Review: Georgie (Book #2: Follow That Dress Series) by Cherrie Mack

Title: Georgie Series: Book #2: Follow That Dress Author: Cherrie Mack Format: ebook, 100 pages Published: January 10, 2016 ASIN: B01AB13NYW

Purple Goodreads

Georgie Randall runs from town to town to escape her past. When she settles in Amityville, Long Island, she vows to be happy alone. But when the boss’ handsome son throws her kinky switch on, there’s no turning it back off. As she struggles with accepting a new relationship, she learns the road to future happiness must be traveled along the painful roads of the past. It is then Gee quickly discovers that in order to open her heart and love again, she must first forgive her past sins and love herself.
Derek DeMarco wants his own niche. And because he doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps, the two have been estranged for years. When his life is interrupted by his father’s sudden illness, he is thrown together with the sassy waitress who calls his dad’s bar, Diamond Lil’s, home. As Derek and Georgie attempt to work together to keep the bar afloat, sparks fly.  But when Gee’s past sins prey on her mind, she struggles with indecision. Will her secret drive him away? Or can forgiveness pave the road to future happiness.

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Georgie Randall likes her sex a tiny bit off the beaten path.  Nothing too kinky or crazy but certainly more than plain old vanilla.  While there’s certainly nothing wrong with Georgie or her sexual preferences, she probably shouldn’t mix them with alcohol.  But mix with alcohol she did and since that night, Georgie has lived in fear of that night being revealed  . . . . again.  The first time that night got shared with the public, Georgie left school and the state, the second time the night was revealed she lost her fiancé and left the state. 

For the past couple of years, Georgie has lived a lonely life in Amityville, Long Island.  She loves her job as a bartender but because of her past, she has not allowed herself to get close to anyone, even her co-workers.  If she isn’t going to have friends, Georgie certainly isn’t going to have a boyfriend or even the occasional lover.  The chance of her past coming back to bite her on the ass yet again is just too great a risk.  Fate is a funny thing and when her boss goes into the hospital, his son, Derek is called in to help carry the load.  Derek is dead sexy, frustrating as all hell and Georgie is finding it hard to stick to her no dating rule.  Especially when she discovers Derek likes his sex a tiny bit off the beaten path as well. 

Derek has no intention of taking over his father’s bar but he also doesn’t want to see it go under.  Reluctantly, Derek agrees to watch over the bar and is happy to find there is more than just good alcohol there, there’s also Georgie.  Georgie fascinates Derek and when he discovers she likes her sex just the same way he does, well, he starts thinking about a bit more than one off.  In fact, for the first time in his life, Derek is thinking that maybe, just maybe Georgie could be the woman he does happily ever after with.  Unfortunately, like Georgie, Derek has a bit of a secret of his own and it may be just big enough to cause Georgie to head for the hills and never look back.

The Bottom Line:  I really enjoyed this second novella-length installment of the Follow That Dress series.  Rather than embracing who she is and celebrating her sexuality, Georgie has worked hard to hide who she is.  To be fair, the couple of times Georgie’s proclivities have been revealed it hasn’t gone well so she is a bit gun shy.  Derek doesn’t make her feel ashamed at all about who she is and what she wants but he also doesn’t know the whole story until he is emotionally invested.  Of course, there has to be drama before the HEA and there certainly is drama.  The drama and the sex are both just about right for this length of read with neither competing for the other for the spotlight.  Both Georgie and Derek are likeable characters and yes, the dress shows up in this read too 🙂



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