Review and Excerpt: Plunge by Heather Stone

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Advertising executive by day.  Porn addict by night. is my guilty pleasure. Like the website tagline says it’s straight up P.O.R.N. There’s no wining and dining or foreplay involved. It’s just what I need.  Little did I know that one impulsive message would lead the sites main attraction into my life in more than just my wet dreams.  This is a short happily ever after steamy novella, containing insta-love.

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My Rating: 3½/5 stars

My Mini-Review:

Following a really bad break-up, Samantha sought refuge in the online world but rather than shopping or gambling, Sam developed an intense interest in the website.  In point of fact, Sam has developed an intense interest in NYCsir, a frequent poster to and the man that can get Sam off faster than any battery operated boyfriend.

NYCsir is just a fantasy since he never shows his face but he’s a fantasy that can be contacted.  On a whim and with a little help from her friends, Sam begins a dialogue with NYCsir that is seriously hot and seriously intense.  In the span of 24 hours, NYCsir breaks every single one of his rules in order to meet the woman who has so captivated him.  In a twist of fate that only an author can come up with, NYCsir runs straight into Sam in his father’s office also known as Sam’s job site. 

When NYCsir, also known as Adam and Sam meet face to face, the interaction is like a crazy chemical reaction gone nuclear.  There’s the bar bathroom, the alley, the taxi, Adam’s home in a variety of places . . . . well, you get the idea.  There is a lot of sex going on between those two J  In between all the crazy (and somewhat quick) sex, Adam and Sam realize they are more to one another than just f&^$ buddies.  Yeah, like the sex, the feels come quick too.  Pretty sure I didn’t mean that to be as dirty as is sounds . . . .

The Bottom Line: You know what?  I like a book that doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t and Plunge is just that kind of book.  The synopsis tells you exactly what to expect in this read and Stone delivers.  My only complaint about this read is its length.  Even for a novella, Plunge is a really short read which means the plethora of naughty bits feel rushed.  With that being said, the naughty bits are still pretty good, Adam is delightful, and there is even the tiniest bit of drama to sweeten the pot.  If you’re looking for a quick, dirty read with an HEA, Plunge just might be the read for you.

P.S. This read reminds me a lot of Selena Kitt and Opal Carew though those girls tend to vary their naughty bits far more than Stone does.

Excerpt from Plunge:

“So, Sam,” Jane says through the laughter and chatter of the other patrons, “I’ve been thinking about this all day. When was the last time you got laid?”

“Too far back to remember,” I reply, reaching for the new shot glass sitting in front of me. I throw it back and it burns my throat as it warms my body. “But I do watch a shit-ton of porn,” I blurt out before I can stop myself.

“NO SHIT! I did not see that coming. Really?”

“Yeah, I have a mild addiction.” I can’t believe I’m admitting this out loud. Must be the booze. “Ever hear of”

Her mouth falls open with my admission. “Isn’t that the site where people post all their fantasies and shit?”

“Something like that.” I shrug.

“Show me.”

With all my inhibitions gone, I reach for my phone in my purse and pull it out. “There,” I say, flashing her the screen to the home page. She shakes her head at me.

“Not good enough, Sam. Show me the good stuff.” Her lip quirks up into a sinful grin. I let out an audible sigh and start to type.

“Here, happy?” I say, thrusting the phone in her face.

Her pupils dilate rapidly. “Holy shit. This is hot. God, look at that cock! Oh my God, it says it’s his… Damn it.”


“No face image, but dude… From his body alone he looks hot. Oh my God, Sam. You need to totally hit that.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I can’t “hit” that,” I say while air quoting.

“Of course you can. Here, look.” She types something on my phone and shows it to me. My heart starts to pound in my chest as I read what she has typed. Is that really a picture of your cock? Because it’s beautiful. I snatch the phone from her hand and try to undo the message but it’s too late. The message has been sent.

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About the author and where to find her:

heather stoneDaydreamer by day professional child wrangler by night. Bred in the Midwest, I often would conjure up stories in my head to fill my day. When I’m not concocting a delicious new tale, I can be found curled up in a corner with a cup of coffee and the newest page turner.

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