Review: Dragon Soul (Book #3: Dragon Falls Series) by Katie MacAlister

Dragon Soul
Title: Dragon Soul Series: Book #3: Dragon Falls Author: Katie MacAlister Format: Kindle Edition, 368 pages Published: March 29, 2016 by Hodder & Stoughton ASIN: B00X61N0G6

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NOTHING BURNS HOTTER: Sophea Long knows that escorting her octogenarian client to Europe will be an adventure. Mrs. P has a habit of stealing anything shiny, and the former “hoochikoo dancer” is a lot faster than she looks. But Sophea hadn’t counted on Mrs. P leading her right into the arms of a smoldering, dark-haired stranger who kisses like a dream. If only he’d give up all this nonsense about Sophea being some kind of dragon…  THAN THE FIRE INSIDE:There’s a reason Rowan Dakar is known as the Dragon Breaker. The last thing he needs is to fall for a woman who literally sets him aflame every time they kiss. After all, he has a mission-one that will finally free him of dragonkin for good. He can’t afford to be distracted by the funniest, most desirable woman he’s ever set eyes on. But no prophecy in the world can ever stop true love . . .

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My Rating: 2½/5 stars

My Review:

And I’m right back to being disappointed . . . .

Dragon Soul is the third installment of the Dragon Falls series and like the first book, it falls short of meeting my expectations. 

Sophea Long has been tasked with escorting the delightful kleptomaniac known as Mrs. P to Egypt.  Mrs. P. seems to defy all logic and stereotypes, she hits on anything even remotely male, and is quite insistent that Sophea is her guide and her protector and will be needed on every leg of her journey to her beau.  Given Mrs. P.’s age, Sophea tends to ignore much of the ramblings and twittering and does her very best to return each and every item the old bat steals from others.  Though the trip has been somewhat exhausting, Sophea has generally enjoyed herself.  Right up until the moment two men try to kill Mrs. P.  Enter Rowan Dakar, the single bright spot in this read.

Rowan Dakar has spent the better part of his adult life hiding from dragonkin.  Thanks to a total and complete clusterf*^$ when he was far younger, Rowan is known throughout dragonkin as the Dragon Breaker and should he be found, his life will likely be forfeit.  When circumstances involving a dreaded red dragon spiral out of control on a plane to Germany, Rowan is forced to get involved which effectively outs him to the world.  Mrs. P. may be a pain in his ass but Sophea is something altogether different.  Rowan is sure Sophea is a dragon but she seems to have no clue about what she is and what she is capable of.  Additionally, to Rowan’s ears Mrs. P.’s ramblings aren’t just ramblings but lore and truth about the world beyond humanity.  According to the old bat, Rowan must stay involved and continue to accompany she and Sophea on their journey. 

As the journey continues, things get weirder and weirder.  Sophea not only accepts that she is, in fact dragonish, Mrs. P. acquires a gaggle of gorgeous girls to accompany her at all times, and Rowan gets a few little (and not so little) surprises from the First Dragon himself.  To complicate matters, Sophea and Rowan are wildly attracted to one another, they have to continuously complete certain terrifying tasks on Mrs. P.’s behalf, and they have to figure out how to solve the Bael problem that is still plaguing everyone.  Oh, and Mrs. P. seems to be getting younger the longer the trip goes on.  Yeah, that’s not weird at all. 

The Bottom Line:  Other than Rowan and his particular story, there was little of value in this read for me.  The plot wanders almost aimlessly, Sophea is one of the single-most annoying characters in the history of literature, and the final explanation of everything is severely lacking.  Honestly, I am not at all sure what happened with this read and if it weren’t for Rowan and the reappearance of some of the older characters, including the most delightful, Gary, I probably would have DNF’d this book.  I don’t want to give up on Katie Mac because I have historically quite enjoyed her dragon books but two of three books in this latest series have fallen dramatically short of the standard set by the earlier dragon books.  Clearly, I’m going to have to rethink my love affair with Katie Mac and that makes me one very, very sad panda.

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