ran out of gas.  To make matters worse, the guy who stops to help her initially rubs her in all the wrong ways and then, in a burst of lust, he rubs her in all the right ways. J  As if that introduction wasn’t enough to get you fired up about this read, here are the other things I liked a whole lot:

  1. Courtney!  She gets handed a couple of really raw deals in this short read but she is one tough chick and refuses to let the awful ruin her life.  Courtney is whip smart with a silver tongue and mind and body that know exactly what she wants and needs.
  2. DECKER!!!  Yeah, he has a first name but someone as hot and sexy as Decker can pull off the whole one name thing!  From the very beginning, you get that Decker is a good guy and he is totally into Courtney despite the words that coming out of his mouth.
  3. Troy the tool.  Yeah, he sucks so hard he hangs on but Troy adds a layer of interest to the overall read.  He is a complete and utter douchebag but his involvement deepens the read and makes it about more than hot sex and insta-love.
  4. The pacing and plot.  Yeah, this is a short and sweet read that moves at the speed of light.  With that being said, the story still unfolds in a logical and believable way.  There is a full story with full character development happening here and that is a very hard thing to do in so short a read.

The Bottom Line:  This is my second Heather Stone novella and while I enjoyed Plunge, I slutty loved Plow!  From the opening scene to the closing scene, I devoured this read and then went back and re-read some of the finer, funnier, and sexier moments.  If you are in the market from some crazy, wild, panty-wetting naughty bits, two lead characters who are as fierce with their mouths and minds as they are with their bodies, then Plow just might be the quick read you are looking for.


Excerpt from Plow (Book #1: Brighten Sisters Duet):

Fuck, she’s gorgeous. Already a pain in my ass, but damn it if she isn’t the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

“This isn’t necessary,” she says as she struggles to get out of my grasp. She’s hell-bent on freezing her ass off out here, but I’m not letting it happen on my watch.

“Settle down, Princess. If anyone is watching, they’ll think I’m kidnapping you.” I smirk.

“You practically are,” she wails.

“Are you always this princess like?”

“You keep calling me Princess? What’s that supposed to mean?” Her eyes narrow.

“Just what I said. Princess.” My lip turns up as she starts to pull away from me.

She shrugs out of my grip, which I allow, and heads towards my truck without another word. I watch her hips sway as she walks briskly. She’s completely underdressed for this kind of weather. Even before the snow started, it was definitely cold enough that she should have had a heavy coat. Nope, not princess. She’s in some long tight shirt over a pair of leggings. Her heels, although completely inappropriate for the weather only add to her sexiness.

She whips around when she gets to the truck. “Well, are you coming or are we to sit out here and freeze to death?”

I shake my head in exasperation and stalk towards her. I don’t miss her perusal of my body. She takes her time looking me over. It’s brazen and hot as fuck.

“See something you like, Princess?” I smirk once I’m within reach of her.

“I-what? You’re insane.”

I unlock the truck.

“Aren’t you going to open the door?” she questions.

“This isn’t valet. You can open it yourself.” Her thin arm reaches out and begins to struggle with the handle. She won’t be able to jimmy it open. That shits been busted for years. After struggling with it for a few minutes she turns to me, our gaze meeting and she furrows her eyebrows. My lip turns up and I finally help her out.

Once the door is open, she huffs but attempts to climb in. I place my hands on her slim hips to help give her a boost. She’s average height, 5’6” if I’m guessing, and her long blonde hair has me leaning in and catching a whiff of coconut. I sigh without thinking.

“Did you just sniff my hair?” she calls over her shoulder.

“Get in.” I nudge her ass.

“Hey!” she yells.

“Princess, I’m freezing my dick off out here. Can you get a move on?”

“You can’t be serious!”

“Just get in the damn truck.” My jaw clenches and starts to rattle from the cold. As soon as she clears the door, I plop into the driver’s seat and turn up the heat full blast.

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About the author and where to find her:

heather stoneDaydreamer by day professional child wrangler by night. Bred in the Midwest, I often would conjure up stories in my head to fill my day. When I’m not concocting a delicious new tale, I can be found curled up in a corner with a cup of coffee and the newest page turner.

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