2 Year Anniversary Celebration: Review and Sweepstakes: Riding Steele by Opal Carew

Title: Riding Steele Series: Novellas 1-6: Riding Steele Author: Opal Carew Format: Print Length: 288 pages Expected publication: March 17, 2015 by St. Martin's Griffin  ASIN: B00N04PCJ2
Title: Riding Steele
Series: Novellas 1-6: Riding Steele
Author: Opal Carew
Format: Print Length: 288 pages
Expected publication: March 17, 2015 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Source: Netgalley/Purchase

My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

Many girls dream of man who loves her fiercely, is proud to show her off and, showers her with attention. In the beginning, Laurie was sure that was what she had found with her boyfriend, Donovan. As time has worn on however, the dream has turned into a nightmare and what Laurie actually has a domineering coward with a desire to get through fear, intimidation and, violence. Laurie has already decided to extricate herself from the situation but when she tells Donovan she wants out he turns violent and comes within moments of raping her. Good thing there is a beefy biker nearby just waiting to sweep in and rescue the damsel in distress.

The last moments with Donovan are some of the most terrifying of Laurie’s life. Once the biker, known as Wild Card to his friends, steps in, Laurie is sure all will be right with the world. Everything is right for about a second but when Wild Card scoops her up and whisks her away to an unknown location, Laurie discovers a whole new level of fear. Though Wild Card assures her no one, himself included is going to hurt her, he still handcuffs her to a bed before leaving her alone. Before she has time to even collect herself, the room and bed is occupied by a very large and disturbingly attractive man.

Steele has led his crew for years and though they aren’t quite hardened criminals, they aren’t quite law-abiding citizens either. Steele demands and receives respect and loyalty from his crew but he also expects a certain level of honor as well. Though he is thoroughly surprised by Laurie’s presence in his room and bed he has no intention of violating her or her trust. Laurie has been through more than enough and though holding her against her will isn’t ideal, it is a way to protect her and fulfill a promise to a trusted friend.

If Laurie thought her life with Donovan was scary her life with Steele and his crew is equally as scary but in a totally different and exhilarating kind of way. Laurie hates being held against her will but life with Steele and his crew is something to behold. Everything each has is shared with the other and that includes their bodies. Though Laurie has never engaged in anything so all-inclusive she knows, without doubt that she won’t be forced and the activities are, to say the least, exceedingly stimulating. Her willingness to experiment with the group is overshadowed only by her desire to be with Steele.

If you’ve ever read Opal Carew then you know the road for her characters is paved with two things: 1) lots of mind-blowing sex and; 2) enough drama for a lifetime. Both are absolutely present in this read and believe me, everyone gets in on the action J Donovan is an evil man and has no intention of giving up his “property” and it isn’t until Laurie is gone that Steele realizes exactly how he feels about her. It takes Steele, his crew and, a few well-placed friends on the police force to get Laurie back but once he does, Steele has no intention of ever letting her go.

The Bottom Line: Riding Steele starts off with big drama and it continues on through each and every installment of the series. Laurie’s life is all kinds of screwed up and when she tries to right things for herself it only gets worse. Sometimes though, even a really dark cloud has a silver lining and for Laurie, that silver lining is Steele. Steele is a hard yet caring man who has a great sense of honor and loyalty. Though Laurie starts out as nothing more than an obligation to a friend, she quickly becomes someone who can reign in the beast that is Steele and give as good as she gets. Steele is by far my favorite of the entire cast of characters and though he makes a few missteps along the way, he always seems to find a way to redeem himself. Carew keeps the action going from start to finish and mixes it up with some seriously hot naughty bits including two group sessions and some killer one-on-one moments. Though the sex is slammin’ it doesn’t ever overshadow the plot or the characters but fits in nicely with every aspect of the story. In all, Riding Steele is a fun, sexy, fast-paced read that I am hoping is just the first in a series about the rest of Steele’s crew.

Full novel is available March 17, 2015; read this series as a serial. Serial order:

#1: Kidnapped Amazon

#2: Untamed Amazon

#3: Collide Amazon

#4: Wanted Amazon

#5: Crossroads Amazon

#6: Aftershock Amazon

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