Guest Post and Sweepstakes: Heir to the Pack (Book #1: The Cursed Pack ) by Laura Welling


Title: Heir to the Pack Series: Book #1: The Cursed Pack Series Author: Laura Welling Format: Kindle Edition, 280 pages Published: September 25, 2015 by Laura Welling ASIN: B015TW5N0K
Title: Heir to the Pack
Series: Book #1: The Cursed Pack Series
Author: Laura Welling
Format: Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published: September 25, 2015 by Laura Welling

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Three years ago, Annie had a three-day fling in Cancun with a handsome stranger, Dash. Two years ago, she gave birth to his son. Now, Annie’s son is fading away with a mysterious illness, and she must seek help from his father, who doesn’t know he exists. But Dash has news for her: first, he’s a werewolf; second, he’s about to be crowned their king; and third, their son has been touched by an ancient curse.

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My Writing Place by Laura Welling:

Some authors have a special place they go to write–an office, or a particular café, for example. Some have writing rituals like playing music or lighting a candle. Some like to have a collage of pictures of people, places, and things in their book.

While I do have an office in my house, I also have a very busy life, with a full-time job, a family and a farm. This means that sometimes I end up writing in my office, but a lot of the time it’s wherever and whenever I can make the time. If I had to be in my office, I wouldn’t get nearly as much done.

Having said that, my office is on the top floor of our old farmhouse. The ceiling is low, and consists of rough beams and raw wood. The floor is also made of dark wood, but polished. The planks are about a foot wide!

From my window I can see the lawn leading to the edge of the woods. Plenty of wildlife passes by. There’s a red fox who goes by mid-afternoon each day in winter, but I have also seen deer (daily), red-shouldered hawks, hummingbirds, and once a bobcat!

I have a carpenter’s wooden desk, and an Aeron chair, and I keep a daylight lamp on my desk to beat back seasonal depression. Next to my desk is a huge bookshelf full of all kinds of books and other assorted oddities. On the wall I keep three old school clocks with the local time, the time in the city where my company’s headquarters is located, and the time in my hometown in Australia. My printer lives on an antique dynamite box, which hopefully represents the quality of my writing. The dynamite, that is, not the antique.

I would take a picture of it all for you, but the other thing to know is that my desk is a pit. I generally try and keep my house fairly tidy, but my desk is always a horror show. It takes about 24 hours to go from clean and tidy to completely lost under notebooks, index cards, and coffee cups.

Some of my writing takes place here but I have also written:

– In Starbucks and Panera

– In the (parked) car

– In hotel rooms

– At writers’ conferences, because listening to other writers always inspires me!

– Via dictation while feeding a baby

– On a bench at the playground

– In airports and on planes

Fun Fact: I finished writing the first draft of Heir To The Pack on a transcontinental flight!

About the author and where to find her:

Laura WellingWhen she’s not writing, Laura Welling wears a lot of other hats: mother, farmer, and software engineer. She’s Australian but lives in the United States on a horse farm, which she shares with her family, crazy dogs, and various horses, cats and chickens. She is a compulsive reader of all genre fiction, who started reading before the age of two, and never stopped. She wrote her first “book” when she was five—a spy story, which has since been joined in a bottom drawer by various other early attempts.

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