Review: Out in Time by Grey Cole

Title: Out in Time Author: Grey Cole Release date: 12/29/14 Format: ebook, 100 pages Genre: M/M / Gay Erotica / Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
Title: Out in Time
Author: Grey Cole
Release date: 12/29/14
Format: ebook, 100 pages
Genre: M/M / Gay Erotica / Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs

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A closeted football star. An out and proud photographer. And a road trip.

Wade Truman had grown accustomed to admiring Heath Taylor from afar. Now, years of denying himself and the irresistible Heath are wreaking havoc on Wade’s resolve. The odds are stacked against them … they’re graduating college soon. Wade just signed a multimillion dollar football deal—thrusting him even further into the spotlight. Not to mention, what would the gorgeously refined Heath want with a small town jock boy like himself anyway?

Heath grew up privileged, accepted, and out. And the two hells he swore he would never put himself through—crushing on a straight guy and being anyone’s dirty little secret—have presented themselves in one sweet talkin’, dream hauntin’ package. One weekend with Wade, and Heath’s sure the devil himself has come a-knockin’.

Warning: Contains Southern accents wielded like weapons of desire, a snarky, do-gooder Pennsylvanian, and two boys deserving of true love.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

I am quickly becoming a big fan of Grey Cole and her brand of erotica! Out in Time is a short, sweet novella that follows the blossoming romance between Wade and Heath, two college seniors on a quick but immensely eventful road trip.

Wade Truman is living the dream, almost. He is on the verge of graduating from college, has already signed a multimillion dollar deal with the NFL and, is on a road trip with the guy he has been crushing on for a couple of years. The dream comes to an abrupt end on several levels: Wade has worked hard for his NFL contract and doesn’t want to jeopardize it by coming out of the closet and Heath has no idea Wade is gay. The road trip is an opportunity, a once in a lifetime opportunity for Wade to really talk to Heath, know him better and, maybe, if he is really lucky find acceptance with the guy he has grown to like tremendously.

Heath is an extremely talented photographer whose presence in the road trip with Wade is by necessity. Wade is interviewing a gay, ex-NFL superstar for the college paper and insisted that Heath be the photographer to accompany him. Heath has known Wade for a couple of years and though he has tried to get over his crush on the “straight” guy, Heath just can’t seem to do it. Wade is a dream on legs with his perfect physique, southern charm, intellect and, sense of humor. Heath knows Wade is open-minded and supportive of gay rights but he has no idea Wade is actually gay.

Both Heath and Wade find the interview they conduct to be an enlightening experience. Wade knows coming out as a gay athlete is a huge risk and may tank his career before it ever starts. Heath has been openly gay for many years and has no desire to be anyone’s secret but as the weekend moves forward and the conversation between Wade and Heath flows, Heath begins to think that being Wade’s secret might just be worth it. Wade is kind and tender (despite his massive physique) and doesn’t ever want to hurt or hide Heath. When the guys’ emotional states are paired with some pretty explosive (and totally hot!) physical connections, it becomes clear to both that they will have to find a way to be together because being apart just isn’t realistic for either.

The Bottom Line: I am loving these short, sweet novellas from Grey Cole!! Cole has figured out the formula for the short read that is still able to provide me with solid characters, a good plot and, some naughty bits thrown in for good measure. Out in Time is a well-balanced read with the character’s emotional state being nicely balanced by their physical attraction to one another. This isn’t just gay erotica but the story of two people finding the courage to trust one another and come together as a true partnership. Wade is definitely my favorite of the two men – Heath is ironically a bit judgmental for me – and you can really feel his frustration at the situation he finds himself in. Wade is dealing with a legitimate struggle and I very much liked how Heath stepped up to help his friend a M/M situations, HEAs and, good novella length reads.


About the author:

Grey Cole is the deviant, alternate persona of an already established sweet, yet angsty, love story writer. Grey always dreamt of writing those same kind of love stories featuring hot male-on-male action. Thus, Grey purged all those dirty thoughts onto the page and has now struck out on her own to share that passion with you.

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