Review: Crystal (Book #1: Off the Rack Series) by Cherrie Mack

Title: Crystal Series: Book #1: Off the Rack Series Author: Cherrie Mack Format: ebook, 117 pages Published: October 1, 2015 by Cherrie Mack Original Title: Follow That Dress ASIN: B014LRV79A

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Insta-passion and insta-love collide in Cherrie Mack’s new sizzling pretty woman tale. When an independent, snarky girl from Queens crosses paths with an older uptight CEO, she tells him where to shove his attitude. Unbeknownst to Crystal, she just called her employer a dick. But Mr. Salinger needs to find a girlfriend fast. And Crystal, with her colorful vocabulary and brazen personality, fits the bill. Would she agree to his crazy scheme and play his girlfriend for two weeks?
As they delve into an arrangement based on give and take, Robert and Crystal find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Sexual attraction supersedes their age difference, and they agree on a two-week affair. The result is somewhat unexpected. She doesn’t believe in love; he doesn’t want love. But now that they’re in love, whatever will they do?

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Crystal’s day just can’t get much worse.  Her clothes don’t fit thanks to her love of comfort food, she’s late for work, and the cupcake she bought ended up spread across the front of the angry asshole’s Armani suit she just ran into.  Feeling so done with everything, Crystal decides to verbally unload on the man so he understands just how rude his behavior is. 

Several hours later . . . .

The angry asshole is at Crystal’s front door and as it turns out, he is Robert Salinger, the owner of the company she works for.  Oh, and he likes her saucy attitude and wants her to be his pretend girlfriend for the next two weeks.  Huh?  The day can get worse. 

With nothing to lose, Crystal agrees to Robert’s crazy plan and quickly wonders just what in hell she has gotten herself into.  Robert has something of a reputation that his actions just don’t seem to line up with.  Robert is confident and somewhat arrogant but he can also be quite charming and genuinely nice.  In order to maintain the façade of fake girlfriend, he is willing to share a great deal of information about himself and what Crystal learns is as appealing as the man’s hardened body.  Knowing the affair has an expiration date, Crystal proposes a sexual relationship assuming she will get a little action and walk away at the end of the two weeks.

With every encounter, sexual or otherwise, Robert finds himself at a loss with Crystal.  She is so unlike every other woman he has ever dated and her brash personality, matched by her willingness to experiment sexually is a complete turn on.  She isn’t afraid to call out Robert’s old money “friends” on their bullshit and be exactly who she is at all times even when she feels a bit like a fish out of water.  Robert feels quite attached to Crystal but knows there is no future for them because of their significant age difference.  Clearly, he is going to take some convincing.

The Bottom Line:  I rather liked this read and found myself often laughing at Crystal’s antics.  For as brash (and sometimes crass!) as she is, she is also a compassionate person who genuinely likes Robert.  She owns her behavior and her words even when they get her into trouble and she doesn’t hide behind anything or anyone.  Robert is one of those characters who gets in his own way and if he would just stop doing that, he would find true happiness.  It takes Crystal, her in your face attitude, a scheme to redeem his reputation, and a few choice words from some unlikely sources before Robert pulls his head out of his ass.  Overall, I liked this read but would have liked to see more length.  The story is good and the characters are believable but everything feels rushed and would certainly benefit from some further development. 


About the author and where to find her:

Cherrie Mack is a multi-published romance author who grew up in Flushing Queens NY, the youngest child of six. The city’s diversity gave her a great appreciation for many different cultures and lifestyles. After love finally claimed the girl from the city and dragged her to the suburban madness of Long Island, she settled into a quiet life with her new husband. Two children and one mini-van later, the family found themselves moving towards the sunny skies of Florida where they currently reside. When she isn’t writing, she is busy chasing her children around, laughing with her husband, struggling to learn meditation and hanging out with her best friend–a mutt named Bailey.   Over the last year, Cherrie has continued to flourish, writing contemporary erotic romance, romantic comedy, urban fantasy and her latest, paranormal romance. Her ability to cross genre’s fuels her imagination and gives her the desire to continue to push her boundaries and branch out as a writer. Although she hasn’t settled into any given sub-genre, she is confident her ability will lead her down the right path.   A member of Romance Writers of America, Cherrie is slowly spreading her wings as a romance author. Look for her books at all digital bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, ITunes, Nook, Kobo and many more.

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