Review and Sweepstakes: Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand


Title: Untrue Colors Author: Veronica Forand Published: March 10, 2015 by Entangled: Select Suspense
Title: Untrue Colors
Author: Veronica Forand
Published: March 10, 2015 by Entangled: Select Suspense

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She’s on the run…

Brilliant art appraiser Alex Northrop’s ex used stolen art to fund his nefarious activities. Now he wants her dead. But it isn’t just herself she’s worried about – if he discovers who she really is, he’ll kill her family.  Professor Henry Chilton is shocked to find a beautiful stranger passed out in his bed, and even more so when she reveals a priceless painting is a forgery – the painting he’d planned to use to fund a woman’s shelter. She’s mysterious and frightened, and he is determined to discover why.  Alex’s knowledge of art is undeniable—just as Henry’s attraction to her is irresistible. But in order to help him recover the real painting, Alex isn’t just risking exposure…she’s risking her life.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Life for Professor Henry Chilton is relatively normal: he teaches archaeology at Oxford, he has both a castle and another smaller though still large and beautiful home, his half-brother shuttles him around when he (the half-brother) isn’t working some covert op and, he has a beautiful stranger sound asleep in his bed. I said life is relatively normal, I just didn’t say it was normal for most people 🙂

From the moment Henry meets Alex (aka Gabe) he knows several things: 1) she is not who she says she is; 2) she is on the run from something awful and; 3) she has turned his life and plans upside down when she ever so confidently announces that his painting, his thought to be priceless painting is in fact, a fake. All of Henry’s plans for the future and his castle are riding on the painting and to find out it is a fake from a complete stranger is unsettling to say the least. With few people he can trust and a lot of people depending on him, Henry turns to his brother, Simon. Simon’s life outside of Henry’s home is a mystery to most everyone and he likes it that way. His particular skill set is highly classified and he is ideally placed to help Henry uncover Alex’s true identity and recover his stolen painting.

Alex has only two goals: 1) stay alive and; 2) keep her family protected. Meeting Henry Chilton and stumbling into his stolen painting problem was not on the agenda when she stumbled into his home. On the run from a man she thought loved her and valued her abilities, Alex is constantly afraid and desperate to protect herself and her family. Henry and his home provide a great deal of protection and he is willing to protect her but Alex doesn’t want one more life on her hands. Unfortunately, Henry is a very stubborn man and when he realizes Alex may be able to set everything in his world back to rights, he concocts a plan that will either help them or hurt them both. There is a small window of time for Henry to recover his painting and with Alex by his side and his half-brother’s connections, Henry may just be able to help a lot of people and save a damsel in distress.

What Alex isn’t quite prepared for is the sheer determination and level of evil possessed by the man hunting her. He is a whole new level of evil and is willing to kill anyone and destroy anything in his path in order to achieve his goals. Alex is simply a loose end that must be tied up and in order to do that, he takes her from Henry and forces her to submit to his will. What Alex doesn’t know is that Henry is also very determined and willing to go to great lengths to ensure her life and her safety. Even with his own plans hanging in the balance, Henry and Simon work together to get Alex back.

The Bottom Line: Untrue Colors is a fine read that takes the reader through a variety of locales, a variety of emotions and, a variety of action-packed moments. Henry Chilton is not at all what he appears to be and is just the right kind of nerd. He is physically quite capable, very adept in a physical confrontation, intelligent beyond reason and, possesses a wonderfully caring side. Time and time again, Henry proves his loyalty toward and affection for Alex, he goes to great lengths to make her comfortable and restore her faith in both men and love. He is kind and patient though never a pushover and those are all very endearing qualities in a man. Alex is young but no longer naïve. Her experiences with her ex taught her a lot of valuable lessons and unfortunately, the most potent lesson was fear. Henry is a cat of a different color and though Alex has a hard time trusting, Henry Chilton is hard to resist. His painting, his life, his affection and, his plans for the future are terribly hard to resist and Alex finds herself desperately hoping for a future of her own with the man she loves. Untrue Colors is an easy read to fall into and Henry is certainly the star of the show for me. Alex’s knowledge and confidence when she is discussing art are some of her finer moments and by the end of the read, I was all kinds of rooting for Alex and Henry. My only real complaint regarding this read is Simon and his ending. Simon is a very strange character with some excellent and awful moments and by the end of the read, he is in a very desperate way and there is just no resolution for him. I suspect there is to be a second book dedicated to Simon and his story but as of this writing, I can’t find an announcement but certainly do I hope there will be one soon 🙂


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About the author and where to find her:

Veronica ForandA Bostonian by birth, Veronica Forand regrettably lost her Boston accent while moving from state to state and country to country. Cleveland probably had the most profound effect on her ability to pronounce the “r” in the word “park.”  She does try to return now and then to visit family and eat long neck clams and lobster. Summers on Cape Cod are also high on the priority list.  Her experience in crime involves time as a court appointed attorney. Eventually, she switched fields to where bigger crimes take place, corporate tax. The allure of spending mornings in her pajamas homeschooling her children and writing fascinating fiction inspired her to change careers again. Now that the kids are out of the house (in school), she writes romantic thrillers by day and is the perfect wife and mother at night.  Her experience in romance is limited to one man. Luckily, he’s still finding ways to charm her by taking her on vacations to the south of France, Fiji, and the Green Mountains when time is short. Avid travelers, they love to roam with their kids across continents in pursuit of skiing, scuba diving, and the perfect piece of chocolate.  She’s lived in London, Paris, Geneva, Washington D.C., and the accent destroying city of Cleveland. She currently resides near Philadelphia.

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