Review: Addicted to You (Book #2: Swanson Court Series) by Serena Gray

Title: Addicted to You Series: Book #2: Swanson Court Series Author: Serena Gray Published: September 24, 2015 by Raven Press ASIN: B014K9JRW8
Title: Addicted to You
Series: Book #2: Swanson Court Series
Author: Serena Gray
Published: September 24, 2015 by Raven Press

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She is in love with him.
He doesn’t want commitment.

After walking away from Landon, Rachel tries to forget the man with whom, despite her best intentions and her better judgement, she has fallen hopelessly in love.  But Landon is not going to make it so easy for her. He wants her and he’s not willing to let her go.  One week changed everything for her, but how can she love him, knowing that he’ll never feel the same.

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My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review: 

Round two of Rachel and Landon’s story is one hell of a roller coaster ride that opens on a decided low.  From the beginning, Landon was clear the relationship was not going to go beyond the physical and if Rachel pressed for something more the arrangement would come to an end.  With that knowledge in mind and no explanation, Rachel tells Landon their time has come to an end.

With every intention of sticking to her guns, Rachel attempts to sink back into her life but the separation from Landon wears on her every second of the day.  At every turn, Rachel is reminded of what she has given up and though she doesn’t want to give in, she is in physical pain.  To make matters worse, her ex has begun hanging around and is far more solicitous than he has ever been in the past.  In fact, he is pushing for a reconciliation and reminding Rachel repeatedly that Landon is no good for her.  Oh, and it gets worse still.  Landon is not used to losing and with no valid explanation from Rachel, he intends to pursue her and reclaim what he feels like is his.

Landon is relentless in his pursuit sending flowers, calling, and even showing up at Rachel’s apartment.  Sneakily, Landon appeals to Rachel’s cousin (and roommate!) and is able to get some alone time with her.  Landon wants an explanation for Rachel’s leaving him and he wants to understand why they are both suffering needlessly.  Landon’s presence is far harder to resist than his memory and Rachel quickly gives into her desire to not only be with him but to stop hurting.  Landon is smooth and convincing and even Rachel can’t deny wanting to be with him.  Though she gives Landon very little by way of explanation and knows the underlying issue is still not resolved Rachel decides to go ahead and take the ride with Landon for as long as it going to last. 

For a time, things between Rachel and Landon are alright though never good.  The sex is, as always, absolutely excellent but it isn’t enough for Rachel and certainly isn’t enough for a long-lasting relationship.  Landon sees no problem with their arrangement and attempts to bring Rachel deeper into his life, to become more involved in his world.  He takes to her to big events, takes her to properties he is considering for purchase, and generally tries to make her a permanent fixture in his world.  For Landon, this is giving more and committing to something beyond a mere physical relationship.  Fate (and Serena Grey!) seems to be out to get Landon for every step he takes to bring Rachel closer, something from his past or hers crops up to drive a wedge further between them.  Seriously, those two have enough baggage to need a service to help them carry it. 

The Bottom Line:  I’m not generally a big fan of overly-angsty reads but somehow, Grey has managed to suck me into this madness and made me love it.  From the moment this read opens there is a tension that just doesn’t let up.  Rachel wants to be with Landon more than she wants her next breath but she needs more than he has ever been able to offer anyone else.  There is some good insight into Landon’s background in this read and I was glad to know some of the details that have made him the man he is.  Truthfully, knowing Landon’s background makes him far less creepy and stalker-like and explains his insistence on keeping Rachel close and hold her at a distance simultaneously.  There are some good and happy moments in this book but those are very few and far between.  Believe it or not, the tension this story is laced with is one of the highlights of the read.  With every flip of the virtual page you just now something wretched and awful is going to happen and for every time that wretched and awful thing doesn’t happen the tension gets even higher.  When the end finally comes, it is as wretched and awful as you have been expecting and is absolutely clear that Rachel and Landon’s story is far from over.


About the author and where to find her:

Serena Grey is a bestselling author of romance. Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire series, she’s had a thing for hot sexy billionaires and constantly tries to help them find happily-ever-afters in her books.

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