Review: Harbour Falls (Book #1: A Harbour Falls Mystery Series) by S.R. Grey

Title: Harbour Falls Series: Book #1: Harbour Falls Mystery Series Author: S.R. Grey Format: Paperback, 344 pages Published: October 31, 2012 by S.R. Grey ISBN: 0615700292

Title: Harbour Falls
Series: Book #1: Harbour Falls Mystery Series
Author: S.R. Grey
Format: Paperback, 344 pages
Published: October 31, 2012 by S.R. Grey
ISBN: 0615700292

 Purple GoodreadsSynopsis: 

 Best-selling author Maddy Fitch, researching material for a new novel, returns to her hometown of Harbour Falls to investigate a disappearance that has haunted the tiny Maine coastal town for the past four years. Maddy soon discovers that the case has gone cold, but the prime suspect, Adam Ward, is hotter than ever. Now living on an isolated island, Maddy takes up residence near the sexy Mr. Ward’s home. As she begins to seek out answers, the mystery deepens, putting Maddy in jeopardy.
Lies, secrets, deceptions. Nothing is ever what it seems in Harbour Falls.

A steamy novel that immerses the reader in an intricate storyline that will keep them glued till the very last page.

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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Going home can be very hard to do but Maddy Fitch is willing to suck it up if it means getting the research done for her next book.  As a mystery author, Maddy thrives on crime and whodunits and it is high time she delves deeper into the greatest mystery her home town has ever known, the disappearance of Chelsea Hannigan.  To make the story even more interesting, Chelsea disappeared the night before her wedding and the prime suspect for years was her fiancé, Adam Ward. 

Adam Ward is a virtual recluse living out on Fade Island.  He keeps to himself, runs his business and works tirelessly to keep people out of his life and his business.  For the most part, most people steer clear of Adam and that is how everyone likes it. Adam is surrounded by a few close and trusted friends and when Maddy Fitch returns to Harbour Falls and moves in on Fade Island, she is also allowed into the fold.  Maddy intends her research into Adam and his disappearing fiancé to remain a secret but not much escapes Adam Ward.  In what becomes a series of lies and discoveries laced with sexual tension, Maddy begins her research and what she discovers is more convoluted and confusing than she ever could have imagined.

With each new discovery and/or lead Maddy gets in deeper and deeper into a mess that she never could have conceived of.  Chelsea Hannigan’s disappearance is wrapped up in so many people’s lives and actions that Maddy’s head is swimming with too many questions and not nearly enough answers.  As Maddy’s investigation gets more complicated so does her relationship with Adam.  When she is forced to or found out, Maddy discusses her investigation with Adam which often leads to a heated discussion, accusations and, ultimately a few more answers.  The push and pull between Maddy and Adam is often full of desperation and confusion that gets tempered with pacification and no small amount of passion.  Adam begs Maddy to discontinue her investigation, not for his own sake (he says) but for hers.  Adam’s fiancé was a troubled individual and as Maddy continues to uncover new evidence, not a nice person at all.  In fact, Chelsea was a seriously wretched human and her disappearance actually bettered nearly everyone’s life who knew her.  The only thing left for Maddy decide is whether she believes Adam and just how much of Chelsea’s story she is going to tell. 

The Bottom Line: Harbour Falls is an interesting start to this series and with exception of Maddy, is filled with an intriguing mix of characters.  My dislike of Maddy lies in repeated acts of stupidity and habit of concealing things from her friends and lover.  Maddy wants openness, honesty and, the truth but she is constantly acting in a way that contradicts what she wants.  With that being said, the rest of the cast and crew of Harbour Falls is all kinds of fascinating: Adam is sexy and mysterious, Helena and Nate are kind and giving (though hiding some secrets of their own!), Adam’s sister is feisty and opinionated and, the crazy ones, well, you’ll just have to check them out for yourself.  In all, the mystery is not too intense but still good, the vast majority of the characters are entertaining and fully developed and the ending is just the right amount of cliffhangerish to keep me coming back for more.

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About the author and where to find her:

S.R. Grey is an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Top 100 bestselling author. Harbour Falls, Willow Point, and Wickingham Way are novels in the completed Harbour Falls Mystery trilogy. She is also the author of New Adult novels I Stand Before You (Judge Me Not #1) and Never Doubt Me (Judge Me Not #2). Ms. Grey’s novels have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists in multiple categories. New novels slated for publication in 2014 are Inevitable Detour, a New Adult novel with a Romantic Suspense edge, as well as Just Let Me Love You (Judge Me Not #3). Ms. Grey resides in western Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, as well as an MBA. Her background may be in business, but her true passion lies in writing. When not writing, Ms. Grey can be found reading, traveling, running, or cheering for her hometown sports teams.

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Guest Post: A Perfect Dilemma (Book #3: A Perfect Secret Series) by Zoe Dawson

Title: A Perfect Dilemma Series: Book #3: A Perfect Secret Series Author: Zoe Dawson Format: Kindle Edition Published : September 22, 2014

Title: A Perfect Dilemma
Series: Book #3: A Perfect Secret Series
Author: Zoe Dawson
Format: Kindle Edition
Published : September 22, 2014

Purple GoodreadsSynopsis:

 The one secret she can’t stand to keep is the one she can’t afford to tell.

The perfect little rich girl, River Pearl Sutton has always done what her family expected of her. She’d become the perfect little beauty queen, the perfect child model and now her global success locks her into a life she never really chose.

Coming home for the summer to prepare for the Founder’s Day Festival, a celebration of her lauded ancestor, she is tasked by her father to write a speech to be delivered at the end of the party.

Returning to Hope Parish brings her back into close proximity with sweet-talking, skirt-chasing Braxton Outlaw, the boy who always seemed immune to her charms in high school. But now he looks at her with those challenging blue eyes, both intimidating and seductive at the same time. Using research of her family lineage and his as way to get close to this bad boy, they fall into a hot, torrid affair.

She stumbles across a terrible secret that could bring to ruin not only her reputation, but the reputation and standing of her family. But when her infatuation with Brax grows into something that she can’t live without, she must decide what to do. Keep the secret and lose Brax or destroy her family and lose them.

It’s an awful, heartrending perfect dilemma.

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My 5-Star Review

Writing A Perfect Secret Series by Zoe Dawson

 I actually came up with the first title for this series while I was sitting at my desk surfing the web. When I saw the title, it resonated with me. I wrote it down on a sticky and stuck it to my computer monitor. There it sat for a couple of months. Sometimes I would hit it and knock it off my monitor and think, oh, yeah, I love that title.

Then a friend of mine asked me to be in a New Adult Christmas Anthology with her and ten other authors. She was calling it The 12 NA’s of Christmas. I told her I’d never written any NA and she suggested some books for me to read.

I read a few and I was hooked. I love angsty characters and I saw how NA could fit well with my writing voice. I also thought that A Perfect Mess would be a great title. That’s when I conceived of using “being perfect” as a theme for all three books.

I had some writing that I wasn’t able to sell to a publisher, but I loved the concept of a payroll gold shipment in the Civil War being stolen and the soldiers escorting the gold murdered. I also knew that everyone swoons over bad boys. Since I was writing a trilogy I decided that it would be fun to make my heroes identical triplets. So swoon + bad boys + triplets = some truly sexy Outlaw hotties. It just came natural to write them as close knit because they were outcasts and really only had each other to rely on for support. I also decided because they were brothers, they would always smack talk each other. But, down deep they were very family-oriented. It was a pleasure in each book to figure out what silly, fun things they were going to do next. Those instance became known as Outlaw antics.

I paired them with the “perfect” untouchable girls because of their bad reputation, thought up A Perfect Mistake for the second book title, and then A Perfect Dilemma for the third that used my idea of the payroll gold and the murder of the soldiers. That’s how I came up with A Perfect Secret Series.


About the author and where to find her:

Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction. Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, urban fantasy and paranormal novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart.

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Cover Reveal: The Fear of Letting Go (Book #4: Fairhope Series) by Sarra Cannon

Title: The Fear of Letting Go Series: Book #4: Fairhope Series Author: Sarra Cannon Expected Publication: November 2014 Cover Design: Okay Creations

Title: The Fear of Letting Go
Series: Book #4: Fairhope Series
Author: Sarra Cannon
Expected Publication: November 2014
Cover Design: Okay Creations


She’ll have to let go of the past in order to find a love that could last a lifetime.

All I wanted when I moved to Fairhope was to disappear. I wanted to become a ghost. A stranger to everyone who knew me before, including my parents. Especially my parents. I never expected to become someone. A friend. A faithful employee. A scholar. And least of all, a lover. Love is a word I never truly understood until I moved here and witnessed it with my own eyes. My own heart.

I always believed love was a fairy tale, and now that I’m starting to fall for Fairhope’s most eligible billionaire, Preston Wright, it all feels like some cruel joke. A dream I need to shake myself out of before it’s too late. Before I make the same mistakes my mother made and end up right back where I started.

I know I should stay as far away from him as possible, but fate keeps pulling us back together. I’ve never been so afraid of something in my life. And I’ve never wanted someone more.

About the author and where to find her:

Sarra Cannon grew up in a small town in Georgia where she learned that being popular always comes at a price. She is the author of the young adult paranormal Peachville High Demons series, which she first began self-publishing in October of 2010. Since the series began, Sarra has sold over 120,000 copies and recently signed a contract with Sea Lion Books to create a graphic novel adaptation of Beautiful Demons, the first book in the series.

Sarra lives in North Carolina with her amazing husband, her baby boy, and her teeny tiny Pomeranian, Snickerdoodle.

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Review: Screwdrivered (Book #3: Cocktail Series) by Alice Clayton

Title: Screwdrivered Series: Book #3: Cocktail Series Author: Alice Clayton Format: Kindle Edition, 256 pages Published: September 2, 2014 by Gallery Books  ISBN: 147676672X

Title: Screwdrivered
Series: Book #3: Cocktail Series
Author: Alice Clayton
Format: Kindle Edition, 256 pages
Published: September 2, 2014 by Gallery Books
ISBN: 147676672X

Purple Goodreads


Readers back for a third round of the bestselling Cocktail series will enjoy a madcap romantic comedy about bodice ripping and chest heaving, fiery passion and love everlasting. Plus a dash of paperwork filing and horseshi—wait, what?

By day, Viv Franklin designs software programs. By night, Vivian’s a secret romance-novel junkie who longs for a knight in shining armor, or a cowboy on a wild stallion, or a strapping firefighter to sweep her off her feet. And she gets to wear the bodice—don’t forget the bodice.

When a phone call brings news that she’s inherited a beautiful old home in Mendocino, California from a long-forgotten aunt, she moves her entire life across the country to embark on what she sees as a great, romance-novel-worthy adventure. But romance novels always have a twist, don’t they?

There’s a cowboy, one that ignites her loins. Because Cowboy Hank is totally loin-ignition worthy. But there’s also a librarian, Clark Barrow. And he calls her Vivian. Can tweed jackets and elbow patches compete with chaps and spurs? You bet your sweet cow pie.

In Screwdrivered, Alice Clayton pits Superman against Clark in a hilarious and hot battle that delights a swooning Viv/Vivian.

Also within this book, an answer to the question of the ages: Why ride a cowboy when you can ride a librarian?

Source: Purchase

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Viv Franklin may be tattooed, pierced and, totally punked out but don’t let her looks fool you. Viv Franklin is, like the rest of her family a math prodigy with a side of computer nerd thrown in for kicks.  She owns her own company and is fairly well off thanks to the sale of one of her apps to Google but she is also rather dissatisfied with her life.  Viv’s only real joy in life is the escape into her fantasies brought on by her voracious reading of romance novels.  On a very regular basis, Viv’s real life experiences get merged into a romantic fantasy as she drifts off rather than paying attention. 

With no real end to the monotony in sight, Viv is as blown away as everyone else in her family when she finds out her aged and somewhat strange aunt in California has not only died but left Viv her home and ranch. What???  Ranch???  With cowboys???  Like in a romance novel???  Oh. Hell. Yes.  Without a thought to the contrary, Viv packs her bags and flies right on out to Mendocino, California where she immediately encounters a sexy cowboy riding the horse she now owns and, a house that is so far from livable that Viv begins to think selling the whole place may be her best bet.   BUT, Mendocino has at least one sexy cowboy, a café with excellent coffee and company within walking distance from the house and, Viv just happens to have a good friend with an interior designer girlfriend.  Maybe all is not quite lost just yet.

Clark Barrow is the local librarian, primary source of information for all things historic in Mendocino and, general pain in Viv’s ass. Once Viv decides the house is going to be livable and she is going to defy everyone’s expectations and make it so, Clark becomes her new worst enemy as he tells her everything she can’t do regarding changes to the house.  Turns out owning a home on the historic register is just as big a pain in the ass as the local librarian.  Clark is not at all the type of man Viv normally goes for but under all the librarian is a sexy, intelligent, athletic man that Viv just can’t seem to stop thinking about.  But, there’s a cowboy.  What is a girl to do?  If you’re Viv, you make an ass out of yourself on more than one occasion, fight and make up with librarian on a regular basis and, continue to flirt with the cowboy who doesn’t actually seem all that interested.  Solid plan there, right?

The Bottom Line: I will freely admit that I didn’t like Screwdrivered as much as the first two reads in the Cocktail series but it is still a very fine read.  Viv is funny and I so admired her willingness to turn her entire life upside down in order to find her particular brand of bliss.  Though she doesn’t always make the right decisions and she frequently drops off into a fantasy, Viv owns what she does and says and deals with the consequences as they arise.  Two of the highlights of this read include the ridiculousness that is the home renovation and the constant push and pull between Clark and Viv.  The renovations are insane and Viv is a pretty amazing human to be able to deal with all she does in order to get the house both the way she wants it and the way Clark insists it has to be.  Clark is such a solid and sexy character that is good during the day but better at night.  Mmmm, Nighttime Clark.  Almost immediately Clark is the guy you root for and all but shout at Viv to pull her head out of her ass and see the man that is right in front of her.  Where Viv is bright and bold and loud, Clark is reserved, thoughtful and, quiet; in short, super-sexy librarian.  Getting to their HEA is quite the challenge but as you all know, romance novels always end with an HEA 🙂

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Review: Going Under (Book #1: Falling Under Series) by Jeffe Kennedy


Title: Going Under Series: Book #1: Falling Under Series Author: Jeffe Kennedy Format: Kindle Edition, 226 pages Published: July 14, 2014 by Carina Press ASIN: B00K4M3I44

Title: Going Under
Series: Book #1: Falling Under Series
Author: Jeffe Kennedy
Format: Kindle Edition, 226 pages
Published: July 14, 2014 by Carina Press
ASIN: B00K4M3I44

 Purple GoodreadsSynopsis: 

Knowing all too well the damage online trolls can inflict, game designer Emily Bartwell takes privacy seriously. Living in solitude and working remotely under a male alias gives her a sense of security. The sexy writer renting the house next door ignites desires she’d forgotten she had, and when he invites her to play games of a very different sort, Em is ready and willing. Even if it means breaking all her own rules to abide by his.

Undercover tech reporter Fox Mullins is so close to the biggest scoop of his career: finding the elusive programmer Phoenix. An increasingly erotic adventure with his reserved but passionate new neighbor is the ideal way to heat up the chilly Pacific Northwest nights as he tracks the brilliant gamer.

At first Fox is happy to help Em explore her newly awakened kinky side, no holds barred, no strings attached. But as they push the limits of intimacy, both physical and emotional, Fox discovers he’s not the only one keeping secrets. And revealing hers may mean betraying the one woman who embodies everything he desires.

Source: Netgalley

My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

I am a long-time fan of Jeffe Kennedy’s Facets of Passion novella series and when I saw this full-length novel on Netgalley I knew I had to request this read.  So glad I did as, once again Kennedy has knocked it out of the park to provide a well-written, erotic read that had been sucked in right from beginning.

There are people who take their privacy seriously and then, there is Emily Bartwell.  After a particularly nasty and life-threatening experience, Emily packed her bags and left no trail behind her when she moved to a remote island.  Lyra Island is inhabited year round by only a few and is the perfect place for a woman running scared to hide out.  With her considerable fortune, Emily bought her home and has set herself up as a reclusive painter who is rarely seen mingling with the locals, never dates and, only ventures into town to pick up her mail and groceries.  Though she is friendly with a few people, Emily has no real friends and is close to no one other than her dog and her cat.  Not a soul on Lyra island suspects that the quiet and reclusive Emily Bartwell is actually the enormously popular game designer known only as Phoenix. 

In the gaming world, Phoenix is a living legend and the fact that no one really knows who the designer is, makes the legend even more interesting.  Of course, nearly everyone in the male-dominated world of online/role playing games is certain Phoenix is a man and “his” creation, Labyrinth seems to support that.  Just as Emily intended.  It’s much harder to track down and expose a person when you don’t even have their gender correct and that is one of the safety measures Emily put into place when she disappeared from the world and eventually launched her game.  Even her employer has no idea who she is or where she is and that is how Emily intends to keep it. 

Fox Mullins is the very definition of intrepid reporter.  For two years he has worked relentlessly to uncover the identity of the elusive Phoenix.  If Fox can identify the game designer then his career will be set, his fortune made and, his reputation firmly established.  After hundreds of false leads and dead ends, Fox finally has a solid lead that has brought him to Lyra Island.  If his instincts are correct, Phoenix lives on the island and with the right amount of research and patience, Fox will finally have his story.  Though he has no intention of becoming friends with anyone on the island, Fox and his research are derailed when he meets Emily Bartwell.  Emily is beautiful and strong and absolutely unattainable if what the locals say is true.  Challenge accepted!

Emily and Fox have an immediate chemistry that is absolutely worth exploring from Fox’s perspective and terrifying from Emily’s.  Maintaining her cover is critical and a relationship with Fox would be an invasion and distraction that Emily just can’t afford.  Being exposed on any level is a horrifying thought for Emily but when Fox suggests they have a no-strings attached, purely physical relationship, she goes against her better judgment and dives right in.  Fox is masterful in the bedroom (and the kitchen  and the living room and the foyer . . . ) and Emily is more than willing to explore both his and her fantasies but, with each encounter Emily feels as if her façade is cracking even if just a bit.  Fox is more than prepared for the physical aspects of his relationship with Emily but woefully unprepared for the emotional impact she has on him.  When Fox begins to put all of the pieces together and discovers exactly who Phoenix is, he is torn apart by what he feels he has to do and what he wants to do.  To destroy Emily and everything she has built also means destroying any hope of a real, emotions are all to involved relationship with the woman who may just be The One.

The Bottom Line: Jeffe Kennedy never disappoints me.  Going Under read so well and so easily for me that I devoured it in a single sitting.  I love that Kennedy doesn’t make me wait for the backstory.  Almost immediately the reader is privy to the dirty details that led Emily to Lyra Island and a life of relative solitude.  To understand her history makes understanding her present, her actions and, her reasons for shutting everyone out far more reasonable.  Without the backstory so early on, Emily would have been nearly impossible to like and/or connect with.  Though Fox is aggressive and persistent in his pursuit of Emily he is also a gentleman and respectful of Emily’s wishes, desires and, fears.  Fox’s experience with the kinkier (though not overly, in case you are wondering) side of sex allows him to guide and teach Emily as she so desires.  Their most intimate moments are steamy and naughty and frequent though they never overtake the story.  As with all of Kennedy’s reads, the sex is an integral part of the story but not the whole story.  In all, I remain a loyal Jeffe Kennedy fan and look forward to her next, hopefully full-length read.

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Review and Sweepstakes: Damaged Goods (Book #2: Outsider Chronicles) by Nicole Williams

Release Graphic_ Damaged Goods

Title: Damaged Goods Series: Book #2: Outsider Chronicles Author: Nicole Williams Age/Genre: NA/Adult Contemporary Published: September 9, 2014

Title: Damaged Goods
Series: Book #2: Outsider Chronicles
Author: Nicole Williams
Age/Genre: NA/Adult Contemporary
Published: September 9, 2014



 When Liv Bennett said good-bye to her sinkhole of a hometown, she planned to leave that chapter of her life behind forever. But forever turned out to only be three years.

After her addict of a mother up and disappears, Liv returns to what she considers her own personal hell smack in the middle of nowhere Nevada to take care of her two younger sisters, and she promptly reinstitutes the golden rule that got her through her first nineteen years of life without getting knocked up, roughed up, or messed up: don’t date the local boys and, god forbid, don’t fall in love with one of them.

It isn’t long before that golden rule is put to the test.

Will Goods grew up in the next trailer over, but the wild, careless boy who used to tear up the town with his three brothers has morphed into someone else so completely, he’s almost unrecognizable. The quiet, contemplative man who works on cars every night and takes care of his mentally ill mother every day is nothing like the local boys Liv grew up avoiding.

But when Liv considers suspending her golden rule just this once, she finds out something about Will that will change everything.

Will Goods isn’t who he used to be—he’s not even the man Liv thinks she’s gotten to know over the summer. He’s become someone else entirely.

He’s become . . .

Damaged Goods.

Source: Author

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Liv Bennett’s life isn’t the one she has dreamed about for the entirety of her life but it is for damn sure a better life that what she had when she lived at home with her mother. Between the craptastic living conditions, the parade of men and, the consistent drug use, Liv blew out of town the instant she was able and has never looked back.  Her only regret is that her two younger sisters, Paige and Reese are still living with their mother and will be until they can graduate from high school.  With only a year and a few finals left to her own graduation, Liv is in no way prepared for the late night phone call from her little sister that causes Liv to abandon the life she has built for herself and return to her own personal Hell.  Little does she know . . . .

Life back home is even worse than Liv could have ever imagined and how her little sisters have survived is a bloody miracle. Their mother has literally been gone for weeks, Paige is in the hospital and Reese is out of excuses to give the school.  Instantly knowing she’s going to be in town for a while, Liv begins to look for a job and right the wrongs perpetrated by the girls’ mother.  Right behind finding a job is making things right with the school and getting the broken down car up and running.  Luckily for Liv her newly-discharged-from-the-Army neighbor Will Goods is a top notch mechanic and willing to help.  If only the job search were going so well.

After having spent the bulk of her life defying the odds, Liv Bennett never thought she would become a cliché. But a cliché she has become as she begins her career as a stripper at the Body Shop.  Though Liv wants no one to know what she does for a living, she does want to be on the up and up and provide for her sisters in the best way possible.  With the money rolling in, the bills are getting paid, the girls are being fed well and, though the situation isn’t ideal, it is getting everyone by.  Desperate to keep her work and personal life totally separate, Liv is unprepared for her stunningly beautiful neighbor Will Goods showing up at the Body Shop and having to dance privately for him.  Even more surprising is the reaction she gets from herself and Will.  WOW!!  That is one hell of a lap dance Liv performs and the sparks continue to fly outside of the Body Shop as well.

Will Goods is just that, a very good man. His military career has been cut short and his mother is in a bad way but Will doesn’t let any of it get him down.  He spends his days caring for his mother and his nights working on cars.  Since Liv Bennett showed up in town, he has begun to spend his Friday night with Liv at the Body Shop.  Will is undeniably drawn to Liv and when the circumstances allow for it, he is by her side.  The relationship outside the Body Shop is comfortable and certainly welcome and Will makes it clear he wants more than just a few stolen moments here and there.  Liv happens to be dumb as a rock when it comes to men and her determination to be the exact opposite of her mother only increases her stupidity where Will is concerned.

The Bottom Line: Hands down and without doubt, this read was all about Will Goods for me! Will is just a beautiful man with a kind and generous spirit.  Throughout this read he proves his goodness again and again through both his actions and his words.  Reese and Paige are both completely delightful and are really very good personality balances to their older sister, Liv.  Liv is frustrating as all Hell and if it weren’t for every character in the book telling her exactly what I was thinking, I may have given up on her.  Liv’s determination is admirable but it also creates a sort of tunnel vision that makes her almost stupid.  Thankfully, Will is a very patient man and her sisters aren’t afraid to speak their mind which allows Liv to eventually pull her head out of her ass.  Also of note is the crazy plot twist Williams decides to throw at you toward the end of the read.  Seriously, all the clues are there and I shouldn’t have been surprised by the bombshell but yet there I was with my mouth hanging open in surprise.  In all, I am once again completely satisfied with Nicole Williams’s Outsider Chronicles.  Damaged Goods is complete story from beginning to end with lots of drama, some sexy moments and, an HEA that is not just mentioned in passing but fully explained in a lovely epilogue.

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About the author and where to find her:

I’m the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the CRASH series (HarperTeen, S&S UK), LOST & FOUND series, UP IN FLAMES (S&S UK), The EDEN TRILOGY, and a handful of others. I write stories about everyday kinds of people who find themselves in extraordinary kinds of situations. I tell love stories with happy endings because I believe in making the world a better place, and that’s one tiny way I can make it so. I’m one of those people who still believe in true love and soul mates, and would rather keep my head in the clouds any day over having my feet firmly on the ground.

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