Review: Shameless (Book #3: Black Brothers Trilogy) by Brynley Bush

Title: Shameless Series: Book #3: Black Brothers Trilogy Author: Brynley Bush Format: Paperback, 430 pages Published: February 10, 2015 ISBN13: 9781507733271
Title: Shameless
Series: Book #3: Black Brothers Trilogy
Author: Brynley Bush
Format: Paperback, 430 pages
Published: February 10, 2015
ISBN13: 9781507733271

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It started as a deception to catch a killer. It turned into a game of seduction. Will it end when a shocking secret threatens to tear them apart?  Sheltered good girl Victoria Raine has always wanted to be a little bad. Tired of living life safely on the sidelines, she summons the courage to forge a new path for herself and applies to the FBI, looking for adventure and something to fulfill her vague longing for something…more. She gets more than she bargained for with her first undercover assignment—posing as the girlfriend of country music’s bad boy, Drake Maddox, a lone wolf with a reputation for having singularly erotic tastes. Hoping to catch a serial killer that’s targeting women close to Drake, Tori’s job is to convince the public, and the killer, that she and the wickedly handsome superstar are an item.  Although their relationship is a sham, there’s nothing fake about the hidden desires the sexy as sin cowboy awakens in Tori. As the killer draws closer, Tori finds herself falling for the one man she can’t have.

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:


The third and final installment of the Black Brothers Trilogy starts out awesome and doesn’t let up until the very last second. Victoria (Tori) Raine has always done what is expected of her, right up to the moment she applied for the FBI. Drake Maddox has never done what is expected of him, right up to the moment he agreed to have a pretend girlfriend.

As a celebrated country singer, Drake Maddox (aka Drake Black) is a household name and used to a lot of attention. He is on the front of every magazine, he is the topic of all kinds of gossip, and women line up to share his bed. Drake rarely ever refuses a bed partner and if the rumors are to be believed, he is just like his brothers, Beckett and Griffin and likes to be in control of his women. Having a girlfriend has never really been on Drake’s agenda but woman have been disappearing from his concerts and the FBI has a plan.

When Tori is told she is to be Drake Maddox’s girlfriend in order to help catch a killer, she readily accepts the assignment then asks who Drake Maddox is. Her research is eye-opening, her first meeting with Drake is somewhat awkward, and their first “date” is seen by the public as friendly and far from hot. In private, the heat is definitely turned up but Tori realizes she is in way over her head with Drake. His reputation certainly precedes him and if she is going to convince the public she is really Drake’s girlfriend, she is going to need some instruction. Under the guise of it “being for the case,” Tori asks Drake to teach her how to be edgier, more like the girls he usually “dates.” Knowing an opportunity when he sees it, Drake agrees to teach Tori what it means to be edgier.

Teaching Tori to be edgier is not only exciting but entirely sensual and sexy and certainly no burden for Drake. With Tori’s agreement, Drake takes total control of their relationship from what Tori wears to the things she does both in public and private. Much to both Tori and Drake’s surprise, Tori is not only a willing participant but an enthusiastic one as well. While both are enjoying their time together and clearly convincing the public of their relationship status, they know they situation is temporary and meant to be nothing more than a show. As the deadline to catch the killer draws ever closer, Tori and Drake also become closer and neither are at all prepared for how the whole mess is going to shake out in the end.

The Bottom Line: It is no secret how much I love trilogies and the Black Brothers Trilogy is no exception. From beginning to end, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and was really sad to come to the end. Drake Maddox is quite the surprise and I liked him from the moment he was introduced in book two. Seriously? It’s kind of hard not to like him after that island scene. . . .but I digress. Tori is spunky and eager to learn but she is also searching for something more for her life. Drake is the perfect fit for Tori and once they actually lay all their cards on the table they are a very good team. The reveal of the big bad is not at all unexpected but getting to that moment is well worth it and I was glad to see the continuation of the theme/characters through all three books. Bush has created a group of characters and a plot line you are glad to see continue. Don’t get me wrong, each book focuses on one of the brothers exclusively but the other brothers (and their respective partners) play a vital role in that character’s book. It is clear, there is a great sense of respect, love, and loyalty among the Black brothers and that is a theme that is carried throughout the series as well. Bush has created an excellent series with solid, well-rounded characters and a plot line that is equal parts naughty and nice. I was quite thrilled to follow the Black brothers through three reads and would gladly do so again.

P.S. Though these books can be read as stand-alones, I highly recommend reading all three of them in order. There is so much crossing over and continuation of certain elements and characters that to read the trilogy out of order would create a far less enjoyable experience.

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