Review: His Every Need (Book #1: Beauty and the Brit Series) by Terri L. Austin

Book #1 - His Every Need
Title: His Every Need Series: Book #1: Beauty and the Brit Author: Terri L. Austin Format: Paperback, 320 pages Published: August 5, 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca ISBN: 1402291760

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How far will she go to hold on to her family home?  When Allie Campbell’s father loses their home to British tycoon Trevor Blake, she pleads for more time to pay off the loan. But Trevor refuses to acknowledge his own family, so he’s completely unconcerned with hers. Allie impulsively offers to do anything to keep the house, so he teasingly tells her to move in with him and cater to his every need. To his amazement, she agrees…

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Allie Campbell’s life went to hell the day her mother was buried.  After a long and painful struggle with cancer, Allie and her family are on the brink of losing everything else.  The family is in debt due to the medical bills, her father’s business is bankrupt, her middle sister has gone off the rails, and the family home has just been bought for a song. 

Trevor Blake holds court in his mansion and makes money.  He has little to no compassion or care for anyone or anything other than himself.  When Allie Campbell shows up on his doorstep begging for the time to save her home and bail her family out of debt, Trevor just can’t find it in himself to give a crap.  That is, until she offers herself as his mistress in exchange for bailing out her family.  Though Trevor can’t really believe Allie is serious in her offer he is an asshole with money to spare so why not see what Allie is willing to do to save her family. 

Trevor has no intention of forcing Allie into anything (he’s not that big of an asshole) but he does insist she live with him and be available for his every whim.  Of course, his whims won’t occur while he is working at taking over the world so he provides Allie with transportation, a driver, and a credit card.  Thank goodness, because Allie has no intention of abandoning her family during her stay with Trevor.  In fact, Allie has every intention of living her life exactly as she did pre-Trevor which means taking care of her family’s home, trying to coax her younger sister Brynn out of her grief, and trying to yell some sense into her middle sister, Monica.  What Allie and Trevor don’t count on is just how much of a train wreck Allie’s life really is and how much of her time (read: Trevor’s time) the train wreck is going to consume. 

In and around Allie’s each and every disaster, there is Trevor, the totally hot man whose wit and little bit of charm is often overshadowed by his biting words and cruelty.  Allie is often on the receiving end of Trevor’s bad attitude and she doesn’t truly understand its source until his completely flighty parents arrive unannounced to announce their remarriage to one another.  When Allie isn’t with her own family, she begins to spend more time with Trevor’s parents which gives her insight into his lame attitude and behavior.  But, every camel has a straw that breaks his/her back and even though the sex is amazing and Trevor has a few very brief moments of care and compassion she just can’t take his wretched and awful side especially not when her family needs her so much. Trouble is, Allie isn’t quite sure she can live without Trevor either.

The Bottom Line:  His Every Need is one crazy train wreck that pulled me in kept hold right up to the very end.  Allie is one hot mess and her family is no better.  For years, Allie has been the one to hold her family together and now that she can’t control everything and everyone, her world is spinning out of control.  Trevor is a life line for Allie and though he tries desperately to stay unattached, Allie pushes all his buttons in the best and worst ways possible.  The fight just hard as they play and when push comes to shove each realizes they have no life without the other.  Austin puts Allie and Trevor through absolutely everything all while introducing a bevy of other characters that will play larger roles in future installments of the series.  I like this read, even Trevor and all his awfulness!!  The sex is fantastic, the secondary characters are interesting and mostly likeable (blech on Monica!), and the plot is both interesting and entertaining.

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