Review: Yield to Me (Book #1: Club Excelsior Series) by Sarah Castille

Titel: Yield to Me Series: Book #1: Club Excelsior Series Author: Sarah Castille Format: ebook, 106 pages Published: June 2, 2014 by Sarah Castille    ISBN: 139780993816802
Title: Yield to Me
Series: Book #1: Club Excelsior Series
Author: Sarah Castille
Format: ebook, 106 pages
Published: June 2, 2014 by Sarah Castille
ISBN: 139780993816802


No-holds-barred attraction…

Amateur MMA fighter, Marcy Foster is determined to win the state championship. But dark secrets and a broken trust mean there’s one submission she just can’t master. Fortunately Club Excelsior has hired a coach who knows all the right moves.

Sexy, confident and commanding, fight consultant Jax demands control, both in and out of the ring. But once he has Marcy against the ropes, Jax knows he’s in too deep. He has the dominance to give her what she needs, but once he unleashes her hidden passions, there’s no going back.

Under Jax’s skilled hands, Marcy submits to her deepest desires. But when her personal and professional worlds collide, she is forced to face a brutal truth — yielding to her darkest needs may be the one thing that costs her the fight…and her heart.

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My Rating: 4½/5 stars

My Review:

On the surface Marcy Foster is your average girl – cute, smart, hard-working and, has a small circle of close friends. It’s under the surface that Marcy Foster becomes far less average. For several years now she has trained as an amateur MMA fighter and is finally within reach of her goal, the title of state champion. There’s only one problem, Marcy can’t seem to get past her fear of being submitted. Sure, she has knocked out more than one opponent but the second an opponent gets her in any sort of a submission situation, Marcy loses her focus and the game is over.

Jax Stratham has a wonderfully successful career as a sports psychologist. As a former MMA fighter himself, Jax has a unique perspective that has made him enormously successful on the MMA circuit. His reputation for helping fighters improve their game is stellar and so, he spends the better part of every year on the road travelling from one MMA club to the next. Travelling can be lonely but, on top of his talent he has incredible good looks which have allowed Jax to spend his limited time in each town and club with nearly any woman he wants. His limited time in each town also means he doesn’t have to commit to anyone which is a damn good thing given his aversion to commitment.

Marcy instantly acknowledges how damn good looking Jax is and with the same instantaneous response rejects his help. As far as Marcy is concerned, Jax has nothing to offer her on either a personal or professional level so he may as well move on to the next fighter. The trouble with Marcy’s plan is how attracted she is to Jax and how stubborn he is. For reasons he just can’t explain Jax is determined to gain Marcy’s trust, help her overcome her fear of submission and, if at all possible, get her into his bed. Turns out, all of those things are connected and once Jax begins to understand Marcy and what it is that she really fears, the entire situation for both changes dramatically. For the first time since a very nasty and humiliating break-up, Marcy is considering telling a lover her secret and for the first time in years, Jax is considering the possibility of a real commitment.

The Bottom Line: I am totally digging what Sarah Castille is contributing to the MMA genre. Marcy and Jax’s story is short and sweet but it is packed with all kinds of emotional and sexual tension. Marcy and Jax are stubborn, damaged and, afraid of what the other has to offer. To truly trust one another and be open to the possibility of a real relationship is terrifying to both and the road to their HEA is not an easy one. As I have come to expect and enjoy, Castille puts her characters through Hell, gives them some truly spectacular naughty moments and, some excellent dialogue. Even though Yield to Me is a short read, it is packed with the promise of more to come. Club Excelsior’s cast and crew is pretty deep and there is lots of material there for a full-blown series. Sarah Castille, you have your marching orders 🙂

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