Spotlight: Temporary Assignment, Vol. 3 by K.B. Winters and Evie Monroe

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Temporary Assignment 3
Title: Temporary Assignment, Vol. 3  Authors: K.B. Winters and Evie Monroe  Published: January 3, 2016 by BookBoyfriends Publishing, LLC ASIN: B01A5T4TE

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Cole Bryant is a highly decorated Captain in the Marine Corps. His whole military career has been embedded deep inside a Special Ops organization. But that life is over. He is re-assigned to a recruiting office in Washington. It was at his request, in order to be closer to his sick mother, but pushing paperwork and selling the dream is far from the heart pumping, heat of battle he is used to.   Savannah Rogers is a high achieving high school principle that doesn’t have time for a relationship—even if she wanted one. When Cole and Savannah cross paths, both their worldviews are called into question.  Can Cole trade in his high profile, risk-seeking life of service, for a simpler life? And will Savannah be able to let her guard down long enough to see that there are men with merit left in the world? Or, will the ravages of war destroy everything?

Temporary Assignment, Book 1:

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Temporary Assignment, Book 3:

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About the authors and where to find them:

KB Winters: KB Winters is the author of the brand new Billionaire Romance Series, Plush. She has an addiction to caffeine and hard-bodied alpha males. The men in her books are very sexy, protective and sometimes bossy, her ladies are…well…bossier!  Living in sunny Southern California, this hopeless romantic writes every chance she gets!

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Evie Monroe: Evie Monroe also lives in Southern California and when KB asked her to co-author her next books, Evie was ecstatic! Together, they’ve penned their first collaboration.


Once Upon an Alpha


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