Review: Take the Fall (Book #1: Take the Fall Series) by Marquita Valentine

Title: Take the Fall Series: Book #1: Take the Fall Series Author: Marquita Valentine Format: Kindle Edition, 178 pages Published: July 21, 2015 by Loveswept ASIN: B00QE1J5KU
Title: Take the Fall
Series: Book #1: Take the Fall Series
Author: Marquita Valentine
Format: Kindle Edition, 178 pages
Published: July 21, 2015 by Loveswept

Purple GoodreadsSynopsis:

As a teenager, Seth O’Connor went to jail for a crime he had nothing to do with. He took the fall to protect the girl he loved, but the cruel realities of prison hardened him. After doing his time, Seth shuts her out and enlists in the Marines—until his grandmother’s funeral forces him to come home and face Rowan Simmons once again. The woman she’s become puts all his high-school memories to shame, and Seth wants her more than ever. Can he be honest about why he denied her for so long?

After Seth pushed her away, Rowan swore that no man would ever hurt her again. But the boy who broke her heart has become a sexy Marine, capable of fulfilling her every desire—and now that he’s back in town, old feelings are simmering to a boil. Rowan wants to stay strong, even as her body surrenders to his expert touch. She only hopes that by taking him back, she can finally help heal the wounds that drove them apart.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

 Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

One night, one moment, one stupid mistake changed everything in Seth O’Connor’s life.  He had a girl he was committed to, he had scholarships to college, and he had a small group of friends he was loyal too.  That loyalty is what landed Seth O’Conner in jail and, after his sentence was complete, a stint in the Marines.  In the years since he left prison, Seth has managed his anger, served his country well and, worked out a plan to get back the things and the people he foolishly pushed away years ago.

Rowan Simmons lost damn-near everything in a single night.  Her boyfriend, Seth O’Connor stood next to her brother, Jase when he was arrested for assault and sent to prison.  Though she was committed to Seth and more than willing to wait for him to return to her, he pushed her away until she had no other choice but to let him go.  With her brother in prison and her parents gone, Rowan was taken in by the one person who had also lost damn-near everything, Seth’s grandmother.  For the past five years, Rowan has lived with Seth’s grandmother and helped pull her automotive shop out of the red and into the black.  Rowan has managed to make a life without Seth and even managed to convince herself she’s happy without him.  She’s not. 

When Seth’s grandmother dies, he is forced to return home only to find he is now the sole owner of his grandmother’s house and her garage but Rowan is the one who has been running the show.  Coming home is hard to do especially when the only thing you want is the one woman you pushed away years ago.  But, Seth has a plan and he is going to get to Rowan back no matter what it takes.  First on the agenda, convince Rowan he isn’t going to leave her again and if he does have to leave, he will come back to her.  Rowan’s walls are thick and sturdy and aside from the physical attraction, which she totally give in to, she isn’t having any of Seth’s promises.  He’s left her before and he leave her again and as far as she’s concerned, he can leave right after he sells her the garage and the house. 

The Bottom Line: Marquita Valentine’s books always feel like a comfy pair of socks to me, I know I can pull them on and be instantly happy and satisfied.  Take the Fall is no exception to the comfy sock rule.  Far and away, Seth is the highlight of this read and though there are moments when you really, really want to hate him, he always does something to redeem himself.  Without giving anything away, his last act to convince Rowan of his feelings had me on the verge of tears.  Seth is good J  Rowan, on the other hand is not my favorite character in the world.  Her resistance to Seth and her attitude toward him just gets old.  I totally appreciate her situation and that her angry was justified for a while but the whole carrying a grudge thing only plays well for so long and in this case, it played out for a bit too long.  With the exception of Rowan, Take the Fall was a total comfy sock read for me.  As with her other series, Valentine has laid out a decent number of characters in this read to continue on for another several books.  Next up, Piper and Jase!!

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 About the author and where to find her:

author - Marquita ValentineNew York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She’s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.  Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man—and if that doesn’t work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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