Review: The Virginity Mission by Cate Ellink

Title: The Virginity Mission Author: Kate Ellink Format: ebook; novella Published: June 1, 2013 by Harlequin Enterprises Australia
Title: The Virginity Mission
Author: Kate Ellink
Format: ebook; novella
Published: June 1, 2013 by Harlequin Enterprises Australia

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It’s lust at first sight when Mac sees Jason shirtless and sweating on the back of a truck.Jason is the army sergeant assigned to support the six‐week scientific expedition that Mac is participating in, and might just be the perfect candidate for another journey of discovery that Mac is desperate to undertake — sex.  Fraternisation between students and staff might be strictly prohibited, but everybody knows fruit always tastes better when it’s forbidden.

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

My Review:

Willow MacIntosh – Mac to everyone – is young and inexperienced in so many ways. In an effort to rectify the situation and on somewhat of a whim, she applied for a six week research trip that will take her through the north Queensland rainforest. Though she is excited about the research and the opportunity to spread her wings, Mac also has an ulterior motive, to lose her virginity. As Mac explains:

“I haven’t meant to remain a virgin. University should be full of sex and fun, but for me it’s been full of study. The years slipped by and now I’m about to finish uni and enter the adult world as an untested girl. This trip could solve my problem. Six weeks of girls and guys camping together. Surely I could get lucky.”

Almost immediately Mac sets her sights on the one and only man she absolutely cannot have, Jason. Jason is an army sergeant assigned to a unit sent with the research group to protect them while in the rainforest. There is a very strict “no fraternization” policy in place so naturally, Mac can’t stop thinking about the hotness that is Jason. The thinking and wanting only get worse when in a moment of weakness, Jason and Mac kiss. For the next six weeks the two play a sort of cat and mouse game with one another and everyone in their respective groups. Mac is determined to have Jason and complete the research trip and Jason is determined to have Mac and keep his job.

The Bottom Line: For me, the only redeeming quality of this read is Jason. He is strong and confident, funny and intelligent and, capable and competent. Jason’s easy-going nature is a fine compliment to his strong sense of duty and I was pretty smitten with him from the beginning. On the other hand, there is Mac and I had a really hard time with her. Mac is absolutely filled with self-doubt about every aspect of her life. I could certainly understand a small amount of self-doubt – who doesn’t have that? – but Mac is nearly consumed with it. Since this read is told predominately from Mac’s POV, I found myself becoming frustrated with her very early on and simply skimming through some of her inner dialogue. This read would have been far, far more enjoyable with less introspection, less self-doubt, more humor and way more naked Jason. In all, The Virginity Mission fell a bit short for me.

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