MacKenzie Family Week: Double Review: Thomas and Thomas: To Catch a Cupid by Liliana Hart

Title: Thomas Series: Book #2: The MacKenzie Family Author: Liliana Hart Format: Kindle Edition, 61 pages Published: July 14, 2011
Title: Thomas
Series: Book #2: The MacKenzie Family
Author: Liliana Hart
Format: Kindle Edition, 61 pages
Published: July 14, 2011



Cat Randolph is the best cat burglar in the world. But when a job goes wrong and she’s shot, it’s Doctor Thomas MacKenzie that comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to keep secrets when you’re risking the life of someone you love.

Thomas MacKenzie knows Cat is keeping secrets, but getting her to trust him with them is a slow and steady process. But time isn’t on his side. Convincing Cat to stay in Surrender, Montana is harder than he could have imagined. He just has to make sure that their lovemaking is more addictive than the adrenaline rush she craves.

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

Cat Randolph is an excellent thief.  She spends the vast majority of her life studying and planning for her next heist so that her execution is flawless.  So far, every heist has gone according to plan and Cat has gotten in and out with no trace of her having ever been there.  The Bixby heist was supposed to go off like all the others so why in Hell has she lost two days of her life and woken up in a bed and room she absolutely does not recognize?

Thomas MacKenzie is the town doctor in Surrender and the only one of the brothers who still lives in the old family home.  In fact, Thomas has set up his practice in the house so he can always get to his patients when they need him and he has a comfortable place for patients to rest should they need too.  Currently, that comfortable place is being occupied by a beautiful woman who crashed her car and has slept for the better part of two days.  Though Thomas wants to see the beauty as nothing more than a patient, she is some kind of gorgeous and he does love a good mystery.  What Thomas isn’t prepared for is exactly who Cat is and how she makes her living.  When the story comes out, both Cat and Thomas has to decide if what Cat does is something they can overcome or something that is absolutely going to be a deal breaker.

The Bottom Line: Thomas is the surly and gruff MacKenzie brother and Cat Randolph is just what he needs in his life.  Cat’s job pretty much goes against everything Thomas and his family believes in but she is so damn hard to resist.  Turns out, Cat’s life isn’t all it is cracked up to be and is something that Thomas can indeed live with.  I thought I loved Dane but Thomas is an even better read.  Thomas isn’t nearly as good natured as his brother but he is just as hot and once Cat comes into his life, he reaches smoldering.  Cat is feisty and adorable and just the right balance to Thomas’s gruff, professional side.  In all, yet another fine novella in the MacKenzie brother series. 

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Title: Thomas: To Catch a Cupid Series: Novella #2.5: The MacKenzie Family Author: Liliana Hart Kindle Edition, 100 pages Published: January 27, 2014 by Liliana Hart
Title: Thomas: To Catch a Cupid
Series: Novella #2.5: The MacKenzie Family
Author: Liliana Hart
Kindle Edition, 100 pages
Published: January 27, 2014 by Liliana Hart



This is a continuation of the story of Thomas MacKenzie, entitled THOMAS. It is highly recommend that you read the beginning of Thomas and Cat’s story first.

After ten years of marriage, Thomas MacKenzie loves his wife more than ever. But since she retired from being one of the world’s best cat burglars, he’s noticed the spark that once burned hot between them is barely a flicker. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to save their marriage, even if it means he has to do a little thieving himself.

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Review:

**Contains spoilers for Thomas**

To Catch a Cupid picks up Thomas and Cat’s story a full decade after they met, married and, have started a beautiful family.  To the average onlooker Cat and Thomas have an ideal life surrounded by family and friends and living in the MacKenzie family home.  When the average onlooker gets a little better view however, the story isn’t quite so rosy.  Thomas and Cat started out hot and heavy and though their attraction to each other hasn’t waned over the years, there isn’t quite the same spark there used to be.  When Thomas met Cat she was a full-blown thief whose heists added more than a little excitement and adventure to her life.  Bringing that excitement home and into the bedroom only increased the passion but eventually, even Cat had to concede that being a thief isn’t exactly conducive to raising kids.  The problem is that Cat misses her high risk/high reward life and she just doesn’t know how to reconcile her desire to steal with her love for and devotion to her family.

Ever the perceptive husband, Thomas knows Cat is restless but can’t quite figure out why.  When Cat fesses up about her desire to go back to her old life and rekindle the romance she and Thomas once had, Thomas has some thinking and some planning to do.  Thomas loves Cat dearly and knows her job is high risk and though he certainly doesn’t want to see her get hurt, he wants her to be happy.  What Cat totally isn’t expecting is the solution her very creative and very, very sexy husband comes up with.

The Bottom Line: Oh, Thomas!!  I want a Thomas 🙂  Strong, sexy, clever and, totally willing to take a huge risk to help his wife.  Cat is still solid, lovely and, the perfect match to Thomas.  Her restlessness is understandable and her desire to bring the heat back into her romance is admirable.  Once again, I walked away from the MacKenzie family feeling all kinds of satisfied and ready for the next round and the next brother.

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About the author and where to find her:

author - Liliana HartLiliana Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system. She molded America’s youth, busted kids for smoking pot in the restrooms, and broke up illicit affairs behind the stage on a regular basis. (Liliana’s Addison Holmes Mystery Series, about a small town teacher who gets into a whole lot of trouble, is somewhat autobiographical, but she won’t confess to which parts).

Liliana began reading romance novels with all her new found free time, and when she ran out of things to read, she decided to write her own novels. The result was a 150,000 word thriller—a dazzling adventure—where the heroine was a thirty-year-old virgin assassin (Yes, you read that right). She couldn’t imagine why people weren’t knocking down her door to read it, but she persevered and began writing a second book. She finally got the hang of things, and eventually learned that losing one’s virginity wasn’t all that romantic after all. All of her books involve some kind of suspense (she just can’t help herself), laughter, and a lot of steamy sex.

Since the failure of her first attempt, Liliana’s books have won awards such as: The Daphne Du Maurier, The Suzannah, The Linda Howard Award of Excellence, The Maggie, and many others. Her affiliations include Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America.

Liliana loves to cook, and is addicted to reading, Internet Boggle, kickboxing, and Bones. She lives in a big, rambling house in Texas with a couple of cats to keep her company. She loves to get emails from readers.

Enjoy the Adventures!

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