Review: The Houseguest (Complete Series) by Nora Blackstock


Title: The Houseguest Author: Nora Blackstock Format: ebook, 131 pages Published: June 11, 2014 by Patchwork Press - Sunbow Press  ISBN13: 9781926433004
Title: The Houseguest
Author: Nora Blackstock
Format: ebook, 131 pages
Published: June 11, 2014 by Patchwork Press – Sunbow Press
ISBN13: 9781926433004

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My husband Paul was gone for the week. Travis, the eighteen-year old son of my best friend, was downstairs in the living room playing video games. I changed into my new bathing suit, the revealing one I bought yesterday with Travis in mind. I looked at myself in the mirror. The small bikini on my hourglass figure left very little to the imagination. The top was designed for a B-cup, not my D size, so it left much of my breasts exposed to either side of the material. The bikini bottom was a small triangle in front, maybe the size of a playing card, cut low. The back of the suit was barely more than a string, hardly covering my behind at all. My heart pounding, I walked down the stairs, gripping the banister to steady myself. Halfway down the stairs I had second thoughts. “It is wrong. He is the son of my best friend.” But then I realized I had been longing for this moment. I suspected Travis had been longing for it also. I threw caution to the wind and descended the stairs.

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My Rating: 2/5 stars

 My Review:

Joyce and Paul were meant to be happily ever after but that is very hard to do when your husband travels for half or more of every month.  Though Joyce is happy in her marriage and does sincerely love her husband, she is also in her sexual prime and when an opportunity presents itself, it is very hard for her to resist the temptation. 

When Joyce’s best friend calls in a panic about her son, Travis, Joyce is quick to agree to help.  For the summer, Travis will live with Joyce and her new husband so he can attend summer school and his parents can continue on with their planned European vacation.  Having watched Travis grow up and considering him as good as family, Joyce is eager to have the young man with her during the times her husband in travelling.  What Joyce fails miserably to consider is that Travis is no longer a gangly teenage boy but a well-built eighteen year old with a healthy sexual appetite and desire to explore all available opportunities.  Within days of Travis moving in, Joyce takes notice of his “appreciation” for her and begins to ponder the possibilities.

To Joyce’s credit (and believe me, I don’t give her much credit!) she reminds herself on a regular basis that cheating on her husband is bad and flirting with an eighteen year old under her care is morally reprehensible.  And this is where my credit giving ends . . . . Almost instantly Joyce discovers that Travis spends a good deal of time and energy everyday fantasizing about her and though she wants to ignore his activities she finds herself turned on and unable to ignore his actions.  Furthermore, Joyce finds herself not only acknowledging Travis’s actions but altering her own actions to encourage his behavior.  With every trip her husband takes, Joyce and Travis’s actions become bolder, more daring and, more illicit until the moment when they finally cross the line of propriety. 

The Bottom Line: Though I can’t make any complaints as far as editing, ease of reading and, writing style are concerned, I can complain about a few other things.   For example, Joyce’s “friend” at work is an older lady who just seems to know what Joyce is going through and always has an encouraging word.  With little to no explanation about the friendship, Joyce just seems to confide in a woman she only works with.  For me, this makes no sense.  Joyce understands that what she is doing is wrong on so many levels yet she continues to spill her secrets to a woman she seemingly doesn’t know well.  I also take issue with Joyce’s lack of self-control.  Although I fully acknowledge that everyone involved is consenting and technically an adult, Joyce knows better (as she repeatedly tells herself!) yet she still indulges her desires.  Finally, with the opportunity to end things as she should, Joyce encourages Travis and tells him, despite the obstacles and her commitments, they will continue their affair when and where they can.  In all honesty, I took a risk on this title and by the time I got to the end I found myself frustrated and pissy with Joyce’s complete lack of morals, integrity and, just plain common sense. 

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