Review: Hard Ride: A Novel in Three Parts by Opal Carew

Title: Hard Ride Series: Part 3 of 3 Author: Opal Carew Published: April 28, 2015 by St Martin's Press  ISBN13: 9781466878679
Title: Hard Ride
Series: Part 3 of 3
Author: Opal Carew
Published: April 28, 2015 by St Martin’s Press
ISBN13: 9781466878679

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Liv never expected to rekindle her romance with her college boyfriend, who’s now a hard-bodied, tattooed biker. And she never imagined sharing herself with his entire gang.  Shock can feel Liv pulling away from him, just like she did all those years ago. Her lies are a painful reminder that she’s not ready for anything more than a good time in bed, but he’s not willing to let her go. He lost her once, and it’s never happening again. Faced with losing the one thing he’s always wanted, he must prove to Liv that what they have is more than physical and that his heart is in her hands. But is she ready to give him hers?

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My Rating for the entire series: 4 – 4½/5 stars

My Review:


The final installment of Hard Ride opens with Liv and Shock rushing off to be with her dying sister. Though Liv assumes she will be flying solo and saying her final goodbyes to her sister she quickly discovers Shock is in it for the long haul and has no intention of allowing her to go through this ordeal alone. As if this weren’t enough, Shock also covers the cost of an extremely experimental treatment that allows Liv’s sister a second chance at life. Yowsa!!

When things with her sister are once again on the up and up, Liv and Shock return to crew and determine to work on their issues. Both are crazy for the other but they are also both very scared of revealing their true feelings. Complications and situations from both their pasts are an ever-present issue and if they can’t move beyond those issues then there is no chance of a future.

As the emotional side of their relationship continues to roller coaster, the sexual side blossoms in a most delightful way. One emotion regarding Shock that Liv is crystal clear about is her trust in him. Liv knows in a bone-deep kind of way that Shock will never hurt her (sexually at least!) but will push the boundaries of her comfort zone. Still willing to experiment and broaden her horizons, Liv agrees to literally serve as Shock’s slave and the two embark on an afternoon of light BDSM, group sex and, a stunning amount of orgasms. Liv certainly broadens her horizons and shatters the boundaries of her comfort zone all while growing closer to Shock. Though the two have certainly been together before this particular experience, it is really this experience that allows them both to fully acknowledge their feelings for one another be brave enough to give voice to those emotions.

The Bottom Line: I know exactly what to expect when I dive into an Opal Carew read. I get characters I will like and who are at least a little bit broken and in search of healing, I will get some (sometimes a lot!) of pretty fantastic sex sometimes with a little bit of kink and, I will get a plot line that doesn’t really tax my brain but keeps me interested and generally entertained. I got exactly what I expected in the Hard Ride series and very much enjoyed the read. I found myself particularly drawn to Shock as he is a fine contradiction: outwardly he is a hardened, tatted up biker who enjoys the freedom and lack of responsibility associated with riding with a crew but when you dig a bit deeper you discover he is all of those things and so much more. Shock is also an intelligent and very successful businessman who values honor, ethics and self-respect over money. He is kind, caring, respectful and completely in love with Liv.

Hard Ride’s plot really doesn’t make you work too hard but it is engaging. Liv’s sister is dying and if serving as a sexual partner for hire for a month is what Liv has to do to save her sister, then she will do it. The medical issues in play sound really, really nasty but it pretty much just takes a very expensive wonder pill to save the day J This may sound hokey and all too easily dealt with but I don’t care. The sick sister is just the means by which Liv is reintroduced to Shock and Hard Ride is really their story! Loads of sex, Shock and, HEAs all around made Hard Ride a pretty good read for me!!

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